we all have something called choice / we all have the same goals

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we all have something called choice / we all have the same goals

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  • whom 2 read
    whom we can reply 2
    whom not 2 waste our energy on due 2 who knows 4 what reason

    this forum gives us a search option which really helps us find the topic we want/concerns us & let’s us peruse what posters have said on what we
    want/concerns us

    we have all have the same goals

    2 get healthy

    2 lose weight/or not

    2 achieve our goals

    happy nonfastdays & fastdays & 4/2/1 or 3/3/1 or adf w/1 πŸ˜€

    Finally, someone with their panties on correctly.

    Freedom of speech FTW!

    Actually, I’m grateful that this forum exists allowing self expression.

    Eventually, rules are put in place that constrict behaviors because of good intentions.

    Luckily, the internet has kept it’s freedom in most areas and becomes the source of creativity.

    Order and chaos needs to coexist in order to fluorish.

    And so should this forum.


    If you can’t or won’t be respectful to how others may perceive the inappropriate comments about Michael Moskey, then at least have the adult fortitude to dispense with the name calling and verbal chiding. So many people believe they have the right to be disrespectful and downright crude and hurtful to others in the name of free speech and self expression. Very selfish.

    Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. And then to keep it going after you find out you are blatantly being nothing but rude to fellow members of this forum. Obviously, you are going for shock value, and are getting your jollies. I feel sorry for the hurt you must have had in your life, which causes this kind of bad and immature behavior. What has happened to being cooth and respetful for your fellow beings in this world?

    Hope I haven’t offended anyone on the sharing opinions of books. There is more to life than fasting and 5:2, and while this particular forum is dedicated to this diet, I don’t see the problem with sharing things we’re interested in to keep our mind off hunger on non fast days. I don’t happen to personally be interested in books, so I just skip that particular thread, as I’m sure others do who are not interested in what I may say.

    This forum has been a HUGE help in my life. Hope we can all coexist in mutual respect and harmony.


    “This forum has been a HUGE help in my life. Hope we can all coexist in mutual respect and harmony.”

    very well said

    me 2

    happy nonfastdays & fastdays & 5/2 & 4/3 & adf or 4/2/1 or 3/3/1 or adf w/1 & the fdl (fastday lifestyle) πŸ˜€

    TidyChick, I think you need to settle down and take some beta-blockers or something. All this being offended by an internet forum can’t be good for your health. And whatever you do, NEVER set foot on the Daily Mail website. You will have a hernia.

    I find it funny (and by that, I mean very unfunny) to see you accuse me of verbal chiding (and being selfish to boot!) whilst doing the very same things yourself.

    Whatever happened to live and let live? I’m taken aback by the hostility brewing on this (a diet!) forum. What a bizarre phenomenon. BBC4-worthy in fact.

    “I feel sorry for the hurt you must have had in your life”

    Logic fail. Having admiration for someone means I’ve had a childhood trauma or some other drama? Don’t give up your day job TidyChick, cause amature-psychology isn’t for you. Indeed, I feel sorry for YOU if a fellow human being feeling affection for another fellow human being offends you so vehemently.

    Apparently I hit a raw nerve. You’re not so funny now……

    What TidyChick hit was the my buttons. I had a good laugh when Bit On the Side started posting. Thought it was a real hoot after lots of saccharine schmoozing going on, what with all that effort being terribly nice to each other.

    I’d already been ticked off for saying I thought some of usa’s posts sounded loopy, even though I’d decided I ‘liked’ him/her. I do like/unlike some posters. I’d have to say that I’d unlike anyone who said β€œI feel sorry for the hurt you must have had in your life”. Yuck.

    Whatever happens, never ever take offence at a post. It is just a string of characters on a screen. You don’t know who or what is behind that moniker, so just ease back. Keep posting Bit On the Side – some of us think you are funny.

    My hubster has just offered his pseudo-psychological hypothesis: those being offended are yanks http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/3433375.stm

    What do you think? Is he hot, cold, or just downright racist? Put your answer on a postcard and send it to: Mosleys Bit On The Side, Don’t Give A Shit Headquarters, PO BOX B00 BS.

    You are right, I shouldn’t have attacked your background. Sorry.

    My hypothesis: those being offended are christians. They just don’t get humour or they would see the funny side of religiosity.

    Alternative hypothesis (and I’m designing an experiment to test this one) is that TidyChick takes absolutely everything very very seriously.

    Go to your corners and start fasting.

    You know who you are.

    There’s wisdom in fasting.


    MBOTS, will miss your posts if you aren’t allowed any more of the same, they were a breath of fresh air! Please, find another topic to apply your wit to.

    Thanks Tom. Adios people. The party-poopers won out.

    MBOTS – toms mantis is right; definitely find another topic to apply your energy to because you made me laugh out loud (inappropriately!)

    wiltdnrUSA – I don’t really like your comment about ‘who not to waste our energy on for whatever reason’.
    That’s quite a nasty way to refer to anybody whatever they are saying; there are many posts I don’t read when I see the author but I would never put it in print in the way you have.

    Since the ethos of this site has been mooted very recently; I would say that your comment goes against the usually helpful, encouraging, supportive ethos of this site.

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