What was your Weightloss upgrade when you incorporated any exercise into 5:2?

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What was your Weightloss upgrade when you incorporated any exercise into 5:2?

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  • Curious to see how much weight on average someone loses after incorporating exercises. If 1 pound a week is average for not exercising, how much is average with exercising?

    Hi Pink:

    The one pound a week average loss on 5:2 includes people that both exercise and do not exercise. Exercise calories are included in TDEE.

    Exercise does not increase weight loss very much. In fact, many that start exercising find their rate of weight loss slows or stops.

    Basically, you diet for weight loss and exercise for better health.

    Agreed. I have always exercised regularly….walking miles a day, Pilates, weights. I lose weight only when I change the way I eat.

    The only way to increase the rate of weight loss is to incorporate more FDs into your week. I lost 28lbs in 14 weeks by doing 7 fast days out of every 14. I was going on holiday and wanted to lose 2 more stones before I went. It is really tough to keep up long term though.

    Oh, okay, I won’t torture myself then, 😝.

    My weight has plateaued even though I exercise on a regular basis. It will be interesting to see what difference fasting will make. I’m starting off with one fast day then move to two after four weeks. Current weight 108 kg.

    Just started today! I hope I can do it!

    Just started the 5:2 diet 18 days ago after reading the FastDiet book on vacation (my wife started first and I became fascinated). I’m combining it with 30-40 minutes of weight training and some aerobic exercise 6 days a week, including HIT exercise most days (exercise bike – 2 minutes leisurely pace, then 20 seconds hard at high resistance, 3- 4 times). Have lost 8 pounds so far (from 165 to 157 – I’m 66 yrs old and 5’11”). But I’ve lost no inches off my waist, despite crunches every day. Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions?

    Do not discount exercise as part of your weight loss journey. In and of itself it does not account for a lot of weight loss. However exercise makes you feel good!! It improves your cardio system, your general health goes up. It releases endorphins. It makes you feel good about yourself.


    I would be very surprised if you have a lot of fat? At 5’11” and 157 lbs Id say you BMI would be about 22? Measure you waist line around your belly button. It should be less than 0.5 compared to your height. waist/height ratio. What sort of weight are you shooting for?

    My goal weight is 149.9 pounds. You’re correct, my BMI per 5:2 Fast Diet calculator, is 22.0. Don’t know my body fat percentage. My waist/height ratio is about .505. My real frustration is that for a number of years, my waist stayed in the 32″ – 33″ range, but then I gained about 10 pounds and waist went up to 35″ – 36″. I guess I thought if I lost the 10 pounds the extra girth would go with it, proportionately. Perhaps I’m expecting a bit too much, particularly in the early stages of what to my body is a new regimen of diet and exercise.

    47 year old male,
    Starting weight 19 stone 2 pounds, BMI=36.4
    Current weight 17 stone 4 pounds, BMI=32.8

    I had 6 stone to lose when I started my weight loss plan 9 weeks ago. This will get me into the top end of the “healthy” BMI range. I was 7 weeks into my regime before I read about the 5:2 fast, and decided to give it a try too – that was 3 weeks ago.

    So, For the first 7 weeks I was eating much more healthily and doing 30 mins of CV work at the gym 5 days a week (3 of which I’m trying to make into “run” days). Over the 7 weeks I increased the length of my gym sessions to 50 mins and lost a total of 15 lbs. An average of 2.1 lbs a week. I thought this was ok, but for the amount of work I was putting in I had hoped for more.

    Over the next 2 weeks, my gym sessions remained at 50 mins, 5 times a week, but I have been increasing the running on my run days. I also incorporated the 5:2 diet for these 2 weeks. I lost 7lbs on the first week and 4lbs on the second. So an average of 5.5 lbs per week – Wow!

    I found the 5:2 pretty easy for the 2 weeks (I don’t eat anything at all on fast days, but I do have semi skimmed milk in my tea/coffee). So this week I’m trying out a 4:3 fast (mon,wed,fri), along with the same exercise. I’ll see what the results are on Saturday when I weigh in. I’ll be interested to see what the average results are after a few weeks on the 4:3.

