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  • Hi there,
    In my pursuit of limiting my eczema and psoriasis I am now eating just one meal a day. All vegan. Before I have been a vegan and a raw vegan.. Avoiding grains and nuts though.

    My daily meal now consist of some grains and nuts. I eat at aound 1pm – 2pm. Then I get really tired and sleep untill 6pm. Falling a sleep again around 2-3 am. Waking up around 9-10 am.

    I am unemployed at the moment, so that is messes with my day- rythm is not a total catastrophy but I was actually hoping to get more energy, and that I could be awake for a longer time.

    Do any of you have experience with this kind of diet and when do you eat your meal, and how do you sleep?

    Thanks and kind regards,

    Saying you have a vegan diet doesn’t really tell anyone much. I could have a diet of mountains of added sugar fruit smoothies, alcohol and refined bread. Its vegan but its not healthy. You have one meal, describe in detail what it consists of. Im not a big fan of grains, exactly what kind of grains and how have they been processed? Nuts, what ones and how have they been processed? My top three nuts would be almonds, brazil nuts and walnuts. Cashews no way.

    My opinion:
    1. Vegan diet, if not VERY well informed, will affect your health. My option is for a more balanced diet, something between Fuhrman and Jaminet.

    2. Your current sleep pattern also affects your stress hormones, which can affect your skin problems. You could try drinking a cup of coffee after your meal, and push (in a week or so) your sleep single-window after 9 pm.

    3. Only eating one meal a day, is very stressful for the body (and also could give you the low-energy problem), if you are not very well adapted (as a fat burner). And as previous said, stress could affect your skin problems. I recommend instead intermittent fasting, eating 2 meals a day in a 4 hours eating window, last meal no later than 4 pm.

    Wish you health!

    Yes you are right.I eat oatmeal (Wholegrain and with water), Salad (leafy greens, onions, kale, cucumber, pumpkin, some bellpepper), and some pasta made from either rice, beans or buckweat.
    Nuts so far have been almonds, hazelnuts and pistachio nuts.
    I haven’t eaten white sugar or processed food for about 1,5 year now.
    For the last two 1,5 month I haven’t been eaten more fruit that 1 apple or 1 pear per day, as I am doing a treatment with probiotics prescribed by a gut specialist that advised me to not eat more fructose than that.
    Thank you for your answer and would be nice to hear your thoughts on this type of meal

    Thank you for the reply!
    I have been looking at those food recomendations you mention. But I am vegan, and would like to stay so. I do take vitamin B supplement. Yes maybe I could try to expand the window if not to 4 hours than maybe to 3 hours. I am a little bit nervous of taking coffe in to my diet for the acidic sides of it (I have psoriasis and eczema, and coffee is pohibited in many ps./ecz, diets), but some green tea could maybe do the trick.
    Do you get tired efter your 4 hour eating window?

    I’m feeling normal, but I have more than 1 year eating on this pattern, so my body is adapted. Maybe I feel a little tired for the first 30 minutes or so, but this is normal after every meal, the energy being redirected towards digestion.


    Your diet seems reasonable to me. I keep banging on about grain based foods. Im really not a big fan of grains. I don’t think they are healthy for you. If you have to have them then whole rolled oats would be my pick but in my opinion what youre doing is picking the least “bad” one. Im a big fan of cruciferous veggies. Lots of fibre and low carb content and you get lots of vitamins and minerals. Beans no problems, red, kidney, chickpeas. Need to get your fats up as well so nuts like almonds, brazil nuts and walnuts are good but youre eating those already so no problems. Avocadoes are good for you and will increase you fat intake. Im not a big fan of fruit but things like apples, pears and your berry fruits (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries) are OK. Lots of fibre and moderate to low fructose levels.

    Try your own experiment, see if it works. Give it at least a month if not more. The only thing I can suggest is try cutting the grains to zero if you can. Not a big fan of rice. Potatoes, avoid them like the plague.

    Good luck.

    See what happens

    Hi Adaline, I tried with a cup of coffee after eating to day (4 hour window) and I am flyting – the coffee is kicking in (Haven’t had a cup in 1,5 years, and I missed it)
    Hopefully my skin won’t go crazy.

    Thanks for the input. You are right about the berries, I should try to eat more of those as well. I searched a bit on the net and found the video bellow that reflects the thoughts you have on bread etc really good, maybe you will find it interesting too.
    Whats uo with your name by the way? 🙂

    Nice video. Basically he is correct. The laws of physics can not be violated but the calories in and calories out model is over simplified to the point of being incorrect/useless. Your system is governed by hormonal signals and depending on the food types that you ingest it will dictate what is stored and the voluntary and involuntary activity levels that follow. I think Jason Fung’s model is closer to what is happening if you need to use a simplified model.

    My name is unrelated to my physical appearance although I was overweight about 2 years ago. Im a 5′ 10″ male and have gone from 202 lbs to 156 lbs. So no, I don’t have a bigbooty (anymore). The name comes from a scifi movie.

    Eczema and psoriasis, watch the clip below and see if its saying anything you don’t know. I have a theory and its just that, a theory. Eczema and psoriasis are basically uncontrolled and fast cell growth so you want to change the energy substrate that the cells use from glucose to ketones. Not sure how you are going to achieve that being vegan though? Going to be hard. Regular water only fasting will definitely help I think. It pushes me into ketosis (this is not guess work I measure it). During autophagy it forces your poorly adapted cells that can only utilise glucose as an energy substrate to be replaced by cells that can work on glucose AND ketone bodies. My theory is that eczema and psoriasis cells only function on glucose. I have a low carb diet but its not a keto diet. I bounce out of ketosis after my fast. Being on a keto diet is too hard core for me.

