28 Day February 2017 Challenge

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28 Day February 2017 Challenge

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  • Day 28, NFD, Rocky Mountains, US

    Wow, last day of February and our February Challenge. It went by fast.

    Beginning weight February 1st: 137.3
    Ending weight February 28: 132.7

    I did not reach my goal of 129 but I hope to reach it during our March Challenge and even go below if possible.

    Again, thanks @lynzm for your wonderful leadership and thanks @at for continuing and guiding our global family through our March Challenge!

    Today NFD and yeah! It is Mardi Gras!!!πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽŠπŸŽΆπŸΎ

    All the best and looking forward to continue our journey together!!!

    Ciao! 😊😊😊

    Day 28 – SW WA USA – NFD

    Hooray! Made my February goal of a 4 lb loss. So at 201 lbs this morning. And a little more off the waist. Will look for a hulahoop for March as well.

    Missj2002 – Enjoy your last day of 30!

    Lessons learned in February – 16:8 on NFDs help me control my eating.

    Thank you LynzM for all your work this month of February.

    Day 28: NFD in Gloucestershire, UK:

    @reid, yes I did it yesterday.

    @and…exhale: You DID it xxxx

    inittothinit and AT: you did it too…CONGRATULATIONS!

    It just shows what a little teamwork can do. Great stuff everybody.

    @lynzm: many thanks for looking after us this month….you’re a star!

    So, to results:
    Well, I’m not back to my goal weight yet….foolishly letting it go over Christmas/New year/January….but I’m back within 4 or 5 pounds of it.
    See you on the March challenge.

    Day 28|CD|Toronto| 86.9
    Happy Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday, or just plain old Pancake Tuesday, to any and all who celebrate.
    Disappointing month for me in the health, weight and fat loss categories. Onward to better things in March!

    Day 28 Canada NFD.
    I finished the month weight 157. I think that I lost 2+ lbs from the start of Feb. I’ll take it! I have signed up for the March thread.

    @lynzm πŸŽ©πŸŽ©πŸŽ©πŸŽ©πŸŽ©πŸ‘‹
    It certainly meant ‘controller’ of ‘fat’ version, just seemed appropriate image. Strangely I am now hearing the tune of this kids Thomas the Tank Engine programme when I come on this thread.

    Today is going well, just hoping my body responds quickly to my food excess weekend. It’s rare for me to over indulge so I am not going to be hard on myself. It definitely could have been a lot worse. I resisted coming off 23/1but ate too much at mealtimes.

    Looking forward to March Challenge both weightloss and exercise-go Hula Hoopers!

    2nd post –

    Metatauta – LCHF is Low Carb High Fat

    Allsmiles – what is CICO? Looks like you may not be joining us in March. I wish you well on your journey.

    Days 23 and 27 were FDs since last check in

    Feb.1- 156.2
    Feb.7- 154.2
    Feb.14- 153
    Feb.21- 152.4
    Feb.28- 150.2

    A 6 pound loss! Woohoo! I’m super happy with those results. This month has brought with it a lot of stress, but keeping to this WOL has actually helped me deal with the stress and in fact made everyday a little easier.
    I did start to implement the “slow carb diet” from the 4 Hour Body during the last two weeks. This incorporates beans along with protein, healthy fats, and veggies for carbs into every meal. It’s amazing the difference this has made in my satiety levels. I can now go hours without even thinking of food. Tim Ferriss also encourages a cheat day every week to indulge. When I did this with pizza and beer and cookies at a poker party, I lost 2 pounds almost instantly. Pretty shocking! I think combining both of these philosophies is a game changer for me. I wholeheartedly believe in both and am finding it so easy to incorporate them together.
    I’ve kept up my walking, usually hitting 10,000 steps and I’ve also started incorporating 35lb kettle bell swings. I keep it in my kitchen and do these randomly throughout the day.
    This has been a great month for my health and I’m so grateful for this thread of support and encouragement. Thank you @lynzm for keeping track of it all. Onto March…

    Day 28, London, UK, NFD

    Quick post –

    After completing the Sun/Mon back to back (water, water, water!!!!)…… FEELING heavier, perhaps due to Fridays B’day meal which continued on Saturday (semi-mindfully(??)). No weight change, but a little apprehensive about the official weigh-in tomorrow am which will give me my end of Feb/start of March, challenge weight. Maybe I’ll have a whoosh from the b2b, thanks pocketeers, managed 100 cals on Sunday and 492 on Monday, and managed not to release the dragon before I was good and ready (and prepared for battle!!!!)

