Work place weigh in – would you?

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Work place weigh in – would you?

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  • I mentioned this in another thread but I’d like to get more opinions. I work on a team of 6 and they have started doing a weekly weigh-in. They get the scales out in the middle of the office and all stand on them while someone reads out the weight and makes a note of it. There’s at least 20 other people sat around us too who over hear it all. They’re all a healthy weight, they just want a fun way of trying to lose a few pounds after Christmas.

    They keep asking me to join in and every time I reuse. There’s another guy in my team who has refused but they immediately accepted it and left him alone – but me they keep pressuring. The reason I’ve given is that my weight is private and I’m not sharing it with the rest of the office. They won’t accept that as a good enough excuse.

    Would you do this? Am I being too uptight and need chill out about it or are they being unreasonable? Most people have said there’s no way they’d do it, but I’m curious to see if anyone doesn’t think it’s a big deal at all.

    I’m in the UK by the way.


    To be honest, it doesn’t matter whether I would or would not choose to be publicly weighed. What matters is that you dont want to, and your colleagues should respect that.

    It might be their idea of fun, it isn’t yours. End of. Stay strong and stick to your principles!

    It isn’t fair on anyone and I suspect that their are several folk that get weighed who don’t want to, but do it for a quiet life. Simply give a firm ‘no’ and walk away. Do not explain.

    What they do or don’t think is irrelevant, as is whether they think it is an excuse..or not. The only person who matters is you and no, I wouldn’t do it either.

    Smile, refuse and walk away.

    Hi Atcgirl, I’m in UK too and work with a close knit team and I agree with Annette and Happy, there is NO WAY I would even consider it!
    Good for you atcgirl for sticking to your decision. Hope they are leaving you in peace now!

    I’ll get a hard time again come Wednesday when they push me to do it again. I don’t partake in the team football pools either because I don’t enjoy gambling and it took a couple of months for the pestering to stop – but I’m sure they still resent me for it.

    I know in the States you get these employee wellness programs where you have to get on the scales at work to try and get lower insurance premiums. In the UK I could understand an invitation on a notice board to join a supportive after work ‘biggest loser’ competition, but not asking people in the office to join in and giving them a hard time when they don’t.

    I think there are people joining in to get an easy life. We’ve also got people from other teams joining in, because they want to join in the fun…. but people on my team still feel they then have to pass comment on the number on the scales!

    Well I just can’t see in what way it would be fun.

    It’s a very odd thing to do (outside weightwatchers!). Also strange that people think it’s acceptable to comment on the numbers on the scales, when presumably they wouldn’t dream of turning to colleagues and saying you look a bit fat this week?!

    Good luck on Wednesday!

    Can you just absent yourself from the office around that time?

    You could point out to them that what they are doing probably counts as a form of workplace harassment/ bullying and you’d rather they picked on someone else…Well, actually no, better they picked on no one!

    HappyNow – well they seem to enjoy it! They’ve been working together for decades whereas I’ve only been here 18 months and they’ve done it in previous years apparently. So they’re all very comfortable with stepping on the scales in front of each other – whereas I’d find it a bit undignified.

    As for harrassment/bullying – well of course it is, but as far as they’re concerned it’s just banter 😉 one of the very overweight guys in the office also appears to have a reasonable amount of self confidence and is a talented martial artist, so they do joke to him about his weight. But there’s an overweight lady in the office who they wouldn’t dream of saying anything to her face but they’re viscous about her behind her back.

    A friend of mine thought it sounded all a bit egotistical…. there’s definitely an exhibitionist element to it. The thing is I’d wipe the floor with all of them as I have the lowest BMI already and am on a fabulous diet 🙂 but I’m not prepared to make a spectacle of myself when it isn’t necessary.

    I am sorry, but your co-workers seems not really nice people.

    We had a weight loss competition, and I was the one who kept the record of every participant weight. We only share the % loss, and we NEVER share anybody’s weight with others. The group was very supportive and the competition was fun and healthy. The winners won some money prices and everybody else were truly happy for the winners. 🙂

    It is hard to be in office with people who gossip behind everybody’s back.
    It is not even normal. Thankfully, majority of people are really kind. Hearing about your office atmosphere make me realize how lucky I am to have such supportive and nice co-workers.

    Hey coldpizza, you found my other rant 😉 On my team of 6 there are 2 problem people, both I mentioned in the other thread. the two others are quiet but nice, one just follows everyone else and the other just doesn’t join in and they leave him alone. Lastly is the boss who is happy to follow along, knows i get a hard time but doesn’t want the conflict involved with solving the problem.

    I do a very specific niche job and there are rarely opportunities for employment elsewhere. but the minute I manage to get a job elsewhere I’m out of here!

    I wish you all the luck in finding new great job with new great co-workers. Stay positive! Hugs.

    I would advise you not to worry about this. After it will be easier for you to joke on this topic. And if your colleagues do this with a goal to mock you, then your cheerful mood will stop them. Try to find something funny in this. I also had scales on my work. I’m working at This is writing service and I spend a lot of time sitting and this, of course, can be seen from my scales) We also carry out weighted but for motivation. This is a fun competition when you all observe different diets)) I think after few months I will be written an article about it)))

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