2016- Bigby's attempt to become 'not so' Bigby!

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2016- Bigby's attempt to become 'not so' Bigby!

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  • 5/1/16
    Hello one and all
    Happy new to you all (should someone be crazy enough to actually read this!)
    I have decided to IF for all of 2016 and rather than start up a blog I am going to make entries here. Ok I couldn’t even begin to start up a blog, I haven’t a clue but this is easier and hey, there are kindred spirits out there so I might get followers and supporters and perhaps I can help people also. Never done this stuff before so forgive me if I don’t get the etiquette right.
    I am reckoning if I write regularly about my journey it might help me to stay focussed and on track so please also forgive my selfish impulse here.

    A bit about myself. I am a guy just about to turn 60 in Feb and I keep putting on weight! Someone once asked me ‘when did you start gaining weight?’ I replied ‘ oh at 3 months old’.
    I am a big guy I will enter my weight when I get to some scales.
    You see I and my wife have a great lifestyle. I consider myself very lucky so when I write about my travels and drop in some great places, it’s not through showing off, it’s just the way it is, but I do consider myself lucky to have travelled so much.
    I work as airline cabin crew for a big airline. We also live in France and enjoy all that French living has, yup I am talking about the bread, the wine, the cheese,,,,etc. It’s all yum.
    We have tried IF before and it actually works well with all the travelling but like all things it needs commitment. I am hoping that regular postings will reinforce that commitment.

    So let’s start now. I won’t explain the whole thing but you will get the gist. I did my first fast on 2nd Jan. I worked on a flight 13:30 hours long from South America. It went really well. The fast lasted 30+ hours and all I ate was two small chicken breasts with a small salad. Loads of water. It is a challenge serving lovely food to the customers knowing you won’t eat it, it is also hard to resist the goodies that lay appealingly in each galley, especially through the the night but I actually got through it ok. I broke my fast at London Heathrow with scrambled eggs on bread, it tasted extra nice.
    So one down ,,,,,,many to go.
    My next fast is Monday 6th. M my wife and I are doing IF together. We are driving back from Germany tomorrow after a lengthy stay here so it’s going to be a driving journey with no goodies. I love boiled eggs and one thing that I have discovered is that in Germany all the supermarkets sell ready boiled eggs that are cooked to perfection. They are also all painted in nice colours so a couple of those plus some carrots and fruit will be the travelling supplies.
    Tonight however we are going to our favourite restaurant here for a final meal. I intend to have weinhaxel (pork knuckle) with knüdel and washed down with some good Bavarian beer.
    So you see these postings will be about IF AND the stuff between IF.
    I will keep you posted.
    Hope you enjoy

    Good luck Bigby and wife, I will be keeping an eye on you both….as its me doing my blog with hubby in tow!

    Hi Symba
    Thanks for the reply, good luck to you and hubby, where is your blog so I can follow you as well?

    Well back home after a long journey through France. We fasted all day. I must say it worked really well, we snacked on apples, carrots and two boiled eggs with lots of water. When we stopped for coffee I saw two people eating large plates of food, that would normally be me but in this instance it felt good not to be bloated and full throughout the day.

    Weighed myself this morning
    113.3 kg
    I am 6 ft tall
    That gives me a BMI OF 33.5 !
    My first goal is under 100kg
    and under 33 for BMI.

    Normal day eating today but and fasting tomorrow.

    Had a great day yesterday. I made a homemade veg soup. In France you can buy a packet of veg plus a bouquet garni for just a euro, it’s for pot au feu. Made a lovely soup, plus M and I really needed some fish so I cooked up baked cod in a spicy Tom sauce served with quinoa and green beans, yum.
    We shared a bottle of wine.
    Weighed in this morning at 112.4. A loss of a kilo !
    Today we are fasting.
    We are tryng to add some lean gain days into the week, yesterday was one such day, it went really well.
    Along with reducing carbs that uniform won’t be so tight soon!
    Hoping to get out on my bike today as it’s quite dry here in France. I love to cycle.

    Well done on your kilo off..
    My blog..about three under you…first week in and very pleased


    Weighed myself this morning after a weekend of normal eating and I am at 112.2 so a loss over the week of just over a kilo.
    Looking forward to this week.
    Lean gain today and tomorrow. Then a fast on Wed and Sat that’s because those days I am flying.
    It will be tough but by fasting those days it will restrict my intake in a place where bad food is everywhere.
    I will be honest and tell you if I succeed.
    After then there will be another challenge but that’s another story!

