What to eat before exercise after fasting?

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What to eat before exercise after fasting?

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  • On fast days, I aim to walk 6 miles a day and then on the following day, get up and run in the morning before work! (it’s an epic fail if I try during or after work to exercise!)…

    My question is…. What should I eat before I run, after fasting the day before? It’s normally 6.30 am when I get out of the door – running on empty doesn’t seem to be working for me….

    Love to hear your advice!



    What do you normally eat before running? Unless it is junk food no need to change it.

    I can’t exercise immediately after eating and I go to the gym first thing the day after fasting having had no more than two mugs of tea. I don’t have any problem doing an hour on a combination of rowing machine, cross trainer and treadmill followed by a swim. I have to admit I’m ravenous afterwards and have a decent sized but healthy brunch.

    In this situation, I tend to go for a banana.

    I definitely need to eat something – I’ll try a banana tomorrow! Thanks both for the advice.

    i think drink a glass of water before you walk it will help to metabolize .after walking have a rest then have your breakfast is better

    I know what you mean about exercise being harder after a fast day. I exercise very vigorously almost every day and I’ve been finding that not only does it make me hungrier on fast days (I have been exercising on fast days), but the day after is extremely hard if I don’t eat before I exercise. I usually get started about 6am too. My new strategy (I’m just starting this this week) is to not exercise on fast days and see if it makes the fasting easier. I’ve also been eating 1/2 cup of full fat organic yogurt about 1/2 hour-45 mins before exercise. This seems successful b/c I have more energy to get through the workout, and it has the side benefit of keeping me from being cavernously hungry after the workout so I can eat a more moderate breakfast. A hard boiled egg or banana works too. Hope that helps.

    The best thing to consume before exercise is a fruit like a banana with peanut butter, a brown bread sandwich with peanut butter can give you the energy or stamina to kill a workout.

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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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