    Good luck all those giving this last day the big Fasting push before starting the March challenge. I tend to weigh less the morning after a NFD, hence finishing my b2b yesterday. Here’s hoping!!!

    2nd post

    Well I spoke to soon – halfway through our walk this morning the sun disappeared and the rain caught us out but we were all well prepared with our waterproofs – but sunshine and blue skies again this afternoon.

    Have not broken my fast from yesterday as yet, despite a busy afternoon baking for tomorrow – one of volunteers from the group I help out at on a Wednesday afternoon has a birthday tomorrow so I made an a Gluten Free Lemon Drizzle cake and an Italian Apple Cake (using light olive oil instead of butter)

    As I’m going for an early supper at 5.30pm before the ballet tonight I think I will be able to hold out until then to break my fast – so that will take me to 46hrs Fast on under 500calories – very happy with that!

    This past year has changed my attitude to food and drink. We are creatures of habit and without realising it slip into patterns of behaviour which are difficult to change. I learnt that it is OK to feel hungry and in fact it is an essential part of losing weight. I’ve learnt to embrace feeling hungry and being comfortable with that – it’s a sign from my body to eat again soon (and hopefully that it is burning fat now) and not a sign to be feared.
    And the best thing with this WOL is that I can have my cake and glass or two of wine with no guilt Just not everyday and in large quantities!!!!

    Looking forward to another good month in March with all the gang plus getting to know lots of other new people who care about their health and well being.

    “Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try” Jack Canfield

    Day 28 – USA – NFD

    Not officially doing a fast today, but going to eat very small meals! Likely will be around 1000 calories. HOpe that works to keep me on my maintenance. I’m off to a Silver Sneakers class at the gym. It’s been good for me to keep moving about twice a week.

    Thanks again for this whole month, fellow faster’s! It has gone by faster than I could have imagined.

    @lynzm – you have been simply marvelous as our host! Thank you for your efforts. I look forward to March being a wonderful time for all!

    Onward and downward!

    Day 23 NSW Aust – NFD
    Day 24 FD
    Day 25 NFD
    Day 26 NFD
    Day 27 FD
    Day 28 NFD -weight loss for the month is 2.7kgs measurements 3cm loss from waist and 0.5 cm from neck. Greatest shift has been from around my mΓ­ddle. Water intake, sleep and getting in more exercise still my biggest challenges.
    Well done to all my fellow challenge buddlies – continue the journey with you into March. My goal is to get down a further 2.5kgs in March.

    Day 28 UK GD

    Days 20-24 were FDs too but I’ve been too busy to post, so way behind.

    Weigh in day is tomorrow.

    Last week was 82.4, down from 86 at the start of Feb. So 3.6kg loss – 7.9lbs. I was aiming for 9lbs
    overall so I’ll post tomorrow if that’s OK @lynzm ?

    Thanks to you LynzM for organising, etc.
    It’s been really helpful. I feel like I’ve beaten away the winter blues a bit by reading all the comments. Great stuff.

    Roll on March – onwards and downwards!

    I had a wonderful evening celebrating my retirement. Thank you for all your good wishes. Looking forward to the years ahead. Thanks to 5:2 I’ve a head start.

    Can I join the Hoola Hoopers? Two things I could never do when they were fashionable some ahem 55 years ago, were hoola hooping and roller skating. Something to do with core strength. Might give roller skating a miss but definitely want to try the first.