    I will follow you with interest as well, bigby. I live in Australia, and having travelled to France agree with you totally in regard to being quite content on a diet of Cheese, crusty bread and red wine…oh la la!
    I hope you weren’t too tempted on your FD’s with all of that ‘bad food’.
    Can you explain what you mean by a ‘lean gain’ day?
    Luck 🙂

    Hi KrysK
    Thanks for the post. Did a lean gain day yesterday.
    Basically it’s an eating window of 6 hours. So as yesterday was Tuesday. I finished eating on Monday evening, having nothing after 8pm then I fasted with nothing except tea, coffee and water until 2pm on Tuesday I ate a snack at 2:30 then an evening meal and finished by 8pm. For me it stops me snacking, a major downfall for me.

    Today Wednesday is a fasting day. I am working to Hong Kong this afternoon so if I remain strong, just a small meal on the plane then by the time I arrive into HK it will be time for something more substantial.

    For us the big challenge comes next week! We are starting a prolonged holiday down to your neck of the woods. I fully intend to fast and lean gain throughout our visit! I will keep you posted.

    Hi B,

    All looks as if you are both on track….must be a nightmare flying and jet lag……both have a lovely holiday.

    My daughter was flying for 18 years couldn’t keep it up with three young children…she really does miss it…….she gave it up April last year. She was based in Dubai with Emirates.


    Hi from a soaking wet Hong Kong
    Did my planned fast on the flight and it worked really well, with not eating any bread especially on the plane I don’t feel so bloated and no acid tummy something I find I suffer from on the aircraft.
    I broke the fast with a nice meal of sushi washed down with a beer.
    My day off in Hong Kong was going to be one of going out and about but it’s been torrential so I found a coffee shop and had a good read then went to the gym for a work out.
    Today, my journey home is going to be my second fast day of the week.
    Good news on the waist measurement it’s down by about 4 cm. Neck, bust are the same with a small reduction on my hips, but my belly is really where it needs to come from so that’s good news.

    Symba you must have visited Dubai often a nice place for winter sun. Yup it’s not easy organising eating with so much travel, that’s one of the reasons why I have put on the weight but this year I really want to IF along with still enjoying the good things in life and at the end of the year I can see if it has made a difference.

    Sounds like you are on track and doing really well, BB
    Where will you be visiting when you come to the land ‘down under?’
    Have you been before? Although it seems to be changing (as is the rest of the world, unfortunately, and not for the better) it is still a beautiful country and most Aussies would not live anywhere else, me included! Although I do fantasize about living 6 months of the year in either the South of France, or somewhere on the Italian coastline..*sigh*
    I over-indulged on wine Friday night, so took it easy yesterday and back to full pistons today. I’m cutting out alcohol through the week (unless having a meal out or something, which isn’t that regular) and just having a few glasses over the weekend. That along with stepping up the exercise should see more pleasing results.

    Hi all
    Weighed in this morning 111.2 so lost 1.2 kg this week. Really pleased with that. I can feel the uniform straining less!!! This loss includes a great meal on Sunday evening. Got home to France and M had cooked a welcome back meal, quails eggs washed down with a couple of bloody Mary’s then starter of scallops with pancetta on a gridled apple with tamarind and ginger sauce then salmon mussels and clams in a mildly spicy sauce with toasted bread. All with a couple of bottles of Sancerre. Really excellent. Very naughty however we fasted yesterday as with the travelling coming up it will be harder to fit them in. We plan to fast Thursday which is the day we pick up the campervan in Sydney as its a day if travelling it shouldn’t be too bad.

    I really am determined to fast throughout this holiday. I honestly feel healthier having these eating breaks and we all have felt and know that feeling when you have over indulged for a prolonged period. I don’t want that.

    Krysk, gotta enjoy that wine sometime, well done for having a good time and double well done for returning back to the plan after. We are heading your way I reckon.. We have the van for two weeks and are hoping to spend Australia Day with friends in Brisbane (lamb on the barby with a beer or two I think is planned!) then M has a list of places to see, I am leaving the itinerary to her.
    Look out for two pasty faced Brits who are desperately asking someone how many calories Are in this steak pie?!!

