What about "diet" drinks on fasting days?

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What about "diet" drinks on fasting days?

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  • I love “Sparkling Ice”, but it uses an artificial sweetener to make it sweet and Dr. Moseley never mentions whether that is allowed on the fasting days. The drink is zero calories, but I worry that the artificial sweetener may negate the positive effects of fasting. Being able to drink these on my fasting days will really help with my hunger…any advice? Thanks!

    There is some evidence to suggest that artificial sweeteners have an adverse effect on some people. Sweetness is associated with the anticipated delivery of calories. When that does not occur the body will react in a variety of ways. Having been “fooled” you will seek out real calories. i.e. You will eat more than you would have otherwise eaten. i.e. Having been fooled your body will decrease its metabolic rate to compensate for the calories that were not delivered even though the sensation of sweetness was recorded. i.e. It will make no difference what so ever.

    Do a little experiment where you drink the sparkling ice water for 4 weeks. Did you gain or lose weight? Repeat without the water.

    I chew sugar free chewing gum and it does not have any detrimental affects on me. Your mileage may vary.

    Thanks for the insight! I thought that I had heard something along those lines before (that the fake sugar gets your body confused and you are better off drinking the real sugar versions). Unfortunately, I hate regular pop/drinks (too sweet) and I really love the sweetened sparkling waters but they all seem to use the fake stuff. I know the fake sweetener isn’t good for me, so I’m just going to try to drink plain water on my fast days so I don’t have to worry about any conflict in my body. 🙂

    I drink filtered and carbonated tap water with a slice of lemon/lime, and it does the trick for me.

    I didn’t drink any diet soda for about six months. It didn’t really make any difference. So now I drink some but surprising a less than I used too.

    I use Splenda in my coffee. I don’t eat anything with it. Will this effect me negatively.

    Can anyone tell me if using Splenda in coffee or tea hurts the weight loss

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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