    What I’ve learnt this month:
    1). being accountable on a daily basis and being part of such a supportive group is better than going it alone.

    2) going back to basics and fasting 2 days per week keeps the dreaded gremlin ghrelin at bay. Mind over hormones? Still trying to figure that one out.

    Thank you @lynzm for hosting, support and keeping us together.

    Achieved my personal Feb goal. Two kg officially gone.

    Day 28 NZ FD
    Its already the first of March here in NZ, final weight for Feb 75.3, so a decrease of 2.4kg – stoked with that. Thanks @lynzm for all your hard work over the month. I haven’t been the most consistent at logging on each day but have kept up with posts on my phone. Thank you all, each and every one, together we can do it xoxo

    Good fast today , looking forward to weigh in tomorrow and March Challenge

    @lynzm – adding my Big Thanks for all your hard work in February ! You had it cut out for you, with so many of us. 🌺🌺🌺

    Day 28, UK, FD.

    Managed my B2B FDs well, think it’s the final push before I get onto the scales in the morning. I’ll weigh and measure and note my results tomorrow before joining the March challenge.

    @lynzm, many thanks for your efficient stewardship for the February challenge. I’m sure you and @at will prove difficult acts to follow when I take the helm in April.

    Day 28 : Cheshire, UK : NFD

    A buffet lunch was provided at work today. I didn’t eat the sandwiches or quiche, I had the breaded fish and chicken with some salad. Then I ate a mini chocolate muffin, mini cream doughnut and mini chocolate choux pastry plus some cheese and biscuits. πŸ™‚ That’s ok but interesting how I felt later on, that I could do probably without them next time as they didn’t give the pleasure that I expected.

    I choose not to have dinner tonight and will not eat until dinner tomorrow night or it may even turn into a FD tomorrow. Let’s see.

    I will post my final weight for February tomorrow and that will be my starting weight for March.

    I still need to buy my hula hoop….forgot today! πŸ™‚

    Cheerio for now πŸ™‚ x

    Day 28 USA NFD

    Yesterday was a 24 hour fast. Stepped on the scales and finished the month 2 lbs under my goal (168). Yay! More importantly, on my NFDs, I’ve lost the desire or need for breakfast. A whole new WOL.

    Final Reading February, Dunsb West Aust.

    Hi there @lynzm Here’re my final stats for Feb. I didn’t give you measurements because I didn’t realise how important they are, but have included them here anyway.

    My goal was to ditch 2kg, which I’ve achieved, and another VERY big one for me has been to get to the top end of the BMI range – which I’ve achieved also. So very very happy with the outcome. I know there’s a lot written about the BMI not being a true indicator of a healthy body, but I’m sticking to it! Old habits die hard!

    I’m in for March so see you lovely bods there πŸ™‚
    Thanks again @lynzm – great job done and very much appreciated xx

    Weight 74.9kg
    BMI 25
    Waist to height 0.51

    Im in for March!

    Day 1 March and will post there but weighed this morning and 73.0 kgs. Started Feb at 73.1, bounced up and down daily for 4 weeks, got as low as 72.1 briefly and now when have eaten to TDEE and fasted quite well the end result is 100 gms loss only over the whole month.
    Not sure how to change things going forward as I have already cut down carbs a lot, don’t have much sugar and been pretty vigilant with no real result. Will see how March goes.

    Day 27 Ireland FD
    Day 28 Ireland NFD
    And here we are! The end of the month! Cannot believe it! So for me this has been a big learning curve. I’ve learned to love my body not by the way the scales measure it, but by the way I feel. I have ditched the scales, and I feel like I’ve been set free. I will return To them at some point , just as a point of reference, maybe at the end of March…But for now the important thing for me is that 5:2 is a WOL because I feel better! Thanks to this amazing group of people, you have carried me through Feb.i have learned so much from you, and I’m grateful for all your stories, the good and the bad. Because we’re all in this together. See you in March πŸ™‚

    Oh and thanks to @lynzm for managing the group!!!