    Hi BB,

    A kilo off really well done, so hard when you are working with all them tit bits about, also jet leg. Glad your uniform is fitting better! 😀

    RV holiday sounds really good. Hubby would like to do the same in Yellow Stone Park / Grand Cannon area….we wish. We are doing the Golden Triangle India,on the 31st January then Sri Lanka, so we are also counting down. A place what’s been on our wish list for a long time. We are doing it before our legs give up!

    Looks like caravan holidays for rest of year in our touring caravan….all still very interesting and a few BBQ’s on the way…lamb sounds good plus the wine.


    Hi everyone
    Well we are in wonderful Australia. It took a bit longer than expected to get here as we were delayed in Singapore one day as the flight was full so we had no seat!
    Re fasting we fasted the day we picked up the motorhome. We are on track, still fasting two days a week and not being to bad on the other days. I am managing to get out running as well. It’s the beer and wine that are the main problems.
    We are driving north to spend tomorrow, Australia Day, with some friends. We have stayed at Fraser Tuncurry, emerald beach near Coffs Harbour and tonight at ballina right overlooking Richmond River, a barby of chicken wings, ribs, and salad.
    The temp is perfect not too hot.
    Fasting days this week I reckon will be the hardest but am hoping to do Wednesday and Friday or Saturday.
    Keep you posted

    Have a lovely time it sounds really lovely.

    Try and have some good FD but you are on holiday, I can’t knock on the beer and wine 😀

    Safe travels

    Hi everyone
    Well despite everything we are managing to fast two days each week. Fasting today in fact. We are having a great time however we have had some experiences that we would preferred not to have, we were in Hervey Bay when a ‘super cell’ hit our camp it went on for a while but for about three minutes we had winds of easily well over 130 miles/hour. In that time the site had a fatality and massive damage. We offered help to some campers afterwards. People were really wonderful and calm. Next day the site was closed and we moved on. The poor man who lost his life was about 20 metres away, we were really lucky that night as I, like him, was outside when the worst hit us, instinctively I rushed back inside.
    Well as I say fasting today after a wonderful steak last night. I do feel as if I have lost some around my belly and my swimming costume feels much looser so it’s carry on.

    Hi everyone
    An update we are in Thailand on the next section of our prolonged holiday. Still managing to fast two days. Last night we went out and ate pepper squid then chilli fried grouper, all very nice but I really need to under order and not order too much food. On this occasion I did but I am going to improve. Went to the gym this morning then fasted all day. We have just had a mushroom omelette with stir fried bok choi. As always it tasted extra nice. We manage to get through the day just on liquid so I reckon we are lucky that fasting doesn’t affect us so much.
    I do love the feeling of lightness a fasting day gives you. M and I hardly struggle but it’s great to have someone to support you should you feel tempted. We have also told our friends here, that way they know when we are ‘out of circulation’.
    We are planning each fast day as the week progresses and needs to fit in with the social stuff, plus this weekend is my 60 th birthday you can be sure we won’t be fasting then!!!

    Hi BB

    Sounds like you had a good time in OZ, and stayed at some lovely places on your way to Brissy. How horrible to be hit by a cyclone and that poor, poor man, losing his life like that!
    Well done also for sticking to your fasting. I agree, that feeling of not being bloated and heavy is easy to get used to, thank heavens.
    Keep up the great work!


    Hi KK
    Thanks for that. We both really feel focussed and I think the weight is coming off. I need to concentrate on not over ordering food, especially in Thai restaurants, that’s the next challenge.
    How’s it going with you?

    Hi all
    Fasted twice this week and five visits to the gym! Very hot and sweaty. Can’t weigh myself but updated my measurements. The best one is my waist, started at 124cm now 115cm that’s 3 inches. It’s noticeable but there is still a long way to go. I am keeping a log of calories consumed both on fasting days and non fasting in an effort to ensure I don’t overdo the non fast days. Today and tomorrow are special so I reckon I will need Tuesday as a fasting day to re track myself! We are going to Ka Jok See tonight a rather popular Thai restaurant that turns into a wild party afterwards! Then tomorrow is my 60 th so a lovely Thai meal at Tawai.
    Hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s Day and enjoy any chocolate consumed!

