The See-Saw: Fat v Muscle

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  • Although I am happy with my overall weight with a BMI of 24.5, I am not entirely happy with the amount of body fat I have. My aim, therefore, is to reduce my body fat whilst increasing muscle mass; a bit like trying to prevent one end of an unbalanced see-saw suddenly crashing to the ground. I also have a problem with the bad kind of cholesterol. Tomorrow (26th May) is the day I try to try to address this.

    To help me with keeping a check on how I am doing, I have created an excel worksheet showing my body fat, muscle and water content percentages. From there it is quite a simple task to create a chart to make it easier to see if things are moving in the right direction and make some adjustments as necessary. I think my non fast days will be crucial in getting this right so I’ve used the calculator on this site which gives me a tdee of 2419 calories on non fast days to maintain my weight for the amount of exercise I do.

    I am using weighing scales that gives me the numbers I need for the fat/muscle/water percentages. I appreciate that the scales will not be one hundred percent accurate but they should show me if I’m going in the right direction.

    Hopefully, I will get the benefit of fasting to resolve the cholesterol problem but if not, I’ll have to stick with the statins. I will update here with how I get on.


    There are natural ways to get a good body!

    What helped me a lot in order to get more consistent and motivated with my exercises to be fit were plenty blogs and articles, one would be for example

    If it’s not allowed to post links here (I haven’t found anything about these rules) please feel free to remove it.

    Thanks again,

    Ricky T.

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