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  • Hi all, just found this site after been going it alone for the past 10 months.

    I wanted to share my experience of the 5-2 plan.

    I started way back in august last year after watching the horizon program,

    I started by doing 3 fast days a week, using about 600 cals on fast days and eating freely on my other 4, after a couple of months i dropped to 2 fast days a week keeping to 500 cals on fast days.

    doing this plan i lost 2 to 3 lbs a week to begin with and then slowly it stopped, i havent lost anything in the last 3 months,my total loss so far is 2 stone.

    i hear you asking so why do i keep doing it?

    although the scales are telling me no weight has been lost over the past 3 months,
    my clothes are falling off me. im down to a size 16 jeans for the first time in 26 years!
    i took body measurements and found to my delight i have lost 14 1/2 inches of body fat! this is why i stay on the plan, it works.

    1 1/2 inches off my bust
    2 inches off my waist
    3 inches off my hips
    4 inches off each of the tops of my legs.

    its still a challange on some of my fast days but it has gotten so much easier, i look forward to my fast days and feel like im de-toxing my body on thoses two days a week.

    good luck to all doing this plan, keep at it!

    Wow well done! Keep it going 🙂

    Thank you Derbygirl74 😀 my point of posting was to inspire anyone who was new to the plan and finding the weight loss slow xx

    For me its now a way of life i intend to stick with.
    My cholesterol has dropped from 4.8 to a healthy 3.7 but my bp is still high, so i’m hoping that will drop as well.

    Wow – great results and an inspiration for me (who is on week number 2) 🙂 xx


    Gives me hope 🙂

    (starting my second week)

    This gives me hope, I’ve only been on it for 3 weeks, I’ve lost and put back on only 3 pounds but feel better, no inch lose yet but I’m going to stick with it….time will tell. Well done and thank you.

    Yes it has given me a bit of hope. i lost 2lbs but have put 3lbs back on. 🙁 Feel really bloated and constipated though.

    Hi Fast for life,

    Good for you, that’s a great result and great to hear about your cholesterol results. I haven’t had mine checked but it is something that concerns me, as I haven’t modified what I eat at all, just when and how much. I should probably get it checked. I did get my BP done a few months ago though, as I needed a doctors note to be able to scubadive on holiday. I have always had high BP (not dangerously high but significant enough for every single medical professional who’s ever taken it to give me a lecture) and thought it was a family thing, as my mum, all her sisters and my gran were the same way. However, when I didn’t get the lecture this time, I point blank asked if my BP was OK and the doctor seemed surprised that I’d asked and said “Yes, it’s perfect.” This was nothing to him but I could have floated home I was so happy 😉

    To everyone else I’d recommend just getting your bodies used to the new diet (for life) and not focussing too much or too often on the weight thing. I didn’t even realise I’d lost any weight at all for the first 2 months. I noticed that my trousers were hanging a bit better on my hips and thought I should probably weigh myself. I was expecting maybe a few lbs at most and almost fell off the Wii plus board when it told me I’d lost well over a stone since the last time I’d stood on it. THAT is a real boost.

    I think I’d go crackers if I weighed myself more often than monthly. You need to take on so much water on fast days (and find yourself doing so on non fast days too) that your weight would fluctuate rediculously from day to day. I weigh myself in the same clothes at the same time of day, having eaten and drunk the same amount up to that point, once a month and when it tells me I’ve lost another 4lb (which seems to be the rate I’ve settled into) it gives me the boost I may (or may not, now I’m used to it) need to keep going.

    As you age, your cells lose water and, among other changes, wrinkles occur. I’m 70 years old and on the diet since April 2013. I was not overweight to begin with but the potential medical benefits interested me. I’m a 5′ 9″ male and weighted 167 lbs at the start. I got down to 155 lbs but then started putting back on weight 6 weeks ago without overeating or changing anything I can think of. I now weigh 159 lbs. However, my waist continued to get smaller and I went down another pants size. I should say that I do yoga and go to the gym. I started using heavier weights and went more often to the gym In the last two months so it could be that I have lost more fat but increased muscle mass (at 70 years old I didn’t think it would happen). I don’t want to lose muscle mass (especially at my age).

    I’ve noticed that even though I have less fat around my waist, it feels softer and, if I continue to lose more fat around my waist, I expect wrinkles to occur just as they have done on my butt. Be happy when they occur as it actually shows you are losing more body fat.

    I do not find this is an easy diet (I have only dieted once before when I was 32 years old and went down from 197 to 172 lbs and no wrinkles occurred). Ever since I did this (38 years ago), I was determined not to gain weight back as my family is all overweight and I succeeded.

    It is difficult you have to diet for many years to find out if this will lessen my chances of developing certain diseases but this is the best bet I have seen and I simply can’t wait any longer to find a “miracle” cure.