    I’ve not noticed any problems exercising on fast days, and my runs are starting to get longer, and I might be ready for a slow 10k in about another 5 weeks. So far I’ve lost 26 lbs in 9 weeks, and am 1/3 of the way to my goal. So, with luck, I might be looking at another 15 to 20 weeks before I hit my target.

    Good luck to all.

    While it’s true that diet has far more effect for short term fat loss, the correct type of exercise has a profound long term effect on body composition. We all complain that our metabolism “slows down” as we age. The major reason this is so is because our muscles have atrophied from lack of use. Muscles burn a lot of calories at rest and of course in motion.

    I attribute a big part my long term success at keeping off 60 lbs for 16 years to maintaining and growing muscle

    The best way by far to retain and build muscle is resistance exercise. A couple of short and intense (heavy) weight lifting workouts will stimulate muscle and bone growth. Lifting pink Barbie weights even if you are a woman is a total waste of time.

    Short intense HIIT style workouts promote the growth of mitochondria the energy generators in our cells. More mitochondria = more potential energy burn.

    Our bodies also need plenty of low intensity movement like walking, but low intensity will not build muscle, bone or mitochondria.

    For long term fat loss and good health exercise is vital.

    65 year old male. Been on 5:2 for 6 months and lost 3 stone entirely through this – had little exercise apart from dog walking…

    I have joined a gym (first time) and now plan to exercise along with continuing 5:2. Have read the posts on the type of exercise and taking into account my age and level of fitness will agree and start a programme tomorrow. Interested to compare weightloss now I am incorporating exercise. Will post results.

    The right exercise will still help though… before starting 5:2 I rode my bike to work 3 days a week (22km – about 1 hour – each way) for about 6 months, and lost about 8kg in that time (not making any changes to my diet).

    …that’s a slower rate than making changes to your diet, and you need to contend with injuries and winter and swooping magpies and things like that – but it does help.

    The really cool thing though is that after a while you start to like doing it! I started things off a few years ago by just walking lots and then it progressed to running (slowly), and then cycling (once injuries crept in), and now I’m slowly starting to get back into running (and as soon as I get my front wheel fixed, cycling again).

    The other surprising part about walking/running/cycling is that it is so social! I bet there is a walking, running and cycling group somewhere near you (if not, think about starting one of your own)… personally, I’d forget about the gym (at least for now), get out there and walk with a few people, chat about everything that’s wrong with the world and don’t focus on any extra weight loss that it may or may not bring. After a few weeks, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing this for ever.

    … I should also add, that in the last 3.5 years, I’ve gone from 141kg (310 lbs) down to 118kg (I was actually down to 112kg (247 lbs) about 5 months ago before stopping everything – injuries, winter, care factor and creeping back up a bit), predominately through walking, running and cycling. There has been periods of some diet change in there, and when you get to the running stage you will instinctively make better food choices (it just seems… right), but starting 5:2, 6 weeks ago is the first conscious change to my diet that I have focused on and placed before exercise in that time.

    The whole reason why I started was that I met someone who would do crazy things like run half-marathons and enter 100km bike events with the express aim of not coming last and would still happily have beer and pizza for lunch the week before the event… I’d never met anyone like that before… I just thought that was so cool, lol (let’s not kid ourselves here… that really is cool!)

    A quick update to my earlier post.

    Doing a 4:3 fast for the past 13 weeks, zero calories on fast days (apart from semi skimmed milk in brews), and not breaking the fast until lunchtime the next day (so around 40 hours fasting).

    47 year old male, 6ft tall.
    13 Aug = 19 Stones 2 pounds, BMI=36.4
    19 Sep = 17 Stones 4 pounds, BMI=32.8 (my previous post)
    24 Dec = 15 Stones 2 pounds, BMI=28.8

    Total Loss 4 stones in 19 weeks.

    I missed some gym sessions and fast days over the festive period. And so put 3 Lbs back on over Christmas and the new year. I’m back on it again now and I try to the gym 4 times a week. Still no problem exercising on fast days.

    Weight loss has slowed down over the past month but ideally I still want to lose another 2 stone, but another 1 stone minimum.

    Favourite saying: “In 6 months time, you’ll wish you had started today.”

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