    Australia Day 28 NFD final weigh in – 92kgs so I met my goal of 4kgs loss over the month. Thank you @lynz!

    Some very impressive losses this month, congrats to everyone


    Day 28, Oceanside CA, NFD

    We have come to our end of month accounting. 2.6 pounds for me in February, which brings me to 5.6 since I started 5:2 in November with DH. He is down 13 and is thrilled with his progress. I am 2 lbs away from my original goal and thank all in this thread for their positive reflections. We live day to day and the big picture is important.

    On to March. As we walk, run, and get into spring we will be energized and amazed at our progress.

    Day 28 – Canada – NFD

    February 1 – 144 lb. / 65.45 kg.
    February 28 – 141.5 lb. / 64.18 kg.
    2.5 lb. / 1.13 kg. Lost in February.

    All in all, a disappointment as I kept loosing and gaining the same 1-2 pounds all month. I will strive to do much better in March. My goal for February was to get under 140.

    Congratulations and high fives to everyone who had losses in February – this is one instance where it’s so good to be a looser, right?

    @lynz Well done. You were a great cheerleader. Thank you.

    Day 28: Pacific NW USA, FD

    OH and I are ending the month away from home and in the sun!!! Yesterday was a travel day and I made it a 16:8 with just a delicious dinner when we arrived at the hotel. I made today a FD and have kept it way below 1/4 TDEE. I haven’t been to the fitness center yet to see if they have a scale but if so I will report my weight for the month tomorrow, otherwise Lynz has my weight loss figures from last week and I am happy if I can maintain at 157 over the next week which is a 2.4 lb loss for February.

    I have lost a total of 89 lbs with IF and Low Carb/Healthy Fat eating since I started this WOL on April 28, 2016. Planning and sticking to my plan and getting inspiration by checking in daily to these challenge threads have been very crucial to my weight loss accomplishment. But those first 89 lbs did not seem as hard as these last 10 lbs that I have been working on since Christmas. Due to complications with my over zealous goal oriented temperament which resulted in dehydration and then with a lingering case of vertigo setting in I have reexamined my IF plans and will work on my next 10 lbs in a little slower fashion to get to my ultimate goal of under or right around 150 lbs. between now and summer.

    I will not be joining the daily March challenge even though reading all your wonderful posts is such a joy but if I use my head/neck/eyes as much as is required to keep up with all the reading on the computer my vertigo returns. I will check in with AT and you goal-busters occasionally just to make sure I don’t lose the plot entirely and to let you all know how much faith I have in this process of regaining our health with IF. I will join one of the maintenance threads, if they will have me, where I will be able to keep up a little less stringent reporting schedule.

    See you all around the next bend!

    Day 1 March
    Final disappointing weigh in for Feb was a loss of one kg. But maybe if I hadn’t done 5:2 or 16:8 or weekly weigh ins it might have gone up.
    I did not meet my goal for Feb but I’m still on a downward trend.
    @lynz thank you for all your work this month. On to March now!

    What’s 16:8?

    Challenge finished. Weighed in at 63.7kgs down from 65.3kgs on the first on February, so 1.6kgs lost. I’m very happy with that. My goal is to get back to 63.0 kgs or just under, and stay inder! So will hopefully get there in the next couple of weeks and then work out how to maintain.

    Fantastic job everyone!!!

    @lynzm thank you so much for running the February challenge and all it entailed. πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒ·πŸŒ·πŸŒ·πŸŒ·πŸŒΌπŸŒΌπŸŒΌπŸŒΌπŸŒ»πŸŒ»πŸŒ»πŸŒ»

    Hopingto see most of you in the March challenge.

    @sirisan 16:8 is fasting 16 hours then eating in an 8 hour window. For example fasting until 12 noon and finishing eating by 8pm. So lunch or late breakfast and dinner. You are constantly missing that one meal a day.

    Day “29” of Feb Challenge! NFD Hampshire, UK

    Reporting in on last day of Feb challenge.

