we will bow out of being part of 1 of the most supportive forums i have

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we will bow out of being part of 1 of the most supportive forums i have

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  • we will bow out of being part of 1 of the most supportive forums
    i have seen

    let’s stop the madness please

    Why are you leaving? x

    hi saraann,

    click on my name & replies u will c how it came 2b

    i realize i can’t b upset over some people

    when this forum has been so helpful & caring & astute

    thanks 4 asking

    as one rockyromero said

    we should all have a rule “Check your fasting at the door?”

    Ah I have read it. That’s so sad. I have only found this site helpful as you did. Please don’t give up on it. You have been so supportive and helpful to SO many people, me included. We need gentle kind members like you x

    awww saraann u made me cry thanks

    Do not on any account whatsoever walk out that door. You are one of the most supportive people on the forums, always there to welcome others, always with a kind word and you are very good at providing links to very useful information. I wanted to thank you and Puny privately but there isn’t that facility. Probably a good thing really. Things got messy but hey, pay it no more attention, it isn’t worth the time and energy. 🙂

    Don’t sulk or walk out – throw the FAT!

    Let’s settle this fairly on the FAT issue!

    You know who you are!

    Fight FAT with no FAT – fairly.

    Whoever removes the most FAT or other measurements in September wins!


    I’m on this site and tracking my activity, and I could just as easily track my weight.

    You want to throw FAT? Well, what are you waiting for? 3 weeks left, not much, but there you have it.

    It’s also an honor system, as we cannot verify this. Calibrate those scales or whatever measurement fits, like weight, BMI, size measurements.

    Top 3 are acknowledged, and winner has boasting rights & can close this thread.

    Ties are voted on by impartial participants.

    Man UP and woman Up!


    thanks annian
    get well

    IM non the wiser after clicking on your name and reading the replies! Cryptic posts throw me every time.

    No, please don’t leave, will miss your input.

    Hi WiltldnrUSA

    I think you are perhaps overeacting a bit here by re-posting this issue but having spoken honestly; I can also say I can see totally where you are coming from.

    I don’t take part in any other forum (obviously out of choice) but I have seen how nasty and thoughtless other site ‘conversations’ can be. I agree wholeheartedly with you that this site is normally peopled by folk who are sharing, supportive, encouraging and informative.

    I think the only person you will really hurt by leaving this site is yourself and clearly you enjoy it going by how often you post. I feel personally that the person in question should have been reported and had it explainted to them how sweeping and offensive the wording could be construed as. Then, if they wanted to continue on this site they would have chosen their future wording much more carefully.

    But you don’t have to take responsibility for someone elses actions/opinions. Rise above it WiltldUSA and come back soon you’ all (that’s supposed to be said in an American accent-I might have the spelling wrong though!)

    Oh and let’s get this site back on track everyone; which is the 5:2 diet and our experiences of it.

    Sorry, no idea what the problem is, but i dont think you should leave the site.We all participate the best way we can, and some of your posts have been very good. You will be missed if you leave…………

    Hi WiltldnrUSA, just read your post. I am at a loss as to what has caused this. Have looked at your replies etc but cannot see which was the issue.
    I was recently talking to a female colleague who is boarderline diabetic. She was quoting research done by a health student who told her fasting with diabetes was dangerous and unhealthy and should be avoided. I am impressed enough by several posters on this site who have diabetes and who have researched the problem including the effects of fasting.
    I simply quoted her one or two names of posters on this site along with their research and personal experiences of diabetes. I was comfortable enough to do this because of the quality of the research and posters comments. Your name was top of my list.
    Your research, personal trials and tribulations, comments and support for all posters on this site have travelled around the globe and are being mentioned in conversations about the 5:2 lifestyle by myself and others.
    If you feel the need to stop posting then I respect your feelings and decision to do so. I believe your input is too important for the site to be without and I will certainly miss you.
    Best wishes and I look forward to your future comments.

    well after all of that time the

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    is not working anyways

    but still 2 all who replied 2 this

    click this link

    4 my response


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