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  • Just want to know if this normal. I lost 6lb in the first week and 2lb in my 2nd week now I am losing 1lb per week I have been doing this now for 5 weeks and I have lost in total 8lb. I am now going to try doing 3 fast days and 4 normal day eating. Is that ok to do that or am I better off sticking to 2 days fast…? I have a goal in my head now want to lose 2lb per week will the extra fast day help with that??

    Shoe, you are doing very well. Congratulations! Your goal of 2 pounds/week is ambitious.

    There are 2 benefits to slow but steady [1 pound per week or so] weight loss:
    1] you get to develop new eating patterns and assimilate them into your normal routine. In the long run, this is the way to take off the weight and keep it off.
    2] your body loses the weight slowly enough that the skin can re-arrange itself to compensate for the loss of the fat under the skin. Ever see the body of someone who had one of those stomach-reducing surgeries and lost 60 pounds really fast? The weight might be down, but the rolls of skin are still there, sometimes requiring more surgery.

    Fasting is about developing new eating stratigies which should become the pattern for the rest of your life.

    Now to your question: How crazy will 3 Fast Days make you? An extra Fast Day should accelerate your weight loss, but so will reducing the amount you eat on Slow Days. If on Slow Days you can eliminate some of the foods that cause you to gain/hold weight, then you are still ahead of the game with only 2 days of Fasting.

    Good luck and keep posting.

    Hey Fasting_me thank you for your comments really do appreciate them 🙂 sometimes its confusing what to do and what is the best way to do them.

    I have found that I do not eat as much as I use to and my partner has noticed that to.I am very much a comfort eater and wanted to change that habit. I eat when happy/sad or any changes good or bad in my life I find food a massive comfort.

    I am trying the 3 days fast this week today is my day 1 of fast so I will see how I feel tomorrow. My plan is to do Monday/Tuesday/Thursday fast days. I have been being doing Tuesday and Thursday fast days so will see how doing Monday the extra day will effect me. This week is a trial a guess.

    My end goal is to have lost 13lb by August and then work on maintaining the weight thereafter 🙂

    So I have done my 2 fast days and I am doing an extra fast on Sunday I will update my progress on Monday. The 2nd fast day was hard this week lots of things at work and homelife affect my mental wellbeing this week.

    I do feel better though I have noticed my clothes have started to fit better and I am feeling more positive than negative which is a massive thing for me!

    Well be interesting to see how 3 fast days will affect my weight loss this week???

    Good progress so far, Shoe. If you could get through a tough Fasting Day, filled with tests to your mental wellbeing, then you have the resolve to keep going.
    Are you eating on Fast Days or drinking water? We eat and it works.
    Keep on keeping on.

    Hi yes the 2nd fast day this week was hard and there was a point were i could have given in but I didn’t and woke up feeling pretty proud of myself. I am eating on fast days but I would like to get to no eating but that might come in time.

    I haven’t weighed myself this week but will on Monday which I am gonna be nerves about. I don’t get to do a lot of exercise as I work 7 days a week its at 2 different jobs. It’s not an excuse but it’s literally finding the time. One job I am sat down all day and the other I am on stood on my feet. So my weight loss is pretty much all through food. I do try to go running with my dog on the weekends before I go work that’s good for him and me.

    Thanks for the encouragement fasting_me means a lot.

    How are you getting on???

    Weight gain is mostly due to ingesting too much, as opposed to a lack of exercise. Weight loss is mostly due to reduction of calories, as opposed to lots of exercise. There are ‘on the jobs’ things you can do to boost your energy expenditure: take the stairs; park at the far end of the lot; bicycle to work or part of the way [I used to drive 9 miles, park in a grocery store lot and ride the bike the last 2 miles]; walk during your break/lunch time instead of eating. running with the dog sounds like a great idea!!

    Had a good Fast on Thursday and hope to keep the weight down until Sunday.
    Happy Weekend.

    Hello well it was a epic fail last week I gained 2lb….. not impressed with myself but I dont think having women problem this week has helped. I still did my 2 days fast but didnt manage the 3rd and I am going to be honest didnt even count or write down what I was eating which didnt help me. I did struggle last week as I was finding the fasting hard last week more so than the others. So start of another week today and feel more determined to do it this week. I am going to try 3 days though and I think I need to be more organized with my food this week. It just goes to prove when you dont write what you are eating how it can go.Food diary works for me may not for anyone else. I am feeling a bit deflated but not giving up. I guess there are going to be ups and downs.

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