    Have successfully lost 1 1b per week during Feb. Really pleased!

    I have experimented with loads of FD foods during early 2017, but find that I don’t sleep well and feel shaky / heart palpitations the following morning unless I eat

    – eggs }scrambled
    – coconut oil }scrambled
    – plenty of salt and pepper
    – tiny bit of cheese

    Plenty of water, some green tea and a bit of coffee.

    I also do yoga on Tuesday nights and that REALLY helps with everything!

    I am trying to eat much later (sounds weird doesn’t it!) and last night I had my 2 scrambled eggs at 9pm and that also really helped me sleep soundly.

    See you all on the March challenge :0)

    Thanks guys, still checking posts and some people still reporting weight loss will give an update soon on joint weight loss.

    Well done all who saw it through to the end, see you in the March challenge run by AT. 🌸

    Again thanks for all the thank you’s feeling loved and appreciated πŸ˜€πŸ‘

    @Backtothefuture wishing you well, thanks for all your help and hope you find a maintenance forum that’s as fab as this group. Well done you. 🌺🌹🌷would love you to pop back anytime for a little check in and update, you know our group and where to find us.

    Final Weigh-in : Cheshire, UK

    Starting weight on 1 February was 9st 1lbs, 57.60kgs, 127lbs
    Finishing weight is 8st 13lbs 8oz, 56.60, 125.8lbs

    I’m happy. There was a period during the challenge that I thought I wasn’t going to reach my goal. If I’m being pedantic then I’m 8oz or 226g off goal but that will come off in the March challenge.

    @back2thefuture – wishing you well and look forward to you popping in from time to time. xoxo

    Once again, thank you @lynzm for leading this challenge.

    See most of you in the March challenge.

    Newcastle UK, NFD

    Results for February: Start 65.6kg, finished 64.5kg, lost 1.1kg (2.4lbs)

    After two good b2b FDs I was hoping for a further little loss but alas the scales added a little teeny bit back on. Sunday’s gorging coming home to roost. However, given the rocky start (London trip) to my month, I’m very satisfied with the loss achieved. I’ve discovered that weighing in kilos doesn’t work for me as I never know how much I weigh. Therefore I am returning to good old imperial measurements for March.

    Fantastic inspirational posts yesterday – they got me through the day. Attended a meeting last night with the most delicious buffet and didn’t touch it. Instead, bought a few items home and put them in the fridge for today. I couldn’t have done that without the support of my fellow fasters. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! See you all in our new March challenge. xxx

    Final weigh in – Staffordshire UK

    Weight 153.0lb, waist 29.5inches.

    Only lost a teeny tiny bit of weight (that’ll teach me to skip a week when kids are off school). So will count as maintenance. Waist still shrinking though so there is a silver lining.

    UK. Final weight for end Feb challenge is 189lb

    On 29 Jan before I started any fast days I was 196lb so I am delighted with this result.
    I realise I need to be more vigilant on NFD as I haven’t lost this past week, maybe got a bit complacent methinks.

    Thanks for all the wonderful positive posts and the encouragement, see you in the March challenge πŸ‘

    DAY 1 – UK – NFD

    Final weigh in: 141 lb. (63.95K)

    March Target: 137 lbs.

    A loss of 4 measly OUNCES this month!!! (8lb.off in Jan).

    Final weigh in, Kent, UK- FD – HOORAH! HOORAH – 8 lbs for February

    Well my ‘extra’ fast day worked yesterday I dropped all the weekend weight, it was obviously mostly ‘food in transit’ after all. I always get constipated away from home. Some chilli soup was useful last night. I am so happy to end on a high for the month. 8 lbs in one month is ‘really’ good for me usually average 2 lb. thank you all for your support, especially @lynzm(enjoy your de-motion this month) looking forward to the full results list. Will you do a group total?

