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  • My hubby & I have started this diet and are really happy with it , only been on it just over a week and losing weight, I am now becoming constipated on it as always regular every day, but I use to always have a coffee in the morning and because of fasting I have switched to black tea as always have creamer in coffee but not allowed when fasting and no way I can drink it black, my question is would it make a huge difference if I did just 1 coffee of a morning with creamer in it ??

    If anyone else here is on this diet could you please pass on some more info or even how your going with it as I really think it’s a great diet and seems to be working for my hubby & I better then we did on the 5/2.


    Don’t think it would make a big difference having your coffee if you want a coffee. Are you trying to suggest that the coffee with creamer will alleviate your constipation? Drink more water and choose foods with a high fibre content. Are you drinking 1.5-2L of water per day? I water fast for 36 hours. No problem with constipation. Eat foods with fibre content, drink water.

    H Bigbooty, Yes the coffee normally gets me going most times but sometimes also I go as soon as I wake up but I am drinking enough water and herbal teas , so are you saying you fast for 36 hours without water ???, Just really want to know if I use the creamer in my coffee each morning will that really ruin my weight loss as suppose to fast for 16 hours , does anyway know if this is a problem 🤔

    Also thanks bigbooty for your info 🙂

    No I fast for 36 hours and its only water. Well in fact I also drink 2-3 coffees with a splash of low fat milk. No solid foods for 36 hours. It does not slow down my ability to get into ketosis. I reach ketosis after 20 hours. But I reached my goal weight about 3 years ago and have been in maintenance mode ever since. Male 57yo 5’10” 154 lbs.

    Really depends what the creamer is made from. What is the sugar content and how many grams do you have? You burn about 1 kcal per minute.

    Hi bigbooty, I only have 2 teaspoons of Coffee creamer which has only I gram sugar per serve , it’s like a milk powder called Coffee mate but I don’t have any sugar as I am not a huge fan of light milks.
    Omg I don’t know how you can fast for 36 hours that is great,
    So with the ketosis how long can you fast for before it starts to work ??

    Is one serve one teaspoon? So youre having two serves? So if that means 2 grams of sugar, that’s about 8 cal. So that’s about 10 minutes to burn those calories. I don’t think its a big issue if it sets you up for the rest of the day. Obviously it would be better without the small sugar hit but if it helps you for the rest of the day, that’s a good thing.

    Don’t be too concerned about getting into ketosis. You are always burning a combination of glucose, glycogen (stored form of glucose) and fat. That combination is always changing depending on the activity you are doing. The best activity for fat burning is a walk. Not an amble but you don’t have to be puffing. Just a brisk walking pace.

    If you are really keen you can buy a glucose/keto meter to measure your blood glucose and ketone levels. They are pretty cheap although the strips are about 50 cents each. Diabetics use them (Im not a diabetic). I have a Freestyle Neo. When I first started fasting I used to fast for 2 days (60 hours) and it would take me about 48 hours to get into ketosis. I only fast once per week now for the health benefits. It now takes me about 20 hours to get into ketosis. It does get easier the more you do it. It took me about 6 months before I found it “easy”.

    There is no need to water fast for 5:2 to work. Great if you can, but its not necessary. If you eat mostly non processed foods and eat lots of veggies with some fruit beans/legumes, some meats and nuts you’ll do fine. Avoid processed grains like bread, pasta, rice, biscuits etc.

    Good luck it works. I went from 202 to 154 pounds over the course of a year. About 1 pound per week loss.

    Gee thanks so much for all the info, I only have 2 teaspoons and yes we usually do a walk each day except for weekends, we are fasting from 7pm to 11am we change the times around some days to fit in plans that may happen but so far I am really loving this diet as it does fit in with our lifestyle , so far I have lost 1.5 kg
    which I am so pleased with , good luck with your journey sounds like your doing great .
    We hardly ever eat processed food also we are on the 16/8 diet. 😊

    Looks like you’ve got it nailed down. Just keep going. I sound like a Jonny Walker ad.

    Thanks for that Johnny Walker lol , I started having dizziness today but looked it up and usually is not enough water so now I am onto it, Cheers

    So how does this Ayurveda work and how often do you take it , sounds like it might be detox supplement or powder 🤔 More info would help

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