Water Fasting

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  • Hello all. I am new to the forum but not new to fasting. I come from a scientific background and am always researching to see what the science is behind claims. I am a research junkie and for the past few months have been reading the work of Dr. Valter Longo and Dr. Jason Fung along with viewing many podcasts on youtube. After believing for most of my life that weight loss is accomplished by calorie reduction, I now know that is not the case. On January 3rd of this year, I started my first fast cold turkey. I had hoped to fast for 7 days. That continued to 14 days and further continued to 23 days when I ended my fast. I only drank water the entire time. I stopped my fast because my body was telling me that it was time. I was not hungry when I ended the fast but I just felt weaker than I did the previous week. When I started my fast I weighed 214 which would be considered obese for a 5’2″ female. This was the heaviest I had been my entire life. At the end of my fast I weighed 183 lbs. It is now mid March and plan to start another fast tomorrow. After the fast, I tried to stay on a Keto eating regiment and it did work, though I am still tweaking it. I have had such an extraordinary experience on the fast that I want to fast for two weeks and then transition to a Keto diet, alternating until I reach my goal of 110 lbs.

    How is it going???

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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