Week 4 and struggling help :(

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  • Is it just me or is week 4 tough.
    I found it hard on Monday and harder today, I have a migraine water isnt taking my hunger away and I am craving something sweet.
    I dont think I will be able to carry on if I am going to get a migraine twice a week. Is this to be expected?

    I’m starting week 5, & yes I thought week 4 was tough. I considered quitting, even considered trying alternate day fasting. However, I just had a great week and a fantastic weigh loss. I hesitate to share because every person is different, but I came out of week 4 feeling absolutely awesome. Plus clothes I wore just a few days ago are now a bit roomier.

    Hope that’s encouraging!! Good luck! You can do it!!

    I do believe some weeks are worse than others, but come to the site and share your problems, all the guys on here are great and will get you through. The weight loss and health benefits will start to show soon I’m sure. Good luck, and keep at it.

    Thanks Mommabear and anniemac
    I kept thinking to myself tomorrow is a feast day you can do it, I got through. I am starting to see the weight loss benefits with having lost nearly 5kg and clothes are starting to fit differently. I changed my fast days this week due to a birthday and a charity meeting that involved food may be that had something to do with it.
    Back to normal next week with my regular tuesdays and thursdays. I think I will go through my recipe books and makes something scrummy for next weeks days to give a bit of a boost.
    This forum is great for advice and encouragement, everyone has been there and knows.
    Thanks and keep going

    Well done emmap that’s a great start.
    My only piece of advise (since you are obviously doing things right) is to stop calling non fast days ‘feast days’. They are just normal days 🙂
    Apart from the obvious advantage of weight loss for our own personal ego boost there are so many more advantages to IF so it should be considered a way of life I feel.
    Keep it up!

    Are you getting migraines the morning after fasting or during fasting days? I am in my 5th week of the diet and used to get migraine headaches when I woke up on the morning after fasting. I tried eatting protein or some carbs the morning after to see what will help. I found eatting some carbs such as peanut butter on a graham cracker the first thing the day after the fasting day. And that seems to work.

    Are you a coffee drinker? Before I started this diet, I was getting migraines until I drank several cups of regular coffee in the morning. And I was drinking a lot of regular coffee through out the day. I think my body wanted the caffeine in the morning. I switch to either half & half coffee or decaf and that also seem to help.

    Have you keep track what specifically you are eatting before you get the migraine. Is it a new food that you havent had before? If so, try not eatting it and see if you still get headaches. Are you drinking alot of water. You need to do that to stay hydrated.

    Good luck and I hope you find out what is giving you the headaches.

    Other posts have mentioned salt and magnesium. Drinking broth. Look for posts that talk about it. Sorry you are having a rough patch. While I don’t get headaches, I’ve also had good and bad weeks. At one point I felt so bad that I took a week off. Needed a reset and now fully back in the swing. And feeling pretty good. Give yourself time to adjust. Good luck finding your solution.

    thanks piper and b4wego2012.
    The migraines were coming in the middle of the afternoon, a while ago I cut down on my caffeine in take you could call me a bit of a tea pot but I changed to drinking black honey roobush tea so I know it wasnt my body screaming for caffeine. It wasnt dehydration as I drink litres of water and there wasnt anything really new in my diet.
    I think that it may have been something to do with sugar, my sugar intake has dropped significantly on the fastdiet and maybe my body or brain was looking for a sugar kick.
    The migraines have decreased thankfully, I found that a neck massage helped.
    I am fasting today and struggling a bit its pshcological as everyone is talking about food around me, keep thinking yes nice food tomorrow nice food tomorrow, another 1kg off on Tuesday keep going
    Thanks for your kind words, keep up the good work to everyone hope you have lovely weekends

    Hey Emma,
    What you say about sugar might be true. The brain tends to fight you when you cut down on sugar intake because it works mainly on glucose, but it will adapt. Headaches (I’ve never had migraines so maybe this sounds stupid) can also be caused by your body detoxifying itself.

    Did they come back or have the past few days been OK?

    Hi Nika
    The headaches stopped but I fell off the Fast diet bandwagon last week, I didnt fast properly on my second day and wasnt as focused with my normal days, exercise was still there but the food went out the window but reading the forum we all have our off days and tomorrow is another fast day. Lets see how my head fairs this week with my little slip.
    I hadnt thought about the detoxing of my body causing the headaches but that makes sense too, its probably a mixture of everything. I hope I am over them now and they dont return

    I’m hoping with you! 😀
    And yeah, of course everyone has their off days (and even off weeks!) What matters is not what you DID (wrong) but what you’re GOING to do. Take your next best step!

    How did you fast day go? Both food and headache-wise?

    No headache on either fast day this week, fast day 1 went a little bit wrong. Had no electricity when I finished work and I had all great ideas of what to cook when I got home but couldnt do any of them so ended up eating dried noodles which took me over my 500 calories. Yesterday was a lovely fast day I had a breakfast which was great and then dinner was great too so a very good day.
    I started writing my fasting days in a new notebook this week which always spurs me on a bit, sounds stupid but makes me more conscientious of writing everything down.
    So now to prepare for next week, have been reading through the fast day recipe book so I can write my shopping list.

    Writing stuff down doesn’t sound stupid, sounds really smart actually 😉 And I think a power-outage is a very good excuse for not eating what you planned… hardly your fault. I have the luxury (and curse) of living a 5 minute walk from the supermarket. Luxury in that I can change my plans very quickly and easily, a curse in the sense that when I get a binge craving I can satiate it too quickly and don’t have time to quiet down…

    Anyway, good to hear you didn’t have headaches! Let’s hope they stay away.

    I was struggling with problem of headache from past 3 weeks and believe me not antibiotics showed any effect on my headache. Then I came to know about meditation and I started doing it. It is quite effective.

    find this

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