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  • I’ve gone back and reset my goal weight to an interim goal weight rather than the ultimate “haven’t been there in over 25 years” weight, and it’s caused the graph to go all spikey with interim dates between records going to 0.

    If I could post a screenshot I would.

    Ok I’ve looked more and it appears that while one edits the goal, it doesn’t forget what the orginal goal was. So each post has 2 goals.

    So my original goal was 100, but I’ve reset back to 130 for the moment as that’s my pre-Christmas target and then after Christmas I was going to set the Easter target.
    But each post now has 130 AND 100 as the target so the graph zig-zags across the graph.

    So either:
    Allow 2 goals – interim and long term or
    Allow the goal to be edited in each post (bad idea) or
    Don’t goals to be edited at all so they reflect what you set at the time you set it.

    When I try to look at my tracker – it just brings up a blank page!
    I ammended my height on my profile to correctly show as it should be, but can’t seem to correct the problem with my personal tracker.

    Thanks for any help x

    New to this and I am trying to put my weight in stones and lbs. It is showing lbs at moment so how do I change it please?

    I don’t think the tracker is working properly. Just signd in to record my progress and all my start up details show up as my goal. I have already lost weight in the 10 days I have been on the diet and cant realy record it in the present format as it appears as if I wanted to put on weight?
    Also why is it that the weights are recorded in kg and pounds when most scales are in kg and stone & pounds

    The tracker does not appear to be working properly – I have been waiting for a reply from a ‘techie’ since
    February 1st. It’s very frustrating as my goal has changed twice since I reported it on this thread and am thinking of joining a more technically efficient website.

    I have just tried to get back into my tracker, it appears to have lost all my data that I originally entered.

    Wish I could lose weight that easily!

    Fed up

    Hi NightOwl:

    I agree. 5:2 just does not work without a technically efficient website.

    Good Luck!

    Hi – sorry I’ve missed this topic. If you have issues with the tracker, it’s a little quicker to email me at so feel free to do that! For your privacy, I won’t respond with particular details about your tracker here but again, please email me to discuss.

    Unfortunately we don’t have the ability to enter weights in stone and lbs, although that’s on our to-do list. When you make an entry, make sure you’re in the “Make an entry” tab rather than the “Edit details and goals” tab. They look similar and it’s been a bit confusing.

    The double entries for the goal weight on the graph was fixed a couple of months ago. If that’s still happening to anyone, please let me know!

    Which format do I need to enter my DoB into the Tracker? Whatever I try, it tells me it’s wrong.
    Can someone please help?

    Hi MsGadjetty, I simply put my cursor on the date field and clicked and a calendar appeared. I selected my birth date from the choices that calendar.

    That didn’t happen for me, but I eventually got there. The system uses the year first which is unusual, then the month and then the date.

    I agree with having an interim goal as well as long term goal on the tracker. I always have interim goals at 5kg, and my longer term goal of 60. I started at almost 100. It would have been nice to see it ticking off short term goals along the travels. Just my 2 cents!

    Tracker isn’t saving data for me – just saved around 20 sets and then they all disappeared. Frustrating.

    Hi, I’m so sorry it’s giving you trouble! Adding multiple entries can be confusing — you need to make sure you are not editing the previous entry and have clicked the “Clear to make a new entry” if that link is there on the entry page. Editing the previous entry will overwrite it which I think might be what is happening.

    The following link will always give you a fresh entry page:

    Also, you can check that your entries are being saved on your main tracker page:

    Regarding the calendar, the site uses whichever calendar your browser has as the default if it can. Otherwise you can put in the date as year-month-day as you’ve figured out. Sorry that wasn’t clear!

    If you continue to have problems, please email me. I’m not sure on the status of new features on the tracker at the moment but will let you know if anything is planned.

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