2 Consecutive days fasting

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  • Can you please be explicit. I find some of the other threads on this topic either convoluted, vague or ambiguous or maybe even just too long to find what i’m looking for.

    I’m picking up but not explicitly reading that the official mode recommends 2 separate days of fasting. I had not realised this except by gradually realising that most people doing 5:2 are doing separate days. Does he say consecutive days are an option or does he prefer separate days.

    Does Mosley say why separate days are preferred over consecutive days? That is, is there a significant problem with doing two consecutive days. I can see that some might think its easier but now that i’ve started doing consecutive days, i find it easy and would be happy to continue this way.

    What is explicit is that the Fast Diet is not prescriptive. You are given general guidelines to follow, but how you carry them out is up to you.

    Some fast consecutively, most do not.

    If fasting for two days consecutively works for you, keep doing it. If you are unable to keep the calories at 500 or if you stop losing weight, try something different.

    He personally prefers 2 separate days, which is popular, but consecutive is fine if it works for you. I do it sometimes, it’s fine either way.

    He says two consecutive is fine but not for him because he finds it too difficult. I’ve found myself doing two separate, one with the 600 calories and one with nothing except water. Find the calorie free one easier in some ways…

    Two days consecutive, water only and the odd apple on day 1. WITH EXCERCISE OF ONLY an hours walking..lose about 2kg a week from 108kg startpoint

    Mosely says its ok and can be doen consecutively, by memory he says people found easier doing seperately but it does not matter… when you think about it, its food selection, and losing about 4000 calories per week, 16000 per month , that s the key. enjoy it works, and you dont go.. oh dam i have broken the diet , WTF ill give up.. if you break on a diet day then do the diet day the next day, or the day before if you have a function on diet day to attend. simple

    Thanks all. I find if i do two consecutive days, the second day is quite easy and the third day i’ve got even less appetite in some ways, and i feel that if i wanted to do a third day i could.

    From this fasting lark, i can now see how it is for the anorexics to control their hunger. And of course i do understand there’s a lot more to it in anorexics but it used to mystify me how they could not be hungry and or how they could override hunger.

    Perhaps Pattience
    it might be a good idea to read the book and the “how to do the fast” and “faq”
    god luck with fasting

    Well i’ve read the faq now. I think fasting is actually fairly straightforward, you know. Its just not that complicated.

    This is my thoughts and also a question, I always do consecutive days in a row due to the fact that it takes 14hrs to get into fat burning mode, so once I’m there wouldn’t I want to stay and burn as much fat as possible? I could be looking at this wrong.

    Yes I’d like that question answered too. I’ve just started and am doing 2 in a row, I’d like more info on the fat burning effect of doing it this way as I think I prefer this.

    I do Monday, Tuesday each week. Sometimes I do 600 cal, but mostly I do fluid only fasts. Occasionally I do three days. I only feel hunger briefly on day one and have plenty of energy for a stiff gym workout on day two. Two fast days in a row I find a very effective way of losing weight.

    YES! I’ve lost 1.2kg after 2FD. Hurrah!
    Will definitely do same again next week, wasn’t as hard as I’d thought it would be, had a light breakfast and saved up the calories for an evening meal. Lost a centimetre from my waist as well.

    So. Given Michael’s example (in FAQ’s Is a “fast day” 24 or 36 hours?) for a single day of fasting if your last meal was 7:30pm on Sunday evening then would a 2 days fast finish on Wednesday 7:30am?

    Additionally as DebbieDo72 has mentioned if it does takes 14 hours for the effect to kick why break the fast when you’re in this state of ketosis?

    Hi steve:

    You are right about two consecutive days of fasting. You can also see that you will spend more time not eating by doing non-consecutive days – 72 hours for non-consecutive v. 60 hours for consecutive days.

    The body constantly burns fat without being in ketosis, so it is unnecessary to be in ketosis to burn fat. The person with an average diet (that is not a low carb diet) takes between 48 and 72 hours to get started in ketosis. There are no known material medical benefits for a healthy person to be in ketosis.

    Here are some 5:2 tips: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/the-basics-for-newbies-your-questions-answered/

    Good Luck!

