2016- Bigby's attempt to become 'not so' Bigby!

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2016- Bigby's attempt to become 'not so' Bigby!

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  • Hi
    Well done merryme. 17kg that’s a real achievement. That’s something like the loss that I want. Extra inspiring that you managed to go on maintainance during trying times.

    Fasted yesterday. It actually became a struggle late in the evening so watched the football (I want England but because I live in France if we don’t win..haha then I want the French!) anyway went to bed hungry. What’s always strange to me is I never wake up hungry, never, crew always say they keep some food in their case so that they have something to eat if they wake up hungry, I can honestly say I never wake up hungry. I tried keeping some supplies in my case,,,,,,but I always ate them before I went to sleep lol!
    Saturday and Sunday normal eating then Monday fasting.
    Today, steak and chips I think. I want to try and make chimmchuri sauce so gave bought lots of herbs. I also need to eat broccoli, love broccoli.
    Off to the Saturday market.
    Enjoy your weekend fasters.
    Ps got a throbbing thumb……hammered my thumb and not the nail,,,,,plonker!

    Hi fasters
    Suddenly realised that in two weeks time we are halfway towards the 1year of 5:2 ing. I will bore everyone with the figures when we get there. I’m a real geek but reckon keeping a diary of running totals really keeps me on target. So look out for those figures.
    The thumb is better….then I got my first case of bikers road rash! I got home after a 90 min ride. Couldn’t get out of my cleats quick enough and went down like a sack of spuds!!!!!!!!
    Double plonker!
    No one around to see and just a sore shoulder and grazed elbow to show for it.
    Fasted yesterday, just an omelette and rice tonight with veggies. I’m missing beer at the moment and I’m missing MY FAVOURITE THING IN THE WORLD EVER……..NUTS. I LOVE EM.
    I know they are good for you…..but not in the quantity I eat lol.
    Happy fasting

    Hello everyone
    Two work trips on the trot the crew have told me that I need to get a new uniform jacket as the one I’m using is far too big! Yippee! Honestly, I could only just button it up in January. My dilemma is should I trade my jackets in now for new ones knowing that I still intend to reduce size in the next 6 months, it just seems a waste of company money but it’s a very nice quandary to have.
    Happy fasting all and well done Symba7 and hubby for staying on track.

    Well done Bigby! Such a dilemma to have after having the reverse. Perhaps new ones but not so many of them.

    Hi Bigby,

    Although I put 1 lb on this week…over my 5 week the family were visiting….I lost 4 lbs overall…so good going really 😀

    I was hoping to stay the same 😇 So more than better..they have gone back to States now..

    Did you get the new uniform or are you holding tight at the moment??


    Hello fasters
    My 6 month update.
    After commencing Jan 1st at 113.3 kg and a waist of 124cm
    I’ve fasted 57 times Jan-Jun
    My weight is 102.3 kg and my waist is 107.5 cm
    That’s a loss of 11kg or almost 25 lb and almost 7 inches off my waist.

    My diary says I have consumed 402,880 calories whilst to maintain my weight I needed to consume 2,400 calories a day which would have added up to 482,900. Pretty much 80,000 calories difference and as 7,700 calories equates to 1kg that means my calculations are reasonably accurate.

    I look better, I feel better. I get lots of positive comments about how well I look.
    M has lost 11kg as well. She looks really healthy and can get into lots of clothes that were too tight before.
    My target of 93kg might be out of reach as I have slowed down but I’m not stressed. I will try for it and see how it goes. Sub 100 kg is very much in my sights.
    Happy fasting guys and stay focussed during those summer holidays.
    Bigby (notsobigby)


    A very good read, it’s nice to know calories in verses calories out…is about right. I am a writing down person but not gone as far as you.

    It proves to me we have to move more even if it’s not excerise as such, just to use or burn calories.

    Hoping you are not looking too baggy in the uniform, I will know who you are if I am on flight with you..lol..lol.