    So I have already done my measurements and plan to start by doing 5 minutes waist exercises three times per day. Starting with side bends as a morning warm up, lifting kettle bells at midday and doing Hula hoop before my meal at 6 pm. Using Hula Hoop as Hit exercise, the keep my system burning fat overnight. That’s the theory.

    I will be continuing with 23/1 everyday with 3 fasts per week during March, it’s a winning formulae for me. I think being a vegetarian ( pescatarian really) helps my food planning as calories are lower and digestion quicker if I stick to my normal spicy food, that’s essential, I love tasty food, more satisfying.

    No trips planned this month but quite a few special days out on the horizon including a party I am catering this weekend for 30 guests. I am cutting out bread, potatoes, rice and pasta this month( replaced with zero noodles) bought 24 packs, now filling a kitchen cupboard. So ‘No’ processed food for me this month and no weighing until the last day of March. I am happy to make ‘drastic’ changes to my eating ‘way if life’ and exercise habits because my ‘old’ way led to obesity and poor health. NOW I AM FULL OF THE JOYS OF SPRING AND FEEL INCREDIBLE WITH NO HEALTH ISSUES. Looking after your body will get you results.

    Now to book some classes at the gym. πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈπŸŠβ€β™€οΈπŸš£πŸš΄See you on the March Challenge ‘Go Marchitarians’ Lose! lose! lose! 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    Final Weigh-in………aim of 6lbs down – achieved!!

    We did it, some days were a breeze, other days………………… NOT so much!!!! But I’m still here, just a bit less of me, and that was the aim!!! My Feb targets were,

    1. 176lbs, Feb 1st weight 182lbs – Current weight 176lbs, such a relief to maintain this goal after a heavy B’day weekend.
    2. Stick to 4:3 including at least 1 liquid FD/week – I managed this and towards the end of the challenge discovered I COULD do a b2b!!
    3. Daily weigh-ins – This is just to keep me honest and give me an idea of how my diet causes immediate gains/ losses.
    4. Track NFDs with MFP – This is the only way I keep account on NFDs, as my guesstimating of calories is absolute pants!!!
    5. Continue 30 Day shred even if it means weight/muscle gain! – I blew this one off during week 2 as I just couldn’t manage it, I think the walking is best both mentally and physically for me (for now!)
    6. Don’t panic & breathe!! – Daily weigh-ins inevitably show weight gain, however, I KNOW this WOL works so it was just a case of keeping the faith, re-reading inspirational posts and NOT beating myself up about excessive NFDs…………Birthdays and meals out will always be a part of my life.

    The lesson I learnt this month……………… whatever you do, keep that dragon under lock and key as long as possible, because once released there’s no going back, and if you do release him, for Gods sake….don’t feed him carbs!!!! All pangs you THINK are hunger can be quashed with a glug of water……….WATER IS YOUR BEST FRIEND……………my tummy was like a greedy baby……’feed me, feed me, feed me’ now it’s learnt the difference between thirst and real hunger!!

    @lynzm……….You’re a star, thanks for keeping us steady and accountable, such a diverse and rowdy bunch (Man!!!….. those Aussies!!!!)……………That’s just ‘sunshine envy’ talking!!!!

    Looking forward to ‘seeing’ everyone over in the March challenge, where I’ll learn new words, 5:2 tips and ideas that hadn’t even occurred to me (food in transit = zero weight loss…………….makes sense….NOW!!)

    Hi end result of Feb -2lbs from start but up from where I got to in the middle – oh well.
    Haven’t caught up on the last 2 pages will try and do that but thanks for link to the 7 day hula hoop challenge. I had looked her up on YouTube to get some tips but the challenge maybe better.
    See you on March x

    Day 28 NFD Sydney
    86.7 start weight in Feb
    81.4 final weight in Feb
    5.3kg loss!
    didn’t quite get to 79, but it certainly feels a lot closer
    I’m happy.
    Next stop 75kg by the end of March.

