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  • today marks my first full week on 5:2. i didnt try to do anything very ambitious except the fasting. i usually aim for 10,000 steps a day which i dont find to hard to do on the fasting days, which i was a bit worried about. the first week i went from 70kg to 68kg, which is a crazy 2kg loss but i imagine it is mostly water. i found the first day of fasting to be hard, i am not used to being hungry. the second fast of the week was pretty fine, i found myself having a good ability to concentrate on a project. i had a low calorie protein shake, vegetable soup with shiriataki noodles, and lots to drink. i noticed that the days where i do not plan my lunches, i tend to eat all too many calories, so my goal for this week is to be more mindful on my non fasting days and try to eat more veggies on those days as well. today i have packed a beef stew with kale and cottage cheese for lunch. breakfast was a smoothie and a slice of sourdough toast with cucumber, tomato and cheese. my plan for dinner is to make a big chicken soup loaded with vegetables. im looking forward to week 2 and plan to fast on wednesday and friday – with my workouts on tuesday thursday and saturday.

    finished week 2 yesterday. my goals were not met. i had a rough week on the family front so i decided to try to be a bit easy on myself. i managed only 1 fast, but im still down .4kg so i think that is just fine. this week i have already completed one fast, and ive experienced some unpleasant things in the bathroom when i break my fast. this week i will take it a bit easier when i break my second fast of the week and see if it helps.

    Well done Grendella! Keep posting🙂 You’ve got a good attitude to 5:2
    Onwards and Downwards,

    hi merry! thanks for the nice comment.

    i found other people’s weekly updates so encouraging so i thought write my own. today i am down at 67.4 which i find to be very motivating!

    good things encourage more good things so today i am off to talk a walk and go to the gym. i am starting to gain back my strength (i used to compete in weightlifting many many years ago..but after an injury and depression ive back tracked quiet a bit). if anyone is on MFP or Pacer you can add me – its the same username.

    i have the goal to get down back to a certain weight before my 30th birthday, but id also like to reach 65kg before a vacation this spring in france 🙂 that’s just 2.4kg a way!

    Hi grendella, looks like you are doing very well.What is your target weight? I am on 60 kg having lost 6 kg and am aiming for 52kg.I find the 5:2 works brilliantly. I am so glad to have found a doable way to loose and then maintain my weight. And it is a healthy way too, which is even better.
    At the beginning I weighed my food to put together 2x 250 kcal meals to eat during the fast days. Now I do not weigh the food any more, I know roughly what goes. Planning your meals definitely helps.Then you know what you can eat that day and nothing else shall pass the lips…Good luck on your journey.

    hi poggy!

    are you doing 5:2 in combo with a vegan diet? if so, very impressive! my target weight is around yours i believe, but as they weight sheds i may reassess because i havent weighed that little since i was a young teenager. im 166cm and a bit beefy as i used to compete in weightlifting. if i hit 60kg i think that would be more than reasonable. my starting weight is 70kg. i am still weighing my food as i tend to be a bit optimistic about portions. today is a fast day for me, i had some miso soup with shirataki noodles and seaweed. i LOVE shirataki, but as they are a bit pricey i save them mainly for 2 or 3 times a week. the thing i love most about this diet so far is how clear i feel, and how much i crave things like SALAD. it really resets me a good way. thank for stopping by! ill be updating again soon. hugs!

    Hi Grendella, thanks, I have been vegetarien for over 30 years and went vegan 3 years ago, so it comes natural to me.
    I use algae noodles on my fast days and find them really the best way to get a satisfying lunch within my 250kcal target. I’m only 162cm, so I need to go down to 52kg for a really slim figure.
    Your weightloss is impressive for the short time you have been doing it. Good on you. I loose about a pound on fast days, but I have to be careful not to gain too much back on the days in between. I do not always manage to keep my loss, but if I lose a bit slower, that is ok too. You are young, so you might loose the weight easier. I am 64 and the body and metabolism changes quite a bit.

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