    We are running close together with weight off, you winning by 2 lbs. it’s a good way of life and do able, like you I have fallen a few times but it is still moving down although slowly at times.

    I am getting close to my target another 6 lbs off…maybe go a bit more, I will see.

    My hubby, I have suspended his weigh ins, he left hospital and he is still in a lot of pain, no sleep and up all last night, very drugged up, bunged up (tablets), not eating a lot, joining me fasting ish.. As soon as he is a bit better I will join him back in.

    We both want big pats on the back and including M and my hubby….a very well done to us all.


    Hi all
    Bad news,,,I put on 0.5 kg 1lb
    Good news,,,,I put on 0.5kg 1lb
    Had family here all week plus we hosted a mega barby. Managed to fast my two days but the five other days! Oh my did we partake on all good things, so just gaining 1lb is a success in my books.
    I did state at the start if the year I would talk about food, a subject I love, so I just want to tell you what we cooked for the barby of 14 people. See, I have wanted to do something different than just the normal cook the food and serve it, hope this doesn’t sound pretentious but I just wanted to change things about, so we did a barby tasting menu. We started with goat cheese poppers, big jalapeño peppers stuffed with cheese and blackened on the barby,
    Then salmon steak marinated in teriyaki, wasabi and five spice, just a piece each. Then slices of duck with cherry compot. After that a mixture of seafood in a chimmchuri based fish stock. Pudding was a pavlova our Oz friends made.
    Great grub and I almost stayed the same weight!
    This week much more sensible and back in the gym as well.
    Happy fasting,,,,and barbecuing!!!!

    Hi fasters
    Before our latest visitors m broke the 2stone barrier! Brilliant news.
    Me I reckon no change.
    Well it’s been soooo difficult what with guests, family and visitors. Great fun but so hard to fast as well. Plus people eat much more when on holiday and it’s hard not to fall in line , double plus you eat out more. It’s lovely but it does get you out of the rythme. We both have managed to fast two days each week but this has only served to keep us at a stable weight, whilst I haven’t weighed myself for a month almost I reckon I’m no change. I intend to weigh myself late next week.
    This weekend and most of next week it’s a much more sensible time.
    Keep you posted.
    Happy fasting,,,,,I’m actually looking forward to regaining control.


    Well done on M breaking the 2 stone barrier a really well done and a drum roll…

    All we can do is keeping the same when holidays and friends about…then get it moving when back to normal.

    Your BBQ sound quite exciting all different things. You must be a good cook.

    Good luck to getting back on track.


    Oops I forgot to mention.
    There is a really good 9 minute video on a website called shapesense.com
    The video is entitled 23 and half hours. He explains why he calls it that.
    It explains the fantastic benefit to health of just walking. I really do recommend it.
    The website is also very helpful if you want to work out how many calories you have burnt off in a workout.
    I’ve been using it constantly and believe it’s very accurate.
    Anyway hope it’s useful, the video is for sure.
    See you faster!

    Hi fasters
    Time for an update. My weight is 103kg. Slightly up since last month by 0.7 kg or about one and half pounds.
    We’ve fasted twice a week as normal I reckon I’ve been snacking too much,, yup it’s those nuts, nuts glorious nuts who would live without em. Nuts glorious nuts there’s nothin bad about em! I’ve resolved to only enjoy them twice a week and m will monitor this.
    Been biking loads indeed yesterday returned from my longest ride yet, 90 miles! I’ve ridden 7 times in the last ten days always over an hour sometimes more than two hours and then yesterday. So the exercise is good, just need to focus on the eating days as the fasting days really are easy.
    Happy fasting

