10-Year Follow-up of Intensive Glucose Control in Type 2 Diabetes

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10-Year Follow-up of Intensive Glucose Control in Type 2 Diabetes

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  • Hi USA, research shows just how important glucose control is for all of us. I just wish that the research conclusions could be more simplistic for those of us who are “simplistic”.
    Good Luck with your diabetes control programme. I am watching the progress.


    so so true

    the kisss method

    but that’s where the news simplifies it

    next time i’ll try 2 find the laymen link

    & back it up w/ the research link
    4 our great scientists that r on this forum

    that why i gave the abstract if u read the full article which u can ugh (a nonscientist me 🙁 )

    got 2 go eat dinner♨ 😀

    OK, even though I am not a lover of technical gobbledegook I can summarise.

    They looked at type 2 diabetes suffers long term. Groups who were given conventional dietary advice were compared with groups treated with drugs (so called intensive glucose control). The ones who had drug intervention did better. Wowee! I wonder which drug company paid for THAT little project?

    No mention of weight control. No mention of fasting (not surprising). No mention of sleep. No comparison between those who managed to change their diet, and those who carried on eating badly.

    If they had done this research only with people of a ‘healthy’ weight I might have been more impressed. But given that 80% of T2D is obesity related I am mostly interested in that unfortunate substantial minority who don’t have an easy remedy to hand.

    You too USA?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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