Trying to make the fasting work for me with working. For a long haul airline

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Trying to make the fasting work for me with working. For a long haul airline

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  • Have not really started yet, read book and trying to work out the best way of doing the fasts when I have a monthly roster ….wish to have a 2000 cal intake when I’m home , now looking at having flight days and down route days….

    With the monthly roster I took 1000cal when on board aircraft and fasting to 600 cal when I’m down route

    This gives an average of 1350 cal per day which is approx the same as a 4:3,

    I’m 105 kg and 6ft tall so why I’m looking for some quick results at least in the short term and of course would look at dropping off when nearer the 85 kg which is right for me

    Since starting to fly the weight as piled on,,,,you just pick all thought the flight which is so not right..

    Any reasons why this should not be any good..of course if I am lucky enought to have extended time down route then a non fast day could be used

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated


    My only comment would be why stop at 85kg? 🙂 For your height, that only JUST puts your BMI into the healthy range. When I first started losing weight, I only aimed for 85kg initially too, as I was pessimistic about even getting that far (I’m slightly taller than you). I was 110kg. Once I did get to 85kg, I realised I could basically choose what weight I wanted to be, and kept on going right back to my teenage weight of 70kg (which puts me at the lower end of the healthy range… so I can have a blow-out at Xmas or whatever, and STILL be in the healthy range whilst I work it off again).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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