    Try water fasting, its not easy but its do-able. It gets easier after about a month. I used to do 60 hours. I just do 36 hours once per week now. Give it a try, see if you can do it. I think a keto diet would also help but I myself don’t do it. Good luck!!


    hi Villiam,

    Forgot to add, my wife suffers from eczema and it gets really bad in the winter. On occasions she will have to have UV treatment. I suspect that for whatever reason she needs a lot more UV exposure to get normal skin function compared to the vast majority of people. I suspect that if she were to reduce her sugar and grain based foods she would show a large improvement with regards to skin condition and her weight. She has seen first hand my weight loss, my improved health etc. Do you think I can convince her to follow the same diet? Im mostly vego but do eat a small amount of meat/fish. Its crazy but I keep chipping away at her. She is a vegetarian but the amount of crap she eats is huge. So yes its easily possible to be vegan/vego and have a really poor diet.

    Hi – Glad to hear you had succes loosing a lot weight.
    It’s really cool to read about all this that you write, it’s new to me, and it make’s sence to me. Also I found on ruled.me alot of delicious reciepies.
    Unfourtenatly for me some of the keystone in my diet is avoiding dairy (Basic Pagano diet for ecz. and ps. ). Also oil, I avoid it because of it being in an unnatueral state and acidic.
    I am no expert, and earnestly I feel a bit skizofrenic from time to time reading conflicting informtations about diet on the internet. But for you wife’s concern I would try to cut out diary and the other big ones in the Pagano diet. Maybe she already know about this diet and use it a bit, or her healt / skin issue is not so big that she thinks its worth the bother.
    The link with the video you send me about V-D is good in line with the suns effect. I have also taken UV – sun in the winther some times (live in northen europe).

    Here is two link to two youtube channels about eczema, maybe you wife can get sth out of them:

    For me my ecz./ ps. exploded 1,5 years go ruining my life, and I was so desperate I wanted to try everything. Among alot of altertive therepists I did a 14 days pure water fast. And it helped for the time beeing. Then I did the Pagano diet, but I was eating to much grains (They are alowed in moderate amounts in the Pagano d. (not Gluten though)), and the problem was still there right under the skin.

    When I cut the meat and grains out it cleared phenormal, and I could use my hands again (I have it on hands and feet), I even went climbing which was quite amazing keeping in note that 6 months earlier my skin pealed by it self. Of course this diet is tough, and have a lot of sacrifices. Apart from enjoying delicios food and drowning my sorrows in sweet whisky (just a joke) I am excluded from social situtaion (Not completly but bare with me), going out, restaurants, nightlife, traveling. It’s dificult when you dont eat oil, and just vedgetables and fruits.
    This is somewhat depressing for me, and therefore I am looking to find other remmedies etc.
    Now I am trying to take some grains and bean/etc-pasta in to my diet. Rice as well,
    which is going good regarding the ecz./ps. But energywise, not so good I think.
    Thinking about how I could get more fats, but its dificult in this diet with oil, diary, and meat (as you already mentioned).

    What do you think about waterafsting 20 hours a day vs 36/48 hours a week?

    Quote: “Now I am trying to take some grains and bean/etc-pasta in to my diet. Rice as well, which is going good regarding the ecz./ps. But energywise, not so good I think.
    Thinking about how I could get more fats, but its dificult in this diet with oil, diary, and meat (as you already mentioned).

    What do you think about waterafsting 20 hours a day vs 36/48 hours a week?”

    I’m sorry to hear about your problems..

    If you don’t mind saying my opinion, after I’ve read Jaminet’s book Perfect Health Diet, I look with other eyes at resistant starch. If I were you, I would choose first potatoes and rice (resistant starch form: boiled and let 24 hours in the fridge), and then beans, but soaked before cooking and stuff (you must already knew about this, being vegan). No pasta, bread, gluten.

    As fats, coconut butter/oil is my friend.

    Jaminet also recommends under 24 hours daily fast: “We want our fasts to be shorter than 24 hours, such short fasts are long enough to induce the highest rates of autophagy, maximizing immunity. While fasts longer than 24 hours increase the period of immune suppression, decreasing immunity” – (Perfect Health Diet)”

    Hi Adaline,
    Yes maybe you are right. Thank you. It going better, and I have purchased some BCAA suplements to reatin my muscles.

    I had the same thing….
    But i started to eat dinner instead lunch, and this doesn’t happen anymore.

    I’m vegetarian.

    Coffee can be a supressor yes, but try to be without it.
    Drink water, during the day, and keep your mind busy with activities.
    If you are falling of, eat strawberries, berries, or, a nuts.

    In this dinner, try to have a similar combination with oats with lentils, peas, or beans, barley, quinoa… don’t eat rice, or pasta.
    In adition try to have flaxseeds, vegetables, nuts, and peanut butter, chocolate dark ( with 85 & cacao can be good )
    Coconut oil, and olive oil, can be good but try to avoid them if you have brain problems.

    Eat a plate with this several things + desert.
    And if you are not feeling well, change it to other pattern that gives your body the best quality.

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