What's best – weight training or cardio on fast days?

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What's best – weight training or cardio on fast days?

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  • Trying to combine exercise with my 5:2 diet to get the best results possible. I was wondering what was better to do in terms or training – weight or cardio on fast days? Taking into consideration energy levels on that day and does being male or female make a difference to what I should be doing? I’ll be going to the gym first thing in the morning if that helps with responses 🙂

    Hi CallieNunn
    ON one my fast days Thursdays I find doing a spin class (Cycle class indoors)after work is very helpful it gets my metabolism racing and I find i’m not as hungry (You would think i would be more hungry) I have vegetable soup for tea after drinking water and coffee all day. this smashes my weight ( You gotta work hard at the class ( I see many just rotating with no load)
    On Wednesday I do a circuit class and weekend ride my mountain bike. Fasting is the best :0)

    When you are on a fast diet, you might have to find out yourself, what works for you. Some people respond better to cardio workouts some to weight-training. It is best you cycle your training programs to get effective results.

    Hi Callie,

    I always exercise in a fasted state and do a combination of cardio and resistance often followed by a swim. I can honestly say I don’t find it more difficult the morning after a fast day than any other day.
    Apparently women do better exercising in a fasted state than men (according to research by Krista Varady) If you’ve not fasted before it’ll take your body a few weeks to get used to it and in the early weeks you might find you have low energy after a fast day, but once you’ve been doing it a while you shouldn’t notice any difference.

    Do let us know how you get on 🙂

    I was dreading doing Attack class last night after my first fast day ever yesterday surprised to be fine!

    A good gauge of intensity is your breathing: You should be able to carry on a conversation relatively easily if you’re exercising mid-fast. “If you are going out for a light jog or stint on the elliptical, you probably aren’t going to have an issue,” says White. But it’s important to listen to your body, and stop exercising, if you feel light-headed or dizzy. for more information visit: http://parijatak.com/panchakarma-treatment-kerala-center/

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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