    Hi everyone
    Well the prolonged holiday is now over and it’s back to work for me. We have had a wonderful time.
    We both have managed to 5:2 throughout the holiday, haven’t missed one week. Plus I have had a few 8 hour eating Windows as well.
    I have managed to get to a gym easily 4 times a week.
    We have both supported each other when either of us struggled but luckily for us that has been seldom. What has been great has been the support of our friends. They ‘bought in’ straight away and totally accepted that some days we would not be eating/drinking. Indeed one said to me on the last day that she had been inspired to try it during the summer in Canada! She said she could really see a difference on my belly.
    Anyway my weigh in won’t be until thurs as I have a flight first then need to go home to my trusty scales but I have lost size for sure, I had packed a tight shirt and I wore it the last night and it was no longer tight!

    Fasting today ( I am flying tonight so it’s easy to leave out food today even though it’s Sunday) and Tuesday.
    Then I will post my results.

    Well back home. Yesterday was a fast day which was a challenge as this was a really long day but did it.
    and this morning had my weigh in.
    109.4 kg that’s a loss of 3kg over the 6 weeks. Great news, almost 7lb which is right on track
    With the 1lb a week loss. Plus done on holiday! Thrilled.
    My clothes feel looser and we both feel better for gaining back control.
    Tomorrow a lean gain day then I fly to Denver and that day will be a fast day.
    Really focussed and ready for March.

    Extremely well done Bigby while on holiday is a real kicker too. Shows that you can accomplish what you set your mind to. Congrats.

    Hi BB

    Sounds like you are keeping on track and achieving great results..well done you!
    I need to refocus. Being made redundant and being out of work for a month kinda sent me off the rails a little. But I am back in employment and back on my FD routine, although need to stay within the 500cals or less. I am considering trying alternate day fasting for a few weeks (maybe up to our 3 week holiday to Tasmania at the beginning of April). We will be doing a fair bit of walking during our time there also, which hopefully will lessen any damage done from sampling some of the fabulous Tassie food and wine.
    I have found it so much easier to keep going when you are seeing good results. Plus having a partner/fasting buddy would help also.
    Keep up the great work!

    Thank you quietone and KrysK
    Really nice to have the support.
    Sorry to hear of you recent travails KrysK. Alternative days is pretty hard I think. Have you thought about lean gain days. I am trying to do two days a week along with my fast days.
    A lean gain day for me entails eating the evening before then having a minimum of 16 hours until my next food then there is a window of 8 hours to eat. So I eat between 2pm and 8pm that way you have a fast of 16 hours. Take a look on YouTube there are a ton of guys doing this.
    I did it today. You will laugh at what I have eaten today, but it’s a bit of an experiment!
    I ate last night at 8 pm in France. (Wild boar stew with mash potatoes) just thought I would add that in!
    Then I have fasted until 2:30 pm. I broke the fast with an apple then a bar of 100g chocolate!. My evening meal has been smoked salmon 120g with white crab meat, followed by 4 skinless chicken thighs, with brown rice broccoli and carrots. The calorie total is 2136 so below my 2,600 daily allowance plus I have been to the gym for a long work out. With a bit if planning you can eat well and still fast. I am trying to mix up these two that way keeping it interesting. Tomorrow I fly to Denver USA. That’s a fast day for me. Bought some miso soup , hope it’s nice.
    Good luck and hang in there.

    This weeks weigh in
    107.3 kg
    That’s a loss this week of 2 kg. Thrilled. M has lost 4kg as well since starting and I have lost 6kg since Jan 1st.
    It’s working brilliantly for us both. Feel really well and healthy. My belly is noticeably reduced and my uniform is looser.
    I flew back from Denver. In Denver I awoke at 0230 (7 hour time change!) went to the gym had a great workout, then breakfast of omelet and toast, fruit and cottage cheese. Then had lunch at 1230 of huge salad and Thai chicken wrap. Then I fasted right through the the flight back home. What is interesting is how habit affect me. At the start of this WOE I found myself physically moving towards available food on the aircraft. I was fully conditioned into eating all the time however that soon stopped. I don’t feel the drive to eat now so much. That’s a great help to ward off temptation.
    I want to write about 4 things that affect me greatly. Accountability, control, habit and binging. But that’s for another time.
    Off to uk tomorrow then chennai on Thursday. That will be a fast day then hopefully a nice Indian curry Friday!
    Stay well and happy fasting!

    Hi all
    Arrived back from Chennai India 0200 Sunday morning. Weighed in this morning….106.2 kg
    Lost 1.1kg this week and 7.1kg since Jan 1st.
    Really really pleased.
    I am keeping a precise log of calories in plus cals used training and this is pretty much in line with my weight loss.
    It’s more than 1lb loss per week however that’s due to the fact that I am training seriously as much as possible doing cardio in the gym, high intensity interval training, road cycling and weight training.
    I feel so much better especially when I am working.
    We both remain really focussed and I can honestly say We are enjoying this lifestyle change.