    How are you no blogs ?? …two weeks now!!………

    I hope you and M are not being naughty. 😇


    Hi fasters
    How you all doing?
    It’s been up and down for me and M. I’m at 103.5kg, just a bit more and M is up 0.6 kg. it’s been very sociable over the last three weeks, that’s why fasting is so great because we are just about staying put. In my case I’m a bit disappointed as I’ve been training like billyo. Been biking for hours and spending serious calories in the gym. PLUS we have fasted twice religiously, thanks for your support everyone..
    The crazy thing is that I feel thinner, until early last week I was feeling excellent then I got a streaming cold which has meant I’m off sick for a short time. It’s not a big deal, actually most people would say it’s not something to go sick over but trust me working for 11 hours on an aircraft with a streaming cold is not so nice, so for a change I decide to take a break instead of infecting others!
    Fasted yesterday,,,,,it’s so easy now, fasting on Friday, I do need to reduce snacking, that’s getting better but I still fall by the wayside. I’m totally no WE are totally committed to fasting. It re balances our bad days PLUS I can truthfully say I have not felt better for years.
    So fellow fasters keep posting I enjoy hearing about your updates.
    By the way it’s steaming hot here in France, a stunning summer. Tomorrow it’s prawns on the barby then, as I say, Friday fasting, Saturday back to work, going to Los Angeles, home of fast food, now that’s another challenge,,,,keeping away from beer and nachos,,, but the gym is great.
    See you guys
    Happy fasting

    Hi Bigby…

    Glad you are holding it together…socialising and a cold don’t go well together. Enjoy Los Angeles nice you have got back to work.

    You were missed…

    We are going to the States end of September for two weeks I know what a nightmare the food is, even staying with the family, doughnuts for breakfast with costa coffee ???….

    You are both doing really well.

    Jean x

    Hi Bigby, Congratulations to you both! Staying the same over a protracted time is excellent practice for maintainence.

    I’ve stayed about the same for quite a while, diddling around a bit, lots of L “life” stuff happening, but getting serious about the last few kgs now. Feels good, and now I know I can do maintainence too.

    Onwards and downwards,

    Hi y’all
    An American greeting after my USA trip (wasn’t such a good cowboy out there, def ate too much)
    However great news. Perserverance pays off weigh in this morning 102.1 kg. lost 1kg or 2.2 lb this week! Very pleased. I felt like something was moving south and this confirms it. I’m closing in on two big targets for me, getting my BMI down under 30, it’s 30.5 now and obviously going sub 100kg.
    we fasted yesterday and I intend fasting Monday and later in the week. This week weekend it’s another hot one here in France, we’ve had a searing summer. Today, bike ride, log cutting winter wood! Then a relax by the pool swotting, got my annual safety checks coming up. Yuk.
    Food wise. Today lamb chops on the barby with a salad, tomorrow a roast chicken from the local lovely market, so will outside outside in the pm sun sucking a drumstick!
    Will post info on M when she tells me, think she is losing but not sure.
    Ok y’all off for that ride gotta burn those cals!

    I wish I could be cycling along those French country roads too! You don’t happen to live in the Loire Valley do you!?! For a number of years I’ve wanted to bicycle there!

    Your efforts on all fronts are really taking you places! Well done on the 1 kg loss over the week!


    Well done on your 2 kg off we are all coming down nicely, hope M joins you on some loss.

    Good luck on your swatting, a pain every year, daughter used to dread it always made 100% , she had to after doing the training in training school for the newbies.