    Good luck to us all!

    Hi all, my husband and I started 5:2 on 11th Aug last year after watching the Horizon programme. My husband has lost about 20lbs. I’ve lost about 7! If you’d said to me I’ve got the perfect diet for you and you are going to lose 7lbs in 11 months, I’d have said no thanks., but as others have said I’ve lost inches. I find this really strange. People say they can tell I’ve lost inches but I still see a fat me in the mirror although my summer cut offs are now size 12 instead of 16! Also now need a belt on my jeans and has moved from the first hole to the fifth! I do get fed up that my weight hasn’t moved much but with 5:2 you don’t give up like a normal weight loss diet as you know you are getting other health benefits, so it keeps you going. I’ve started a concerted effort this week to ensure I don’t overeat on my fast days. This seems to be having the desired effect and after having put on 4lbs last week on the up/down scenario, I’ve lost 5lbs since Sunday (fast day and 3 feast days). Fast day tomorrow so hopefully this will see a re-starting of my continued weight loss. I must admit my husband and I did take the word ‘feast” seriously. As he has a manual job, he worked his off, but I assume I was eating more than my required cals to lose weight. So eating normally on feast days doesn’t mean overeating. Just one more thing, after a fast day of 500 cals a feast day of 1000-2000 cals seems ridiculously easy, now I’ve got my head around it.

    This was one of the best things about this diet (well except the quick weight loss and inches) once you can get used to the 500 calorie fast days it is ridiculously easy to stay beneath the 2000 mark!

    Im just about to go to bed …it will be my 2nd fast day tomorrow and thought i’d have a quick look for any tips, and your post has inspired me and im raring to go now. day 1 wasnt too bad, ive decided to do my fast days when im on late shifts at work and don’t get home until 10pm. I think i went a bit wrong on day 1, I didnt go above 500 cals, but when i got home at 10pm i had some home made veg soup which was included in my 500 cals, but think now that i should stick to just 2 meals, although some people say as long as its within your cals for the day its ok, but then I think its defeating the object of fasting if you snack?…can anybody give me any tips on that please…good luck everyone x

    I have read so many stories of plateaued weight on this site but inches lost and health benefits gained that I’m for the first time on a diet where I’m not afraid of staying the same weight for any period of time. I can see for myself a dramatic drop in size this week at 5 weeks in and it inspires me to keep it up but the scales are having none of it! Too much emphasis is written about weight loss on the scales rather than inches loss and I’m sure if we did a poll we know which one people would prefer, yet sadly I hear of so many dieters that don’t get the tape measure out. The calorie counting website I use has an inch loss recording page and I’m so glad i made use of it. A few months ago while dragging myself through a rather soul destroying calorie controlled diet I made up a list of how weight loss should be measured, I had to put weighing on scales is no. 5 really didn’t I? What do you think?

    1. Look in the mirror
    2. Clothes fit better
    3. Measure with a tape
    4. Your friends and colleagues will tell you
    5. Weigh yourself on the scales

    This is very comforting as my scales aren’t really reflecting my 4 weeks of this diet. However my clothes are so I’ll stick to them and the measuring tape for now!

    Hi Everyone,

    Sometimes the scales are stubborn. I have found for myself that the weigh can fluctuate so much from day to day that I just use it as a way to keep myself on the straight and narrow. So far this has worked and the weigh loss has continued to happen, though it is slower than at first and more erratic.

    I did measure my waist before starting but can’t find the scrap of paper I wrote it on. I am able to wear some clothes that I haven’t been able to for the past year though.

    So since many on this forum have encouraged others to depend on measurements I did measure yesterday and wrote it on the calendar. I will be checking that periodically. My guess it that people use the scales because it really is the quickest easiest thing to do.

    I urge everyone to keep at it and not give up. Even if we are not seeing changes on the outside we are doing something wonderful for our health.


    hello everyone, thankyou all for your replys.
    im now heading into my 11th month and just wanted to update my progress, using this site is a great way to keep a record as well as share my Journey.

    two weeks ago i decided to up my days so now do 4:3 and find it as easy to do as the 5:2, i fast on 500 cals mon, wed and fridays, last week i started swimming on a wednesday something i hope to continue with weekly, fridays i take dance classes they last an hour ive been doing them since nov last year, my over all fitness is much better now than some of my skinny class mates.

    since starting the 4:3 ive found my weight loss has started again, so ending my 3 1/2 month plateau. something i have notced is my weight loss was more after swimming, i only did an hour and only a few lengths, in the past two weeks ive lost 6lbs taking my total loss to 34lbs to date.