    Hi everyone
    It’s going well for us but we did have a bad day yesterday. Lots of food and yup booze. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Hey gotta do it once in a while. Then awoke this morning to glorious sunshine so did a two hour twenty min bike ride, that shook off the cobwebs.
    Anyway what I wanted to relate to you all was what happened on my last trip to USA. I normally don’t tell the crew that I am fasting however on this occasion I did. One of the crew, a lovely guy who happened to younger and super fit really tore into the whole concept of fasting as a way to lose weight, he cited age old criticsisms re sugar spikes and metabolism. Anyway the conversation was very interesting but he told me he thought he ate in a natural manner, that was 5-6 times a day. He even prepares a protein drink that he keeps by the side of the bed and consumes at about 2-3 am!
    Now I ask you which is more normal, IF or waking up to eat at 3in the morning!!!
    Thought you would like that.

    I to did a bit over the bore for St. Patrick. it’s a normal thing in my family. It’s just that even if you’re not Irish you wish you were.

    You got it! So way out of whack isn’t it?

    I’ll fast for 36 to 48 hours twice a week. Now historically through the ages of humans that would be kind of a “normal” thing. It’s the 4 meals a day and a few snacks that are out of it!

    A few months back I went on a 6 day fast and my wife happened to mention it to one of her friends, after the ins and outs of a local community where we all KNOW everything.

    I swear we about had the local health department doing a home check to see if I was “suicidal” but they checked with my Dr B4 knocking on the door. He informed them in short order that he KNEW what I was doing, that it was safe, it was beneficial, and he’d taken up the practice himself both he and the Mrs. who is also a general practitioner and further more he was recommending it to more of his patients so they ought to get used to the idea.

    A row in the town I tell you. Life is grand the longer I live the more amazed I become. I have gained a greater sense of humour the last few years, the more of my contemporaries that pass the more humour I find in life. I should have been the first to go we all know that.

    Hi all
    Happy fasting. It’s going great for me, won’t lie had a challenging time as yesterday flew to LAX. Full flight, lovely passengers but it was very tiring and after an eleven hour flight it took over three hours to get to my hotel room, by then because I had fasted all day I was in need of some recuperative input….beer. Had two large ones, a big plate of nuts and a typical USA mega sandwich and a chocky bar. Oops anyway back on track straight after a good sleep went to the gym and worked off some of it.
    Anyway I wanted to write about four things that I think affect me. Accountability, control, habit and binging.
    For me, I think they are all connected but please don’t think I am pontificating about how weight situations impact other people, I would not do that. This is how it affects me.
    Today accountability.
    At the end of the day really I am just accountable to myself. I know when I stay on track and I know when I stray. It’s my own decision and my own outcome. What is interesting is by writing on this site my successes/failures are visual for all BUT that’s within my control so if I stopped fasting I could easily stop sending in updates. So I have made a decision REGARDLESS of what happens I will write at least twice a month saying how I am doing thereby increasing my accountability just a little. By the way hats of to Symba7 who does this.
    Thus as I am in full disclosure I must add that before going to the gym I then awake and had a typical USA mega breakfast! Back on track now but it’s amazing how rancid you can feel after over indulging and it’s also amazing by how food is everywhere here in USA, far more so than anywhere else, you can’t escape it most of it unhealthy.
    Anyway I will write about control next time.
    Happy fasting

    Hi Bigby,

    You are focused and you do really well going through all the time zones. US is a nightmare for food I have a daughter who lives there everything is processed junk food.

    Your weight is coming down at a very good rate but you are putting a lot in on the 5.2 and on the excerise.

    As you know we are up and down at the moment but the swimming is starting again tomorrow. I think we are lapsing a bit and we need to get more onboard. With the excerise I think the eating pattern gets much stronger in the mind and it helps you to succeed better.