    Nearly at your 100kg goal..😀

    Jean X

    Hello fellow fasters
    Firstly thanks so much for the many supportive words when people thought we had ‘gone off track’ It’s most def not the case. we have remained on ‘twice a week track’. It’s so nice to know there are good people out there rooting for us as we are for you.
    Some have asked where I do my riding, well we live south of Bergerac in the country so its gorgeous to ride here, can be a bit hilly! But no cars and that’s a big bonus.
    Now the great news weighed myself before I left to do my recurrent safety tests…….100.5kg another good loss. This puts me at exactly 30 on bmi. A total loss since Jan 1 of 13kg or 2 stone in old money!
    So I’m right on the cusp of two targets. Sub 30 and sub 100kg
    Sadly my safety tests do tend to lead to stress and comfort eating but I’ve done that, passed my tests and now am in Cairo after another successful fast day yesterday.
    A quick word about bmi. If you go to the nhs site 30+ BMI is categorised as obese. Now I’m a realist at the start 113.5 kg yes I was obese,,,just,,,but now there is no way I’m obese, believe me, if you saw me you would agree, those nhs categories really need to be taken with a large pinch of salt. I personally only use it for a target giving me something to aim for.
    M has stayed at the same weight for a couple of weeks, I think we all realise our bodies adjust at different speeds, I’m sure she will start losing soon as she is as committed as me…team 5:2!
    Happy fasting everyone.

    Well done Bigby, and well done to M as well, how great you’ll get to both those goals very soon. Enjoying your updates!

    Onwards and downwards,
    19kgs down now and 2.5 from goal weight


    Well done Bigby and M…nearly there at your first goal…..I am just chasing you…I should of lost 1 lb last week, to make my 2 stone off…BUT I put 1 lb on…so still 2 lb away…. 😩

    We will get there…enjoy Cairo awhile since I was there hoping it’s all calm for you..

    Well done Merry, I keep bumping into you across the forum….lol

    Jean x

    Hi symba🙂, LOL, ditto…..down a lb, up a lb, down 2 lbs… It happens….you’ll get there!

    We will get there Merry ….hope to get on maintenance forum..eventually ..😀 All of us ..lol..x

    It’s been a good week for fasting plus the exercise has been great as well as the heat has subsided here in France and it’s much more pleasant going out on the bike.
    M has lost loads this week, it’s really noticeable, about 2kg! I will weigh myself later next week.
    One interesting thing I have not said. Last year on flights I was getting migraines when flying on the plane, they were really nasty, very painful. I won’t go into how bad just lets say not pleasant, anyway, they stopped dead with fasting, not had one all year! I honestly put that down to 5:2 ing.
    Anyway onward and downward!
    Happy fasting people

    Wow! That’s amazing bigby. How wonderful to not have the migraines any more. Great loss for M too! Well done to both of you.

    I’m helping with my grandchildren for a few weeks so away from home with a bit of food disruption, and a bit of celebrating, but I’m only 2.5kgs to goal now, and my family are very supportive. When my grandkids make me a birthday cake 2 pieces is fine! They were only small pieces. The wonkiest of decorations but they’re only little

    Onwards and downwards,

    Hello all, newbie here (since September 22nd) and am hoping to find a few threads where I might feel at home and join in with the updates, etc.

    This is such a supportive, informative thread that I hope nobody minds if I pop in now and then. I have learned so much and want to congratulate you, Bigby and your wife on your amazing journey to better health. And to all the others who have posted on this thread as well. I am just fascinated by all the travel stories. I am a bit of a homebody.

    I plan to fast Monday and Wednesday each week as I am at work then and it is so much easier then. I also will try to eat healthier on the other days, today was cottage cheese with a sliced banana sprinkled with cinnamon and flaxseed for breakfast (my husband ate three pancakes and three slices of bacon), for lunch I had a mashed up avocado that wouldn’t have lasted another day, some white corn tortilla chips and a boiled egg.

    One change that I can easily make is to give up the coffee with too much French vanilla creamer – replacing it with unsweetened tea. I love tea and frankly don’t like the taste of coffee without all the flavorings so why bother? Rather put the calories into food. There are lots of healthy teas at home and at work (my boss – an attorney – is an internationally ranked Cross Fit competitor so she makes sure we have a lot of healthy food at the office). My issue is the last ten pounds or so that glom onto our bodies for dear life – but more importantly I want to treat my body better. I love to exercise so that’s no a problem. Wish I was outdoors riding a bike but our rural terrain does not permit, luckily I can do so indoors.

