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  • 16:8 has worked for me before. In fact, whilst on the 16:8 I didn’t change much else With my diet, I didn’t limit carbs etc just ate what I wanted for two meals. The weight fell off and stayed off and I had more energy, a better morning mood – all was good…

    Then work got very stressful, I stopped running due to injury (I love running), child was poorly (just usual but long lasting virus) and stopped sleeping well for a few weeks. I got complacent with the whole eat whatever you want thing and started snacking on biscuits and chocolate at work and then grazing came back and so did breakfast and my previously lost weight.

    So I had lost heart for a bit but 16:8 kept weight off without really trying for about 6 months.

    I now want to try again and looking for really supportive buddies with whom I can reciprocate the support too. It worked and I have no idea why I stopped really but at the moment I feel sluggish and unhealthy. Due to see all my family in a few weeks and it would be nice to feel a bit better.

    Anyone want to join me or share their great experiences with this?

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