    I am waiting for ‘control’

    Really well done to you both

    Hi All
    Was commuting from France and another fellow crew who also commutes saw me and said (in a very French accent) ‘oh hi B….wow do you have a new wife!? You look so different! Felt really good.
    Actually M is different as well, she has lost 7 kg too and is looking great. not doing any exercise just 5:2 plus a little more control on those other days.
    Arrived in NY USA yesterday afternoon post another busy flight. Ate only small plate of scrambled eggs on the plane, which was planned, a quick high intensity session of 20 minutes in the gym. then sank some bourbon and Diet Coke and a stunning chicken shawarma from Omer’s. The best. Today a good long gym session and fasting today, I have not tried to fast all day before a night flight but I want to give it a try.

    So…….Control. Well the way I see it, in life there are so many things we cannot control, everything, too much to list but the one thing we desire to control is ourselves, if there is so much out there that is outside of our sphere of influence surely at least we can have control over ourselves. That’s what I like so much about 5:2. If I just go from day to day I find I have no control over my intake and then I detest myself, I kick myself, beat myself up. Talk down to myself,,,,,then,,,,,,,,I eat more,,,,,,stop exercising,,,,,,say what the hell,,,,,,BUT if I bring control into my life…..it empowers me…over me! Does that make sense? I win out over the battle over me! Then I see the benefits, weight loss, better sleep, more stamina, I think I work better too. I think I think better! But at the end I have control and with that comes self worth and self belief, valuable tools indeed. That’s why I don’t want to stop, that’s why I want to stay accountable!

    You’ve pretty much nailed it I’d say. Way to many of us beat ourselves up and treat ourselves like rubbish or worse just if we have a little slip over the line.

    If you can hang on to yourself and your control of self for some reason I get real shot of confidence in that. Planning and following a plan works to enhance that. It’s that “yes I can go out with the group and still stick to my fast day” I have to carry my own baggage and my own weight. It’s not going to happen by itself. I’m responsible for me.

    One of the reasons I truly enjoy my 4-5 day water fasts is that it is a true energy blast after day 3. It does keep me going for weeks.

    “Self control and self belief.” I do think you nailed when you said that.

    Hi all
    Thanks Quietone.
    Just watched a very interesting program in the USA called cooked. It was a documentary about the history of food but it touched on the more recent problems of obesity. It talked about convenience. There was a cracking quote from a guy called Harry Belzer, he said ‘if you want apple pie tonight have it, all of it, if you want cookies with that apple pie, have that as well, if you want ice cream on top of that have that as well. Have all of it, just do one thing for me,,,,,,,make it all from scratch, if you do that the obesity problem would vanish’ it’s so true. Convenience food everywhere. Most of it tasty. Most of it very fattening. I am just back from New York and I ate badly, why? Because of binging and habit. I shall write about that next time.
    Today much better plus a great workout in the gym.
    28 fasts in the first three months.
    Fast on everyone

    Very interesting comment on cooking. My kids used to say to me “Mom, we love that you cook dinner every night but whenever we look for a snack we find only ingredients. There’s nothing to eat!”

    Hello 5:2 ers
    Finally managed to weigh in and measure so here is my latest

    Start 1st Jan 113.3kg…….now 105.1kg. Lost 8.2kg that is 18lb which is just over 1lb a week.
    Start 1st Jan 124cm………now 110cm. Lost 14cm!!!!
    My uniform jacket was tight when I did it up, now it is baggy.

    I am justly thrilled. M has lost 7kg as well. She is also v happy.

    Sadly I have had some sort of bug over the last 5 days, trust me working all night on a plane with 469 passengers feeling like death isn’t nice! This has meant the training has had to be suspended. But fasting goes on, two days every week.
    Happy fasting guys.

    You are doing great! Keep fasting and posting.
    It helps and motivates a lot of more people than you realize. 🙂
    Thank you for your post. Wishing you and your wife the best.

    Thanks for reading folks.
    Ahhhhhh we ve had control, accountability now binging. I don’t really want to write about this! It’s all about acknowledging a fragility but I must. I binge. Even during these last three months and whilst losing this weight I have binged, admittedly not so much but still I have binged. What kind of stuff, well nuts, crisps, fried chicken chocolate, beer sandwiches, those great big ones in the states. this kind of stuff. It all comes down to opportunity and being by myself. I will arrive post flight, been great on the plane then go and get a load of food for the room then overeat. Sometimes I feel bad after, sometimes I feel ok but always afterwards I think about what drove me to do it.
    I think it’s to do with habit/reward. I have worked hard so ‘ hey I deserve this’ plus it’s something I have done before so it becomes something to look forward to. I know I can change this, indeed I have to change this. There was a lecture on TED there was this guy talking about your inner demons, his was smoking. He said you cannot deny the existence of those inner demons. They are there. No you have to accept that they won’t go away. I will always know I can binge but I need to learn that I have the control to dictate this. If I have the control tha improves self worth and confidence and that in turn improves ones ability to say no. It’s self fulfilling……I hope! I hope that makes sense, it does to me!!!