    @steve. Yes you are correct with youre timing of 730pm to 730am for two consecutive days. You are always burning a combination of fat/glucose/glycogen. That ratio changes though. Once you enter ketosis you are deriving most of your energy from fat. I doubt you will enter ketosis after 14 hours. Possible but highly unlikely. Buy a glucose/keto meter and test yourself. They don’t cost that much. 0.5mmol ketones is the accepted start point for entering ketosis. It takes me about 20 hours to get into ketosis but I water fast and have been doing this for 3 1/2 years now. Originally it was taking me about 48 hours to get into ketosis. I disagree with Sim about the fact that there are no known benefits of being in ketosis. Look up Valter Longo. Also Peter Attia but he does not present the topic for the layperson. Not easy to understand unless you are a biochemist.

    Wow thanks for the prompt responses simcoeluv & bigbooty. I wasn’t expecting an answer but they’ve been really useful with respect to ketosis and how this state could be the utopia of loosing fat.
    I was also debating if I should get a monitor but looks like that’s been answered.
    It’s Tuesday 3:30pm now and my last calorie was on Sunday evening. I was going to treat myself to a nice lunch bu didn’t really feel hungry so I’m really looking forward to me tea this evening 🙂

    I kind of think 2 consecutive days might be slightly better at burning fat than two non-consecutive days. However, it would depend on one’s diet and probably other factors, for many people it might be a toss up.

    While things like calories are a push, what is different is the amount of time one spends fasting after all the glycogen is burned out of the liver. That is when the rate of fat burning has to increase and ketosis really starts going increasing. For most people that take around 20 to 24 hours to consume all the glycogen stored in the liver. Let’s say 24 hours …

    2 consecutive days : 60 hours – 24 hours = 32 hours without liver glycogen

    2 non-consecutive days: 72 hours – 48 hours = 24 hours without liver glycogen

    Now if someone is very fat adapted and gets through the initial phase faster, the difference wouldn’t be as great and there is likely a point at where the 2 non-consecutive days would result in more time at the higher levels of fat burning.

    However, if this is a person’s only concern, then just use a ketogenic diet on non-fast days to maximize the fat burning while fasting. There are many other benefits to fasting, such as better hormone regulation.

    As I’m new to this I think I’ll leave the consecutive days for a few weeks before attempting it. Although my first one on Moday went reasonably well (I ended up eating my meal just under 48 hours) the thought
    of **another** 24 without food seems a bit daunting.

    On the matter of fat burning. Do people here have any recommendation with respect to ketone meters I can get in the UK?

    Thanks in advance

    I use a freestyle neo. They are cheap but the strips will cost about 50-70 cents each. They are one use disposable.

    Wouldn’t another option to stay in ketosis be do a fast day followed by a no or low carb day-each as much as you like but minimal carbs, then the second fast day? Or even low carb all week mon-fri with the 2 fast when you like, then allow some treats at weekend?

    I find it easier not to eat that to limit what I eat. So I do 2 consecutive days and have only iced tea. I can still do a combo of walking and biking for an hour on my fast days.

    On my food days I have 2 meals.

    I’d like to say that helps me burn fat like crazy and I just drop pounds but that’s not the case. I still struggle to lose weight but the point for me is that this is how I can discipline my eating and not binge carbs.

    I have fasted 2 none consecutive days and at times fasted for 5 days in the past. I started fasting again for 2 days a week while on holiday and did a 2 day consecutive fast with 5 hundred calories a day. Logically a 2 day consecutive fast is better because it gets one into ketosis which increases brain derived neurotropic factor which is good for brain health and brain flexibility. A 2 day fast if protein is low will also put one in an increased state of autophagy which helps the body to destroy unhealthy cells as well as burning more fat. My experience is that consecutive days gets it over with and gives one 5 days of continuous eating. I found in the past when I fasted none consecutive days I ate more the day after the fast than after a 2 day consecutive fast

    Ultimately, it boils down to what fits best for you and your lifestyle.

    The argument of whether the two days are consecutive or not is a bit like Lilliput and Blefuscu arguing over which end an egg should be broken.

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