    Will eat salad for dinner and not have a piece of the birthday cake that we had for hubby’s 73rd yesterday – honestly only ate a piece last night to help him celebrate as I have never really cared for cake that much. So much of eating is just to be social, isn’t it?

    Thanks for allowing me to ramble and again, so enjoy reading all the posts on this thread.

    Hello Lindasue
    We are all on a journey and you are welcome to join us.
    Fasting today nothing to eat until 8pm. We had galettes, French buckwheat pancakes with a fried egg, mushrooms and some grated cheese, seriously yum. 250 cals each.
    Look out for my next post,,,,the good, the bad,,,and the downright ugly.

    Hope you’re doing well Bigby. Looking forward to the next installment….

    Hello FF (fellow fasters) or even better FFFF(fellow faster forum followers)
    Enough of such FFFFFFrippery
    Sitting in Tokyo at some ungodly hour writing this. Yup I will fall asleep about thirty minutes before my wake up call! It’s an unwritten rule.
    Wore my best suit to a thing earlier this week, couldn’t believe how it fitted, if anything a tad baggy, felt great to wear it. For both of us we are revisiting old clothes and it’s GREAT.
    the good the bad and the ugly.
    Today the good.
    I just thought I would write about what we do on fasting days, I don’t write enough about food.
    M and I are lucky as we can easily get through to early evening on a fasting day with just tea, coffee water. Indeed M has weened me off of breakfast almost every day, now it’s a now and then thing. I know some of you might disapprove but I even train on fasting days. This Tuesday, 50 km bike ride at 23km per hour so just over 2hours exercise, fasting. I’m lucky I cope easily but I’m sure it’s not for everyone.

    So what do we eat on fasting days. Normally one meal. Teriyaki salmon with stir fry veg, that’s good. Or a good old omelette. We also get a pkt of cooked rice and fry that up with veg, chillies and eggs, that’s yum. Sometimes we have gallettes with eggs (again!) ham and a small amount of grated cheese. Or a fall back is pre calories slimming meals, you know the sachet stuff. But we prefer proper cooked food.
    It’s so much easier together. I really struggle fasting when flying, indeed I’m fasting on my flight tomorrow from Tokyo to London, daylight and fasting, a real challenge but now that I’ve told you FFFFers I’m going to have to be committed and will report back honestly Sunday to say how it went!
    So our fasting days consist of staying busy through the day then having one light meal then hanging in there until bedtime. It works for us.
    Next time the bad. That will consist of good food things on a weekend trip to Bordeaux.

    Hi FFFFers
    Sunday evening dashing home on standby.
    Fasted throughout the flight. Just had water, black coffee and a small piece of fish just before landing. Feel great.
    Must dash.

    Hi 4Fers
    So sorry I’ve not been writing so frequently, yup still fasting, still feasting! As well. I keep wanting to to sit down and write but, to be, honest, it’s about prioritising and I seem to have been busier than normal of late. That’s sad because I really wanted to log some of the great meals we have been enjoying. Let me just simply say that M and I have been in San Sebastián for the last month(in between me working, commuting from Bilbao) and enjoying the best, absolutely best and freshest fish we have ever eaten. The list is too long. However we still have managed to fast twice a week as well. Plus I’ve been cycling around the area and trust me,,,it ain’t flat! Some serious climbs for this old body to cope with. Also been working and hitting the gym like normal. Great workout yesterday. 60 mins very brisk walking on the treadmill at 6.5% incline, that gets the heart rate up and sweat pouring.
    I’ve nit weighed myself but whilst I’m not losing I don’t think I’m gaining either. My uniform still feels baggy.
    My fitness is improving though.
    We are in Singapore at the moment (we even fasted the day after getting here! Yup it’s a way if life!)
    Hearing back to San Seb tonight.
    Stay fasting and I will try and update a bit more frequently. By the way this week we break the 100 fast days in this year.
    Keep well 4F ers.


    What a busy life you both live how very exciting. Gym and cycling and just keeping fit in general well done.

