Weight loss plateau

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  • Help please ! I have been on Atkins for 6 months now and have lost 25lbs and feel great but I have stuck now at the same weight for nearly a month .I had moved my carbs up a bit introducing nuts into my diet .I have checked my liquid intake is adequate and cut down a little on my protein portions which had crept up but nothing seems to help me in shifting any more weight .Advice really welcome on how to get my metabolism started again .


    I got to the stage where I stopped losing weight. I recalculated my daily calorie requirements and found that, having lost weight, I now needed fewer calories to maintain my weight. So I reduced my calories. My fast days went from 500 to 400 calories with 1700 on non fast days. Weight started dropping off again pretty quickly. I’m now lighter than I’ve been for about 46 years and maintained that loss for 18months.
    I hope you manage to get going again. It can be difficult to keep the momentum going for so long. Good luck.

    Hi. Iam new to the forum. I am in week 5 of the diet finding it easy and have more energy now but I am not losing weight only 2 lb,very dissaponted, feel slim we round my hips though so got the tape measure out now.

    Have you tried 5:2?

    oki, thank all you so much,

    I never used to believe it, but now I’m pretty sure that after losing weight consistently, a person’s thyroid hormones lower to stop the weight loss. Lots of people have suggested a “re-feed” day every week or 2, where you drastically increase the calories and carbs to get the thyroid hormones going again. After being carbed up, it helps to exercise intensely and fast perhaps an extra day each week just to send your body a message.

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    When your weight doesn’t go down, you’ve reached a weight-loss plateau. Every person who attempts to lose weight eventually reaches a weight-loss plateau.

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