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  • Hi! I’m a newbie who has kept her body in shape for all of my 77 years. I am now 78 and find that I have become a sugar/carb “junkie”. Now I know better. Recently, I weighed in 14 lbs. over my average weight for the past 20 years. I lost 9 of those 14 lbs. but have not, for the life of me been able to go below that number although I drastically reduced said sugar/carbs. HOWEVER! The most disconcerting problem I am facing is “belly fat,” although for most of my life I’ve been known to have a flat stomach. In addition, inches have piled up around my waist, hips and buttocks so that I can barely fit into my clothes and when I do, everything is sticking out. I am familiar with complete fasting, and am grateful for trying an eating system that does not cut out all carbs/sugar; but can eat them within range of calories. BIG QUESTION: Has anyone lost inches as well as lbs. on this diet?

    I’m in a very similar situation and the same age group . I too am overweight after being thin for most of my life. I’ve tried the Atkins Diet in the past and have lost inches from my tummy, waist etc. however this diet is not sustainable. I’m going to start the Fast Diet next week. I’m determined to loose the weight. I don’t see why one would loose weight and not the inches.

    Some weeks I have lost inches, but the scales have barely moved. There have been lots of accounts were people have dropped several dress sizes, without the scales moving.To really ‘see’ what is going on, I believe that it is a combination of the tape measure, clothes and scales all just once a week.I am about to be 54, but fail to see why my experience should be different to yours.
    If you can exercise-walking is very good and swimming, then the body tones as well as strengthens, which helps enormously. Muscles will burn calories, even when you are sitting down after exercise or sleeping!
    I have lost 4 inches off my hips/bust/thighs and 4.5 inches off my waist=14lbs lost weight. One month I lost 7 inches all over but the scales didn’t budge at all.
    I hope that helps.

    Hello! I’m 73 and I have just started this week on the diet. Most of my fat is belly and backside and my BMI is far too high – 27. Weighed this morning after Monday and Wednesday fast and I can’t believe it….lost just over 2 kgs and waist is down 3 cms! Due to arthritic feet I can’t walk very far or fast these days but I am trying to pedal on an exercise bike twice a day in front of the TV and under a ceiling fan as I live in Queensland! So yes, you will lose inches. I’m excited.

    Hi again. This is my third week of the 5:2. I think we have to be honest with ourselves. We cannot be as active as we would like due to arthritis and other aches and pains that often come with ageing. However if we stick to the diet it is possible to loose weight be it slower than we would like. Often we cannot see the results on the scales or even our measurements but changes are taking place internally where we have dangerous fat covering our abdominal organs. As with the tortoise and the hare – we will get there eventually.
    Good luck. DS

    Hi, I am a newbie as well, both to joining a Blog,and also this food plan. I only heard about this 5+2 on New Zealand TV news, and decided to give it a try. I have always been big..178 tall, size 11 shoes,90kgs,(70 years old now), and, even tho a female,I worked on our farm lifting thousands of hay bales each year, and building real muscle.When the lifting work ceased…..when I got a lot older, … well everything has kind of “gone south” !! My daily calorie intake is now approxiamately 1400,max, and when I do my Fast Days..Mon & Fri, I have been going down to 200cals. I love vege Soups, so it is not hard for me on those days. I started this Fast Diet 3 weeks ago, and so far have shed 4.5kgs, and one inch less around the hips. I am interested in finding some simple low calorie food which is free of Dairy, Gluten, and low in Sugar….. and which also tastes nice. I am hoping to be on this food plan for the long haul. I try to go walking for at least an hour each day….. not sure what I will do when we go into winter though. Any advice gratefully accepted.

    Hi Sapphire and welcome:

    Here is some basic advice: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/the-basics-for-newbies-your-questions-answered/

    Good Luck!

    I am new to the forum and have been doing the 5:2 plan for 7 weeks and have lost about 8lbs. I have been able to work the fast days in pretty well, but I am worried about the poor sleep I experience on nights following fast days. Last night I was waking every hour and had bad dreams. Has anyone else experienced that? I don’t feel hungry at night.

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