This is my story – 40lbs in 18 months

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This is my story – 40lbs in 18 months

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  • Hello,

    I have been a long time reader/member but this is my second post. I’m writing this in hopes that it might entertain some, motivate others. I also think this is a perfect time for me to post this, because I feel completely renewed by fasting and it has become integral part of my life. In a nutshell here goes:

    In the after-xmas-sale of 2012 I was forced to buy a pair of jeans with 36″ waist. I STARTED going to the scale and it showed 96kg (212lbs/15st). I decided that this would be the peak for me, but it was not until one day, that by chance I happened to see the wonderful documentary by Dr. Mosley. AND with *by chance* I really do mean it with CAPS:

    – One that day I was home on my couch at 5pm (which never happens)
    – The TV was on (which never happen… ok kids sometimes watch it)
    – And I turned it to channel YLE-Teema (which I never watch)

    The documentary opened my eyes. It was a huge relief to hear ‘You don’t have to eat all the time – in fact it’s better for you’

    By that time I had managed to get some control. I WAS GOING to the scale regularly and it read 94kg (207lbs/14,8st) After that it was like a switch was turned. I started by loosely adhering to 5:2 (with no calorie counting and a light salad lunch on fast days) Then as I researched further I discovered facts about eating windows (16:4 20:4 ect)

    In January 2014 I took a body composition test at my local gym. I took this for two reasons:

    – The scale/bmi was no longer working on my favor
    – I intended to see how my new regime would affect my fat/muscle ratio in a six month period (I was essentially afraid of loosing muscle)

    I then went on with: two 24h fasts twice a week: Eat 8pm monday > eat next time 8pm tuesday and repeat wednesday to thursday… Really simple and easy for me to accomplish at that point.

    Here are the results:

    Weight (kg) 79,9 77,9
    Muscle (kg) 38,2 38,6
    Fat (kg) 12,6 9,7
    Bone (kg) 3,88 4,08
    BMI 23,9 23,3
    FAT% 15,9 12,5
    Vfat (cm3) 57,2 46,2

    And as of today I have STOPPED getting on the scales! I’m now a 32″ jeans-kinda-guy pushing forty but looking better than 21 😀


    wow congrats!!!!!!!!! i know u must feel wonderfull


    Great stats with the muscle gain and fat loss…Congratulations! Very inspirational!

    Congrats, well done 🙂

    This is amazing result I never done this before I lose weight few time in my 40y but this much never good job…..

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