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Tip of the day: Lost in among another thread

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  • If you are having a craving feeling, especially if it’s intense, then a trick is to find a stronger positive feeling attached to the thought of the positive benefits.

    When the body unconsciously has to choose between to things it tends to go for the one that feels the best or will bring on the better feeling.

    The most positive thing I like about fasting is the thought of the cells being more resilient and healing more efficiently.

    I then think how that makes me feel. It was good but not enough so I suggested that my unconscious mind, which is simply a metaphor to create a functional system that has set rules such as the unconscious is benevolent and believes what ever you tell it, I ask it to double the good feelings and put my complete trust in it to happen, I’ve done it so often, even if I do find a tiny bit of an internal struggle, I remind myself that I’ve done it thousands of times and it’s easy and then it all goes back to normal. I sometimes say AMPLIFY and INTENSIFY with lots of energy in my tonality that kind of sounds like it is amplifying or intensifying.

    The only time you unconscious doesn’t do what you tell it is if you have a belief that either isn’t quite in line or at total odds. This is where that voice that says, “I can’t do it”.. that’s the counter belief that no matter how much effort you put in you only increase the internal battle. One way around this is to laugh. The moment you laugh you feel good and are open to trying new things in different ways. Some people try once and it doesn’t work so they set up the I can’t belief and that’s as far as they ever get. If it doesn’t double or intensify or whatever then take this as a message that you have to change what you are doing. Keep doing it new ways until you find the one that works.

    Having the infinite belief that Jesus has that you’ll do it this time, can move mountains to make the fireworks go off.

    Other ways when faced with can’t statements is to ask, what would happen if I could? Or to be more persuasive you can say, what will happen when I can?

    You can think of someone who lies a lot, such as a politician and say you can’t do it but using the liars voice. Anyone who you can’t take a single word they say as having any factuality.

    I find laughing is the best because it’s quick and gets your mood up right away. Turns it more into a game than a fight.

    If you are still not there just yet, then laugh, and ask for ideas from your highly creative mind and try them out.

    Keep the faith, you can do it, especially if you’re determined enough.

    And another thought flashed into my mind. Have you heard of transmutation? This is where you turn one form of energy into another. I first heard it from Napoleon Hill who is considered to have started the self help movement near the beginning of the last century.

    The basic principles are that it doesn’t matter what the feeling is, but how much energy it has. So if you think of your craving feeling and focus your mind on the energy rather than the name of the feeling, you can suggest to transmutate this energy into desire for the thought of the healthy benefits, or fasting in general.

    Again, we can all do it, we do it naturally, for instance if your football club beats a low level side then you feel happy but if they are your arch rivals and you win then you feel a lot happier. That’s using external stimuli to activate a feeling. Not required. Feelings don’t come from the outside. They are inside you and if you ask you shall receive. If not at first then eventually you’ll get it. You can think of a comedian telling the funniest joke you ever heard them say and recall it in as much detail as if it was happening now then you’ll feel the good feelings grow. You’re neurology doesn’t know the difference or discriminate between real and imagined events. A nightmare can scare someone just as much as a horror movie.

    I always seem to have the bullet points in my head but before I know it I’m coming out with all the tricks in the book and then making some others up as I go along.

    You can also go the opposite way and half the hunger pangs. I’ve never tried it that way but I have let feelings fade to nothing. This can sometimes be an issue as now you have a void where there used to be a craving but as long as you have the intense desire of losing weight and feeling amazing then that’s that covered.

    Tip the scales. Benefits of fasting must be more desirable than the cravings. Sometimes you have to do it a few times before it becomes a natural automatic habit. But you can do that in a couple of minutes by tipping the scales.. glowing for a few seconds then shake all the feelings out of you. Repeat this a few times and it will stick.

    An extra help can be seeing yourself suggesting the feeling double and notice that your face shows that it’s working. Repeat a few times and it’s kind a suggestion but in visual format.

    Tip the scales and use transmutation.


    Another tip just popped into my head. If you are in a very relaxed state of mind with all tension gone from your body you are less likely to have all this gabbing going on about “is it workign? I’m not sure. did it just happen there a little bit?”

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