2 Months In, Feeling Strange

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  • Hi folks

    I’m 2 months in, slight detour over Christmas but hit the ground running in the first few days of January.

    I lost 4kgs in December, then entertained visiting English friends over Christmas, 4kgs navigated it’s back but 5kgs lost since the English and Christmas departed.

    My regime started with 300cals am, 300cals pm on Mondays and Thursdays but since early January I skip all bar coffee and water all day and finish the day with 600cals, this works better for me.

    Now to my problem and I’m not sure if it’s related to the diet. I’ll start by saying I love good food (I even enjoy some junk food). I love cooking and I enjoy most cuisines.

    I’m finding I’m feeling slightly gaggy when I cook or smell food being cooked. When I drink say, a can of Coke Zero I get the gaggy feeling and can’t finish it. Normal Coke I seem to be ok with, beer / wine – no problem 🙂

    The smell of onions and garlic cooking in the kitchen usually gets me salivating, now I just get a nauseous.

    On a scale of 1 to 10, my gaggyness (I know that’s not a word BTW) is around the 2-3 mark so it’s not severe, just irritating. I’m not sure if it’s physiological or psychological, what I do know is it’s annoying.

    This has all been coming on since early January and It’s just not going away. I’m just wondering if this is a reaction to the fast or just a coincidence.

    I don’t want to give up the Monday / Thursday fasts but has or is anyone experiencing anything similar? Cheers EoA

    Hi Earl,

    Sorry I cant really help you with an answer to your gaggy issue, just a few thoughts. Very strange that you can drink one type of Coke but not another, also that cooking smells make you feel sick.

    All I can offer is that many of us find our appetites diminish significantly with regular fasting and personally I have virtually lost a life long craving for sweet things. Sometimes I think that this is partly psychological as I know I can have it another day, so its no longer forbidden fruit. Sorry to get personal but I am a nurse, and another thing that could cause nausea is constipation, also something that bothers some fasters.

    Dont give up on the fasting, hopefully your symptoms will resolve.

    Thanks Nama

    Yes the Coke thing is a bit of a strange one.

    Given the nausea is at a low level I’m hoping it will pass, I think I can now in part appreciate what pregnant women go through in the first stages!

    The fasting is now part of the routine so I don’t think I’ll be giving up, particularly with such distinct results.

    Onwards and upwards. 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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