    The most important is that you realize that you binge (me too). It is bad, and I try to fight it every day. But I don’t let it put my spirit down.

    What helps me to cheer up a lot after the binging that it is waaay better to fast and binge once in a while, than not fast and binge all the time. 😀

    So keep fasting, and you will see that you will binge a little less every time.

    I binge on french fries, chips and cookies. I simply don’t buy them anymore to my home. At office, I buy a bag of chips, or order french fries, and even though I feel guilty about it the whole day, I still losing weight if I do fasting the following day.

    Wishing you to concur your demons, and it is so great that you are analyzing the problem. You will find a solution for sure. Don’t worry if it takes a while. Keep your spirits up!!!


    I laughed habit/ reward…we lost our pound this week..what did we do homemade chicken and chips! bread and butter a few slices….no wine yet!

    I feel if we have been good all week we are allowed a few naughties just Friday and Saturday…habit ? or excuses?

    18 lb for you and 15 lb for your other half…great news really well done…we are not loosing as quick as the first time round but it’s coming off.

    Going for the push for a few weeks get our minds set and trying harder both of us…summers coming!


    Hi fasters
    Just an update, weighed in three days ago at 104.4 so lost another 0.7kg That’s just over 1lb.
    Fasted well this week but had a real cheat day on Saturday. What did I eat? Well it was more a factor of what didn’t I eat! That’s the binge side of me (here is the accountability part) anyway I didn’t feel bad, I actually enjoyed it however I don’t want to get caught in a cycle of over eating and fasting. So Saturday was a bad day but flew to San Francisco on Sunday and fasted that day. Monday was my day off in SFO so I hired a bike and cycled for 8 hours! Over in Marin county. Wow do they have hills here! I think I worked off the calories. Anyway today flying home so a light breakfast so scrambled eggs then some lunch, probably salmon salad then I will fast until I get home.
    Just been watching some stuff on YouTube re portion size, we really do eat more food than we used to. I actually read somewhere that in the US the food industry produce over 6,000 calories per person per day. So they have to try and get people to eat to make profit. I REALLY helped them out on Saturday!!!!
    Keep it up everyone

    Hi everyone
    Today was one of my periodic weigh ins. I don’t weigh regularly, just doesn’t fit with my lifestyle.
    Starting weight 113.3kg
    Last weight 104.4kg
    Today’s weight. 103.8kg

    So a 9.5kg loss in all and 0.6kg since last weigh in which was about 10 days ago.
    This all fits in with
    A. The weight loss of about 1lb a week and
    B my own calculations. You see I keep a fairly concise record of calories in and calories out from exercise.
    By incorporating the fact that I think I need 2600 calories a day. Then that’s almost bang on.
    Yup I am officially a geek and a nerd I know! I like Big Bang theory because I can relate to the guys,,,,especially Sheldon but I’m not nearly as thin!!!
    Happy weekend to everyone,

    Hi 5:2 ers
    I’m a happy bunny.
    We are just back from visiting family 5 days of uber feasting. If it wasn’t nailed down we ate/drank it! I was the worst!!
    Anyway we planned to fast two consecutive before it so as to ensure that we got our two in this week, not really our preference but the only way round it, then Brittany ferries cancelled our crossing which meant a change of travel plans, we drove back through France yesterday so instead of day 6 of feasting it became day 3 of fasting. Got back and this morning I’m in at 104.4 just a raise of 0.7 kg or 1.5lb. That ain’t bad considering I really, really didn’t hold back, ate everything and got plastered three nights!
    Two things to say. Firstly we have found that long journeys by road are really better in a fasted state. You don’t feel so bloated. Secondly lovely seeing family etc but we both FEEL BETTER fasting.

    The second part of our mini hol to come today. Instead of ferrying to San Sebastián via satander we drive down. Seeing Bruce Springsteen tomorrow! Yipppeee. Anyway food is supposed to be good in San seb. However we will be a bit more circumspect also I’m driving so the beer/wine/whiskey/brandy will have to take a back seat.
    100kg here I come.
    Happy fasting guys.