    my eating habbits have changed to, i no longer crave crisps and chocolate, and rarely have any now days, my relationship and attitued towards food is far from what it was when i started this plan, ive even started to crave veg! i do think the “what i can’t have today i can have tomorrow” mindset has been a key for me sticking to the plan, its as if my brain has been re-set. i no longer turn to food for comfort, or out of bordom,

    my partner has now joined me in my fasting and although he has only a little to lose is finding it easy to do, he has seen the changes over the months and is very supportive, im a much happier and contented person these days i still have about 35 more lbs to go to be in the healthy bracket and know now i can do it, something id given up on before this plan, so thank you to Michael, Mimi and all who brought this new way of eating to the attention of the nation. xx

    Thank you for starting this thread. Five months in I needed to hear your reflections to give me a better view overall of this way of eating. Sure I’ve lost 21 lbs and my cholesterol has gone from 5.9 to 4 and more importantly for me my liver function has increased by 100% but for the last 2 months by weight has plateaued. I’ve gone up a lb down a lb etc. having said that 2 months ago my doctor decreased the amount of oroxine I take as my body was using it more efficiently and didn’t need as much,according to my blood tests and he warned me my metabolism and hence weight loss may slow down for a while.
    Anyway having read your post I’m thinking of trying 4:3 for a while having just tried changing my days around for a holiday and that putting 2 days close together helped me lose that lb I’d gained. Thanks for giving me perspective. I definitely feel healthier and that’s important!!

    Beavergong i’m so glad my post has been of some help to you and others here, id love to know how its going for you since swapping things about a bit and hope its been successful, you have had some great health results so far and that must feel wonderful, we’re all here to support each other on our road to a healthier future. xx

    littlejacquif you are right, as long as its within your cals for the day its ok, do what feels right for you and what you can manage, i have a light lunch on fast days saving most of my cals for an evening meal, good luck xx

    Thanks for asking for feedback fastforlife I know it’s only been a week but I fasted 3 days last week and lost .1 kg . Can you believe it?
    Mr Beavergong confessed amazement this morning at losing 3.4 kg in 5 days. It seems he snuck in and weigh himself midweek.Except for fast days when he sticks to the food I serve he doesn’t watch what he eats and on fast days he always has a cappacino(he says its part of his extra 100calories. Now those who follow me will know I log and don’t often eat up all my calories . I weigh once a week and it has been coming off very slowly lately!! althogh at first I lost more weight than him now I’ve really slowed down.How come he is doing better! I know he says its his metabolism, you will remember I had to cut my thyroxine 2 months ago and the doctor said my metabolism would slow down but hey it’s just not fair! Now I’ve had my gripe I’ll go back to logging….

    feeling braver today and attempting to add a link to my photos
    <div style=”width:480px;text-align:right;”><embed width=”480″ height=”360″ src=”http://pic2.pbsrc.com/flash/rss_slideshow.swf” flashvars=”rssFeed=http%3A%2F%2Ffeed494.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Frr307%2Ftinkabell333%2Fbefore%2520during%2520and%2520after%2Ffeed.rss” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” wmode=”transparent” />tinkabell333's before during and after album on Photobucket</div>
    click on view all and it will take you to my public photo bucket account click pics for full size xx

    Wow you look amazing – well done – it is so inspirational to see positive results and to read the posts!


    Yes I agree, you look fantastic! Thank you for the picture, it really helps to see someone getting there.

    You look lovely. You’ve got lovely thick hair too you lucky thing!!!

    thank you so much for your kind responces, im about another 7 lbs down from my last picture and still finding my weight up and down a lot, but still the overall trend is downward thankfully,
    it took many years of abusing food and bad eating habbits to get to the weight i was so expect it will take at least another year to get into the healthy weight range for my hight, slow and steady will win the race xx

    Well done FFF. Have to echo the other posts – you look amazing and such an inspiration.

    How inspiring all of you are!!!!!!! I am just finishing fourth week, weigh myself tomorrow to see if any weight loss this week. Fasting days definitely getting easier, and I am in this for life now. One day I WILL reach my desired weight (around 8-9 pounds to go)and go on 6:1. I can hardly wait. Thanks to all of you who post on here – you keep me going.

    You asked for an update and what a one this is. I lost 1 kg, 2.2 lbs in a week after staying steady all that time. Now lost 24 lbs in 24 weeks. Plateaus happen and as you say sometimes we just have to play around with things. Tried my own version of Michael’s HIIT. 3 times a week ride the exercise bike at the gym as fast as I possibly can for 1 minute before I do my regular exercise.Always do this on fast days and I other. It sure shook things up!! Including the gym bike which moved the first time I did it.

    thats wonderful news beavergong! im really pleased for you, it is doable but sometimes we have to tweek things to suit our personal needs, this site is such a wonderful place for support and we all need that from time to time xx

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