What's best – weight training or cardio on fast days?

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What's best – weight training or cardio on fast days?

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  • Trying to combine exercise with my 5:2 diet to get the best results possible. I was wondering what was better to do in terms or training – weight or cardio on fast days? Taking into consideration energy levels on that day and does being male or female make a difference to what I should be doing? I’ll be going to the gym first thing in the morning if that helps with responses 🙂

    Hi CallieNunn
    ON one my fast days Thursdays I find doing a spin class (Cycle class indoors)after work is very helpful it gets my metabolism racing and I find i’m not as hungry (You would think i would be more hungry) I have vegetable soup for tea after drinking water and coffee all day. this smashes my weight ( You gotta work hard at the class ( I see many just rotating with no load)
    On Wednesday I do a circuit class and weekend ride my mountain bike. Fasting is the best :0)

    When you are on a fast diet, you might have to find out yourself, what works for you. Some people respond better to cardio workouts some to weight-training. It is best you cycle your training programs to get effective results.

    Hi Callie,

    I always exercise in a fasted state and do a combination of cardio and resistance often followed by a swim. I can honestly say I don’t find it more difficult the morning after a fast day than any other day.
    Apparently women do better exercising in a fasted state than men (according to research by Krista Varady) If you’ve not fasted before it’ll take your body a few weeks to get used to it and in the early weeks you might find you have low energy after a fast day, but once you’ve been doing it a while you shouldn’t notice any difference.

    Do let us know how you get on 🙂

    I was dreading doing Attack class last night after my first fast day ever yesterday surprised to be fine!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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