    Well 5:2 ers
    Bruce was great. We were almost at the front, it was a warm evening. He played for 3:40 until the early hours. Absolutely the top performer. San Sebastián lived up to everything people told me. A beautiful seaside town. The old town is full of pinxtos bars selling tapas etc. I’ve never really tried this but excellent, if you ever get a chance visit, it’s wonderful. We also made two new friends, you know when you meet someone and instantly know that there is a connection? Well that happened here, so much so that after the concert our two new buddies who had driven down, made a detour to visit us on their way home. So new buddies were made, finally the people in San Sebastián could not have been friendlier the warmest welcome. Finally, finally the pork cheeks tapas was the total best.
    Soooooo we still managed to fast that week despite another over indulgent period. Then it was back to work and my flight to USA was due to be a fast day welllllll, we had one of those awful days you sometimes get. A creeping technical delay that was a real challenge for passengers and crew. It just went on and on. Suffice to say my fast went right out of the window! I comfort ate with abandon, not good.
    However I have managed a) to go to the gym despite being wiped out and b) stayed relatively good outside of the bad day.
    TODAY I am fasting. I work to Toronto and will fast throughout. Loads of water and some soup later in the day.
    Happy fasting everyone.

    Well done Bigby, good luck onto your 100kg a lovely round figure 😀 ..thanks for your wishes.

    Like you when we are travelling we find fasting easier, buying on the road with not so good food, even flying with not so good food 😀.

    We all seem to get friendly following each other’s ups and downs, having holidays, visitors staying, your flying…we put on, then it goes downward, in slow motion, slowly coming off…we will get to our goal we are all so focused. With a few hiccups on the way….

    We are all doing great..enjoy Tornonto


    Hi all
    Staying on track. M and I have sat down and planned ahead the days we intend fasting on. It really helps to have pre agreed days that way we can plan the in-between times.
    One thing I have to say is just how well I feel with fasting. I’m feeling great. My mind is alert. I feel far more active and my energy levels are high. This helps with my job especially on those really long sectors and during the latest parts of the night.
    I’m in Hong Kong. Just been to the gym for a long workout, then out for a big plate of sushi then off to work.
    Going to try not eating anything on the flight.
    We have a 60 party to go to on Saturday then travelling back home on Sunday (if French atc aren’t striking!)
    Intend to have our second fasting day on Sunday. I think I will have a weigh in on Tuesday.
    Will keep you all posted.
    Happy fasting all!

    Just weighed in. 103.2kg that’s up 0.3 kg since my last weigh in about three weeks ago. My first increase!
    It’s no surprise as although the training and fasting are on track. The eating and drinking have been off track! But a nice off track! Catching up with friends and cooking nice food in France. I reckon almost staying the same weight is actually a result. Anyway I’m off for a three hour bike ride today as the sun is shining. Got pasta and clams tonight yum.
    Then fasting tomorrow.
    Keep fasting.

    Hi Bigby,

    Congratulations to you! I have just read your last post and a couple at the beginning, and I see you have lost a whopping 10kgs. That’s fantastic, and is a great result of your commitment. Yes, staying the same weight through a period of socialising and enjoying good food is a good result. Full on deprivation is doomed to fail, whether sooner or later. We are building a sustainable lifestyle, so well done!

    Onwards and downwards,

    Thanks merryme
    It’s going really well. I resolved to do a whole year of 5:2 but think now I will probably extend it to always.
    Started at 124cm waist now 108cm,,,,,need a new uniform for work! Recently a colleague said ‘that’s too big,,,,downsize!’
    Anyway I’m on track for 93-94 kg by years end giving a total loss of 20 kg in the year. If I don’t achieve that,,,,that’s ok.
    Keep reading and good luck in your efforts.
    Ride,,,that three hour bike ride won’t happen unless I get going.bye

    Ah Bigby sounds like you’re another convert to 5:2 as a way of life (WOL). Me too and there’s plenty of others. It just works so well, and I feel like my body is so much happier on 5:2. I think you will do well, and reach your goal . That’s a great waist reduction I bet that downsized uniform feels good. It won’t be the last.

    Thank you, I have been doing well on 5:2. I’ve been on it for 19months now. I lost quite a bit in 11 months, then because we went through a very stressful time for quite a while, I switched to maintainence for 8months while we got through it. Now I’m back losing again and my total loss for the 19mths is 17kgs with 4 to go to my goal weight.

    Good luck!

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