Witch caloriecounters do you use?

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  • Hi, I’m searching for a good caloriecounter, i’m from the netherlands so fitnesspal sometimes doesn’t do the trick. I don’t know de enlisch name from every food that I use. Instead of that app, I’m using help diabetes, you can use it in about twenty different languages. I’m still using the fitnesspal, but I search for the amount of calories in help diabetes and then fill them in on the fitnesspal.
    Is there anyone who has a different and perhaps easier approach?

    I’m using an app from the website FatSecret. They have a website for the Netherlands 🙂

    @ aniann, thank you!! I’m going to try this one.

    I really like the app. Lose It! I’ve done really well tracking food on this app. I stick to 500-700 calories on fast days and 1200 on regular days.

    I’ve put Fitnesspal on my iPad, but I’m very confused (and surprised!) to find that there is a sugar content to runner beans and broccoli scary!!

    Hi all!
    I wonder about the calorycount on eggs in the recipebook: it says one boiled egg is 90 calories – included 5 asparagus
    while in 2 other calory-lists a boiled egg is 143!
    Any thoughts?

    Hi leelah11,

    Found this info on eggs…

    Serving Size Calories
    1 oz: 42
    1 small: 54
    1 medium: 65
    1 serving (50 g): 74
    1 large: 74
    1 extra large: 85
    1 jumbo: 96
    100 g: 147
    1 cup (4.86 eggs): 357

    Hope it helps! 🙂

    thanks a lot, Gooey:)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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