    Keep going….are you at your 1st year birthday of 5.2 yet…..we started at 1st December so nearly there…lol…it’s been a good year.

    It’s been nice running along side of you both.

    Jean x

    Hello FFFFF’s (fellow fasting food forum followers)
    Been a while guys, sorry, I’ve been working as usual but also we have been entertaining our dearest friends in beautiful San Sebastián. That now comes to an end next week and we pack up and return home. Actually looking forward to it plus weighing myself. I’ve no idea what the scales will reveal. I’m guessing somewhere around a stable reading.
    We’ve both managed to fast, sometimes twice a week, soemtimes once and then a ‘3fast’ week to follow. We truly look forward to fasting after over indulgence. It’s a bit like that period post Xmas when you yearn for some sensible calorific input. Well we do it more frequently. Actually the food we have been eating has been good, great quality fish plus very little bad stuff i.e. Sweets, Chips etc. However firstly the calorie level has been probably high i.e. Oils etc plus,,,,,,,yup alcohol has been involved! Lots of alcohol. A middle aged pinchos/pub crawl around the bars in parte vieje (old town) trust me, it was absolutely worth it.
    Everything in moderation,,,,,which means go wild sometimes but not all the time!
    Fasted yesterday plus I’m going to be very careful today. Then as I’m working thus weekend I shall continue to be watchful then we have booked a beautiful restaurant for our last night. Thursday is weigh in day. I’ll keep you posted. I’ll be content with a 1kg gain, happy with staying at weight, thrilled with any loss.
    Ps it’s almost a year! Pps I’m reading all the other posters keep it up guys/gals
    Ppps let’s hope the forum stats online, I personally would be happy to pay a small monthly sub.

    Good to hear from you Bigby, I always enjoy reading your posts. I like how you seem to live a “normal” life, enjoying food and indulging now and then, while building it all around a 5:2 framework. Much more encouraging (for me) than the hair shirt approach !

    Hi All
    Coming to the years end.
    Things I’ve learnt from fasting (just my take guys)
    1) I can live without breakfast. I always thought I could only function after having some breakfast, now I realise I feel better not having it. It also extends the fasting window. Great news
    2) you can make some very tasty meals with 600 calories or 500 plus a soup. It just needs some thought
    3) I have reduced my snacking even on non fast days. It’s clearly a game changer. Now I realise just how much recreational eating I was indulging in.
    4) I actually enjoy ALL my food. This year has made me appreciate great food much more. I love eating and now I look forward to flavours and experiences even more, fasting has ignited my love for food
    5) STILL love nuts, there is no escape!
    Happy fasting dudes
    I’m off to Baltimore tomorrow, fasting on the flight.

    Hi all
    My final post for 2016. We fasted yesterday 19/12 and will fast 22/12 then it’s all hands to the dinner table!
    Just back from a family do, everyone commented on how good we both looked, must admit I felt great in my suit with no belly sticking out!
    110+ fasts lost just under 2stones feeling so well. It’s been a fantastic journey from last January when I realised I needed to do something or else.
    To those of you who have also fasted throughout the year a big WELL DONE. You also must be thrilled. To those of you who think about it, give it a year, full commitment, then you will know if it’s right for you. Best of luck.
    I’m working over New Year (flying from New York on New Year’s Eve) then another year starts.
    My challenge? Hit 95kg and cycle up a big mountain like alp d’huez.
    Merry Christmas to you all
    Let’s hope the year is good.

    Great stuff Bigby, it must be very satisfying to have done a full “proper” year. That’s my plan for 2016, I’m really keen to see what happens.

    Well done Bigby and your OH!

    Have a Happy Christmas🎄🎄🎉

    A full year Bigby…it wasn’t too bad was it….I have been trailing with you both for the last 12 months….

    We are both ready for the next year. Hubby needs to battle down and move some more weight, me a little more.