    What have I learned?
    I can get through a crisis without overeating and comfort eating.
    Eating less is giving me my power back.
    I have more confidence and just feel better all over.
    That over-eating was such an ingrained habit that I’d lost connection with my body.
    Cravings pass – and if it’s the middle of the night half a glass of milk will help you get back to sleep.
    Most likely I was pre-diabetic when I started 5:2 in January – I definitely had insulin dependence and this new WOL has change my life for the good and will keep me healthy into my old age.

    Thanks so much to @lynzm for managing the board.
    And to everyone on the challenge. You’re all doing so well! Keep it up!

    I’m in for March too.

    PS @lynzm – can we see the results of your tracking us somewhere?

    Final day weigh in of February challenge, UK.

    Starting weight 165lbs
    Today’s weight 155lbs

    Lost 3cms from arms and chest, 7cm from hips, 4.5cm from bum and thighs, 5cm from waist and 2.5cm from arms. I think my goal weight wasn’t right as when I looked back I think I didn’t calculate kg to stones correctly so I’m going to work my March goal out now and update the March challenge.

    Really happy with my results and convinced B2B fasting last two days helped.

    I’ve learnt I start with great gusto and start to lag between weeks 2 and 3, I’m sure I’ve read that it takes 3 weeks to form a habit so I’m joining the March challenge with renewed vigour. Thanks to all for sharing their journies.

    Thanks again @lynzm, hope you enjoy handing over responsibility to @at for March.

    Final weigh in Belfast
    Well those b2b tactics didn’t work 😬 I was hopping to lose another 1lb so it didn’t work. Anyway, final weight 157.5 – a loss I think of 3lbs. Waist down half an inch and BMI down to 25.4, so slowly but surely.
    @backtothe future your weight loss and tenacity is impressive. Good luck in reaching your goals and hope the vertigo clears up soon xo.
    Thank you to all the support from this amazing family and particularly LinzM who has been working hard behind the scenes. See you in March

    Sirisan here
    St Louis MO USA
    Goal for March 2 to 3 lbs down for month
    147 lbs start Target 136 lbs

    What is 2b2 and 30 day shred?

    Love these posts.

    Final Weigh-in
    1 Feb = 86kg
    1 Mar = 81.9kg

    Down 4.1 kg
    Original target 4kg/9lb

    Just under 13st. I am now 12st 12.4lb
    A real landmark for me. Not been under 13st since I was born! (Well, more like mid 20’s, but it’s so long ago…).

    I’ve been doing. 5 midweek fast days. 4 proper ones with evening meals ranging from 400-700 kcals on Mon-Thurs, followed by Friday fasting until 6.30pm when I’ve been joining in the Family fish & chips binge (1/2 portions all around).

    Being honest, it’s been tough sometimes. I won’t bore you with the detail. Oh, OK then, I will.

    Mondays – OK. Body still spending some of juice left over from Sunday.
    Tuesdays – Hungry, especially making sandwiches etc. for others, etc. But not too bad if you keep busy. Wife says my breath smells at the end of the day.
    Wednesdays – Oof! Now a special day – not much in the tank. Get very cold. Exercise and tea, lots of peppermint tea.
    Thursday – not too bad really. Psychologically feel like you’ve broken the back of it. Food tastes great in the evening.
    Friday – Hard. Hungry, hungry, hungry. But you can last until 6.30pm when, oh boy!… I’m eating like a feral starving urchin from the 1890’s for an hour. After that (and there’s really so much you can eat in one go) I’m ok, back to normal weekend eating – not feeling too guilty if I have chocolate or beer, etc.

    Not sure I can keep going like this, and may switch to ADF / 4:3. But it’s working. I was on a plateau of 86kg, desperate to get off it.
    And I feel much better for it. Exercise is becoming easier too. Far more energy than I used to have. And dare I say it/admit it, less down/ SAD suffering going on, and more productive work. Apart from one weekend angry outburst that I regret, which may have been caused by a teenager, but I think the sudden shift from not eating to eating may have cause a short fuse, but we learn and move on, try not to repeat.

    Thanks again to @lynzm.

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