What fitness program can you recommend to commit into for weight loss.

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What fitness program can you recommend to commit into for weight loss.

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  • Hello everyone, would appreciate all the advise I could get here.

    After college and following a heartbreak 3 years ago, I have used food as a way of comforting myself. Because of so, I have put on considerably a lot of weight.

    Since then, I have never been happy with myself and the way I look. I went into mild depression and there was practically no one I could turn to.

    I wanted to change all that and with that, starting by loving myself and my body all over again. I am looking for effective online fitness programs suitable for beginners that I could commit to and hopefully yield gradual results to stay motivated.

    I’ve gone through this particular review https://greatbigminds.com/best-diet-to-lose-belly-fat/ and it looks viable to me, though I am still not certain if it’s as easy as it sounds. Has anyone heard of that program or has any experience with it?

    If not, would highly appreciate if you can recommend one that I could possible look into.

    Thank you for the help in advance.

    try intermittent fasting it really helps, here is a video on introduction to intermittent fasting and how to do it the right way https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCumn8Ok69Ij7taG7ek0tSeg?view_as=subscriber

    @rc. Advice #1 Avoid spam at all cost. #2 Avoid websites that offer too good to be true weight loss programs. #3 Ask people for advice on this forum. It costs you absolutely nothing! It will be interesting to see if you post again and what that post contains.

    @fillemon Thanks will surely check it out
    @bigbooty Thanks for the advise! I guess I’m just really too caught up with getting fast results. Will look into as much as I can from this forum. Thanks!

    I think the first choice would be HIIT since it can be done with many different exercises and you can get results from just two short workouts a week if you push it hard.

    Go flat out for 30 to 40 seconds. By the end of the period about all you can do is breath. Then go light for a minute or two to recover and repeat at least four times. As you get stronger you can do more reps and more frequent.

    Next add strength building exercises. It can be weight lifting, pull-ups, push-ups, etc. So many things. However I don’t recommend doing HIIT and strength building on the same day and both of them should really tax you. If you can do both on the same day you aren’t really pushing yourself. (IMHO)

    Finally do as much walking, stairs and general activity as you can all the time.

    The HIIT and strength building will help with losing fat. However you might end up weighing more if your fat is already below 20%. Muscle is heavy.

    Now if you combine the above with IF, you’ll probably amplify your results. At least that is what is happened in my case. My muscles are responding more like they did when I was a teenager.

    @dykask Thanks! Really appreciate you taking your time off to share this with me. Will definitely be reading more about what HIIT is.

    @rc. Exactly how fast do you want to lose weight. I lost at slightly less than 1 pound per week. That’s about average. You could push that a little higher but it would involve water fasting two days per week. Do-able if you are mentally strong enough for the first month or so. Water fasting is not that hard but it does take a mental effort to begin with. Personally it took me about a month before it felt comfortable and after 6 months it became ridiculously easy. 3 and 1/2 years later I still water fast every Monday for all the health benefits rather than weight loss. I went from 202 to 154 pounds in 12 months and have been in maintenance mode since the beginning of 2016.

    @rc on YouTube.com just search on HIIT. There are many variations. I think the key is to push extremely hard to the point of where it is hard to do for 30 seconds and then let yourself recover before repeating. Typically I push for 160+ bpm and recover to about 120 bpm. Recovery is just as important as the push. It is the cycle that probably provides most of the positive effects. It doesn’t sound as hard as it is.

    Try lifting weights, Pilates/stretching and some cardio. You’ll get stronger, more flexible and in shape. And do it for the rest of your life.

    @bigbooty I think I’m just going to take things progressively slow. Won’t want to push myself too much and end up losing motivation.
    @dykask @melilotus Thanks for sharing. Will definitely try those out.

    Hi, Weight loss is not as easy as you think. It mostly depends on determination. My advice to you is to control your intake (food). I wanted to maintain my weight and I came across a website having more vital information. I think it will be useful to you. You can click the link for more insight. I Hope you will find your choice.


    @collinsopapa. OMG not another Brian Flatt website. I seriously doubt that RCamacho wants to lose 19 pounds in 14 days and become ripped. Seriously is that what youre advocating as advice?

    @rc. If you just eat mostly plant based whole foods, eliminate processed grains, you’ll do just fine.

    Anyone who wants a sustainable [that means that it doesn’t involve buying a gym membership or home work-out equipment] way to be fit and to stay fit, I recommend the app [FREE!!] called 7-Minute Fitness. In 7 minutes, in your own home, it takes you through a series of exercises which strengthen the major muscle groups. There are 2 versions: men’s and women’s. Although I am female, I prefer the men’s version since it uses exercises I’ve done all my life.

    That’s for the muscles. For reducing fat, nothing beats the Fast Diet.

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    Find what ever exercise you enjoy and can sustain and do that. I have bought a bicycle and cycle to work, gradually building up my fitness. After getting used to the 5:2 regime (have lost 7 pounds in 7 weeks, a healthy rate I think) I find I can sometimes cycle on the ‘2’ days if I take it easy. Good luck.

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