Weight coming off too fast?

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Weight coming off too fast?

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  • Hello,

    I started the 5:2 diet on the 2nd May and I weighed 15st 9lb with the hope of getting to 13st. I’m now weighing 14st 6lb.

    The diet plan is more like a 4:3 and on none fast days I’m only going to around 800-1000 calories. Some times less.

    Exercise is regular walks with the dog for about an hour a day.

    I’m really suprised about how much I’ve lost.

    I have a couple of concerns. Is the weight coming off too fast? Secondly, the fat I have is all in the belly, but it doesn’t look like I’ve lost much. Do I try to exercise for tum trimming and do I up the exercise to keep losing thepounds?

    I wish I’d took a photo at the start. For some reason I’m getting over analytical?

    I suspect you needn’t worry about that. In The Blood Sugar Diet, where such speed of weight loss is quite common, Michael Mosley tackles the issue of speed. There is well conducted research indicating that speed is fine, and that contrary to the myths, people who lose quickly are more likely to keep it off. The BS diet is 800 cals per day combined with low carb eating for 8 weeks, giving a very low cal count per week and across the period. The only risk of low cal dieting seems to be potential lack of nutrients, and he emphasises the need for variety of foods, colour range in veg ( colour indicating nutrients) and ensuring there are sufficient fats in the form of olive oil, butter and fatty foods like avocado, cheese and yogurt for calcium and oily fish.

    Some people on that site discuss with the dieticians there staying on the diet for longer and many do so. Others go onto an augmented 5:2 using 800 cals for each of the FDs, then a low carb Mediterranean style diet in between. These seem to combine well for both weightloss, maintenance and keeping blood sugars stable (which is the prime issue for many who take up that diet).

    It may be that cutting the carbs, as that diet does, helps with belly fat in a way that just lowering calories doesn’t. I don’t know of research on that, but in any case, to ensure you get sufficient nutrients, the range of foods he suggests instead of hi carbs would be a help anyhow.


    It takes a while for the body to shrink after the weight is lost but some exercise to help tone things up are a good idea. As for upping exercise, weight loss is 95% calorie restriction and 5% exercise unless you do verY strenuous exercise for several hours every day. As you are losing weight so easily you don’t have any worries.
    Well done and let us know when you reach your goal.

    Thank you very much for the detailed replies. Gratefully appreciated.

    Having my first tough day. It was meant to be a fast day, but I made a cock up with my maths! At least I only have taken in about 1,400 calories.

    Fast day tomorrow instead.

    @ Robertshaw, I am in the same boat as you, I too am losing weight fast on this 5:2 diet. I started this diet on May 17, and yesterday was my 3rd day of fasting. Today when I stepped on the scale I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that I had lost a total of 9.5 pounds so far. Had to take my measurements to see whether there was any change there. Yes, there was, I have lost an inch around my waist and hip. So thrilled!!

    Btw, my starting weight when I started this diet was 139 pounds, and today it was 129.4 pound.

    Exercise wise – I walk 45 minutes daily 3.0mph following Leslie Sansone walk away pounds.

    After seeing how much I have lost in such a short time, started wondering whether there was anyone like me who was losing weight like me. Had to log in here and happened to came upon your post.

    It is a comfort to know that I am not the only one who is losing weight fast. So thanks for sharing your progress.

    I started the diet on January 1st and lost 5 lb for January and February. I start worrying that I am losing too fast, but I wish I did not worry about that. The worry get me off the track, and I lost 3 lb in March and only 2 lb in April because I did not stick to a plan. When I started I did 36 hours no calories fasts twice per week, now I cannot complete a single 36 hour no calories fast for a while. When you get off the track, it is hard to be back.
    I suggest, you continue and be happy that you are losing until you hit your target.
    Exercises are helpful to tone the body and to build up some muscles to replace the fat.

    Anyway, we are all so different, and what is working or not working for me could be really good for others. The best way is to listen to your body and your feelings.

    Great job so far! Wishing you to reach your goal soon!

    Thank you 🙂

    The weight loss has really slowed up now so I might do a few weeks of 4:3

    Glad to come across this post. Today is my 6th day on the diet and I’ve already lost 11lb! I’m happy and shocked, but also wondering if it’s safe that I’ve lost so much. I do have a lot to lose though, started at 106.8kg and I’m only a 5’2 woman.

    On non-fast days, I have been watching what I eat and try to keep under 1200cal. But I’m still tweaking that to see whether I should up it to 1600 per non-fast days. Some days it would go up to 1600, when I would snack more or have desert with dinner. I’m not depriving myself of anything that I want to eat on non-fast days. Just watching more closely on what is it that I’m consuming and how much of it I am having.

    Hope this fast pace is OK. I do worry about lose skin at this rate. Any tips on how to prevent lose skin? Any types of food to help skin elasticity?

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    First time poster …
    Just came on to check this out . I’ve lost 5kgs in 4days (today’s day 5 &a fasting day fasted day 1 & day 3) – is this too much weight too fast?
    I don’t have a hell of a lot to lose – 10-16kgs now .
    Thanks 🙂

    Alot of that 5 kilos may initially be water weight, as that is lost first; the best indicator would be your tape measure & the way your clothes fit now.

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