Why is the 2nd fast always so much harder?

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Why is the 2nd fast always so much harder?

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  • True to form, Monday’s fast was a breeze, today’s is proving challenging! I really don’t know why, after a good old pig-out at the weekend, I can fast on Mondays with no thoughts of hunger, whereas later on in the week, when I’ve been eating sensibly, I get so much hungrier! My son has just made himself some toast and the smell is wafting through the house – it’s killing me! Aaaaggghhh! I’m going to need a will of steel to get me though the rest of the evening (and at 5.45pm it’s too early to go to bed!).

    Anyone else out there notice the same thing?

    Thank goodness I live alone. I doubt I could cope with others eating. The smell of food would certainly get the hunger pangs goings. You have my sympathy. Whizz up a bit of steamed veg with a stock cube and some spices such as curry powder or chilli. It really does help. I also add slim noodles to bulk it out. Works a treat unless you are on a total fast, in which case you can have a double dose of sympathy. Remember, tomorrow isn’t too far away 🙂

    StephB its always harder because you’ve only had one eat day out of 3, you can do it, tomorrow you can have what you fancy, im right there with you fasting monday and today while the family eat, maybe pop out for some air until it passes, keep going! xxx


    Yep, I know exactly what you mean. Some days, fasting feels like a total breeze, like you can accomplish anything, and you are in complete control. During those successful times, I am just sure I will always feel like this, and nothing could stand in my way.

    Then other fast days (and non fast days, for that matter), it feels like I’m starving to death, and I want to eat EVERYTHING in sight, and have no control at all.

    I have noticed, that the first 8 weeks, I had such great success, that this fed on itself and made 5:2 a lot easier. Now that I am near my goal weight, it’s become a bit more challenging. This forum is very helpful, though. It really helps to learn about other people’s experiences, good and less so.

    A lot of people report that they are more aware of what, when and why they eat since being on the plan. Also, that eventually you find that you won’t crave as much food or sweets. It says that in the book too. At times, I must admit that I have felt that. However, I’m finding eating is truly so much more than just keeping alive. At least for me. It’s such a darn emotional thing too, and no matter how much success, will power, awareness, or knowledge I have about eating, the emotional side can often times feel stronger and override all of that good info in my brain. I suspect this is part of the many reasons why I have failed so many times in my pre 5:2 life.

    The neat thing, which is so different for me this time around, compared to “all the other diets”, is I am not giving up. And in spite of all of the frustrations I mentioned above, I am still plugging along, and though the successes are slowing down, they are still happening.

    Just know you’re not alone, what you’re feeling is perfectly normal, and this too shall pass – maybe over and over again at different times.

    Thanks for your lovely and helpful comments, aniann, fast for life and TidyChick. I’m pleased to report that I battled hard with the urge to break my fast and dive into the fridge/breadbin – and won! I kept going until 7.30 when I was able to sit down to my evening meal, and am now feeling a lot less hungry and very pleased with myself. I’m quite sure I wouldn’t have the same degree of willpower without the support of this forum. Many thanks everyone, and best of luck with the fasting this week (so very relieved I don’t have to do one again ’til Monday 😉 ) X

    HI StephB,

    You have shown amazing will power through your fast day and I am sure that the results show for themselves that it is all worth it. You must be feeling very strong and proud of yourself. I know I would be. Just start to set up new habits. When the toast is cooking, go outside a work in the garden or have a walk, or air the house so you can’s smell what is tempting you. “I am woman her me roar” you can do it.


    Thanks Jenn – what a good idea to open a window to ‘air the house’! It was chucking it down with rain yesterday, so a walk outside wasn’t appealing, but if I’d’ve thought about it I could’ve just stuck my head out of the window to escape the lure of the toast! Simple ideas are often the best… 🙂

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