    Well done to you and M 😀

    🎄Merry Christmas to you both, lets hope it’s a good one🎄

    Jean x

    Happy new year to all you fasters out there. Hope you managed to emerge the other end of all the celebrations unscathed and not too damaged from the edible onslaught! We fasted twice/week as per usual which did balance the eating somewhat. With the start of 2017 we both are even more focused on this lifestyle, I think that’s a) our true belief that our well being is much improved but also b) the amount of people saying how well we look and how much slimmer we are. What a lovely feeling,,,baggy trousers!

    I’m not a great lover of New Year so was happy to be on a plane (JFK-LHR) during the festivities BUT what I really dislike is the first week post new year, you go to the gym (as usual) and because you carry a bit of a belly. Everyone says ‘ah a New Years resolution!’ I want to shout ‘ I do this regularly’!!! Ho hum.
    Personally, when I see someone overweight exercising I think ‘good on you’ it takes a lot of courage for those carrying a bit to get out there so well done.
    Soap box time over.
    Enjoy those final mince pies!
    Happy fasting

    Nice one Bigby. I’ve made an appalling start to the new year so far, no fast days and all my other resolutions have fallen away already, much to my girlfriend’s chagrin ! I’ve got my son tonight and have to go out to dinner (a birthday) tomorrow, so no fasting today/tomorrow either.

    You inspired me in a previous post when you said you did a full year in 2016 and I’m determined I’m going to do 2 fast days a week through 2016. It looks like I’ll either have to do Thu/Sat or maybe Thu/Fri. I’ve never done back to back fast days, so I’m tempted to try it, just to see what happens….

    2 fasts a week through 2017 I meant.

    Hi Rob in recovery
    Sounds like it’s a difficult week fasting wise, but go enjoy yourself first, hey you gotta have fun. THEN be determined.
    Good luck

    Hi fasters
    Fasting today, it’s been really easy. Still on twice a week. It’s all about mind and body. Physically, after 13 months of regular fasting it’s sooo easy. I don’t have a problem with fasting, my body is totally attuned to going without. I have and can easily fast for 24+hrs. It’s the mental side that will always be a challenge. There s food always around, and it can be so tempting. The last three flights I’ve fasted throughout and I’m very pleased with that.
    We’ve probably eaten more than we should on non fasting days. Ho hum.
    Well keep you posted.
    Happy fasting everyone

    Well done to you and M…keep going…

    I know what you mean after the year of doing 5.2 it’s very much a way of life and you get very tuned into it..

    Jean x

    Hi Bigby…and M

    You are quiet on here…is everything going well?

    We are still pushing on, a two week Florida holiday was a nightmare for food but back on track…should read danger zone if trying to loose weight!

    Jean x

    Hi fasters
    Sorry, sorry, sorry for not posting.
    I’m really useless at this social media stuff. I do read others entries, I’m just not good at keeping up on mine.
    The good news is M and I continue to fast. We have done so throughout most of our winter travels. I say most as we did have a bad two weeks in March as partying in Thailand seem to overtake any thoughts of fasting. We are now back from Thailand and I’m at work. It’s back to a routine and that includes fasting and less feasting!
    So we fasted Thursday and Sunday last week, must admit I feel better for the balance that fasting gives me.
    I might well do three days this week as I feel I need to shed a bit of Chang beer gut!
    I’m still exercising loads. I have given myself a challenge of walking uphill on the treadmill(6% at 6km p/hour) and to complete 1,000 km this year, plus to ride 2,000 km on my bike.
    I’m up to 250km walking though not been biking too much but that will kick in with the improving weather.
    Anyways welcome to the newbies and keep going those seasoned fasters.
    And I will try to record stuff a bit more frequently, but don’t doubt one thing, I will always fast,,,,it’s the biggest lifestyle change I’ve ever made!
    Good luck guys and gals

    Your ears must have been burning….as I had been talking to hubby about you disappearing …lol

    Keep with us

    Jean x

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