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  • In reading the forum I see numerous pleas for answers to questions but precious few responses. Given the popularity of the book I think it would be appropriate (and kind) to hire a moderator to respond to inquiries. Other diet forums offer this service. Thanks.

    Hi Lollyzam, thanks for the suggestion. We’d like the forums provide a place for people doing the diet to share their experiences and support and encourage each other. It’s a simple diet, of course, but there are as many ways to do it as there are people and what works for one person might not work for another – for example, one woman I know eats mainly eggs on her fast days… it’s working for her but wouldn’t for me. We monitor the posts regularly during the day and respond as often as we can. We are also planning to add an ‘unanswered topics’ section to make it easier to respond. I hope this helps

    Can I suggest there are other reasons for wanting a moderator now that there are so many posters? We are getting WAY off topic.
    Firstly, these idiotic comments sexualising MM are entirely inappropriate. You’d never dream of saying the same things about Mimi Spencer and think you could/should get away with it. It’s not funny and it’s not clever, it’s offensive. For goodness sake MM groupies or whatever you call yourselves, go away or stick to what the forum is about.
    Secondly, if you want to discuss what novels you’d like to be reading, please go to a book forum for booklovers of which there are countless. Interesting the posts may be but it clogs up the comments that are meant to be all about 5:2, losing weight and getting healthy. I used to see 50 relevant comments in the most recent comments page – now I see a mere handful.
    And yes, I am unapologetically trying to censor what’s said on the site; there are plenty of places where you can say what you want online, but don’t ruin this site for the rest of us, or I and I am pretty sure many others, will be off.

    Totally agree Humphrey
    One other issue is not the number of posters but that so many people open new topics which only replicate ones already created. On 16/6 (only 4 months ago) there were 312 topics; now there are 1764! No wonder some complain that they don’t get responses, no-one can find them in all the similar sounding topics.

    Humphrey I completely agree with all of your comments.

    It is so difficult now to try and keep up with the forum. It would be lovely to offer support and advice to all, but it is just not possible with the number and range of posts that are started on a daily basis.

    The same questions come up all the time. It would be very useful if all the questions/responses regarding constipation for example could all be put in one place.That way, those who are new would have a place to go and read all about a particular topic and not feel ignored either.

    I too will be departing very soon.


    Couldn’t agree with you more! This forum sure isn’t what it used to be, just a short while ago. It’s too bad.

    [comment deleted]

    I agree with Humphrey also. I have pretty much stopped posting since the forum stopped being interesting on medical issues. You can send comments about inappropriate posts to “”.
    Best wishes to all doing 5:2

    MBOTS, hooray! I agree. Will be quitting this forum. As the above have stated, the same questions are asked over and over. Just how many questions relating to this lifestyle can there be? Our discussion about what we read on fast days and MBOTS posts have been the most enjoyable here. The forum is not only for posts relating to medical issues, not everyone doing the diet has a medical condition, and there’s a good chance most people on here picked up the diet from a BOOK not from watching Horizon. Fast well ALL.

    I do try to catch all of the newbies that have posted with no replies (unless I really have nothing to say with regard to their question) but I have to agree with an earlier comment: Most new posters’ first question has been asked a million times before and well and truly answered in full, many many times before. Maybe we need a really really obvious FAQ page and a push straight to that page for new members signing in.

    I disagree that longterm posters who regularly contribute and help others on here should not be allowed to go a little off-topic with a thread if they want. We are not ‘crazy obsessive dieters’ we are in a lifestyle and other aspects of life that interest & excite us and we want to share with our fellow lifestylers should be fine. The book thread isn’t hurting you – if you don’t want to join in that’s fine. At least we all know to talk about books on that 1 book thread, rather than creating 20 separate threads to discuss the same thing over and over. Someone went off-topic with a Breaking Bad thread a couple of weeks ago when the last episode aired – I joined that chat too – just couldn’t help myself. Why not if you have something to add.

    Lordy, lordy, always so easy to reach for childish language when confronted with poor behaviour. No flouncing or tantrums here, nor policing, just trying to point out pretty vigorously that sexualising people on a forum like this is extraordinarily inappropriate. Surely I don’t need to point out why?

    “sexualising people on a forum like this is extraordinarily inappropriate. ”

    Yes, it’s inappropriate to some and maybe not to others.

    Consider ignoring bad behavior as you would in real life.

    Quality tends to surface and we all know when it appears.

    Fasting is like watching grass grow unless we spark our interests & stay active & enjoy it.

    I’m enjoying this forum.


    [comment deleted]

    I have reported your wholly inappropriate posting. Disgraceful behaviour.

    @ Mosleys Bit On The Side
    “YOU are being an over-sensitive killjoy in your attempts to censor the love. ”

    We’ve had disputes before and the fasting way to settle it is : a Fast Off.

    Whoever removes the most FAT or other measurements by the end of the year wins!

    The seconds can work out the details.


    Fast-off, love it! I will do it in the name of Mosley’s honour.

    Slight problemo however: I’m currently in maintenance, having already been hardcore enough to shift all my excess weight, not unlike my idol.

    Hi – sorry it’s taken a little while to get back to you on this! We’re in the process of ramping up the moderation, although it will still, on the whole, be pretty hands off. However, the topic concerning Michael groupies has been deleted as it’s not appropriate and doesn’t fit in with the ethos of the site.

    The topic about books is fine, though. Having an engaging book at hand is a great way to make it through a day – fasting or not!

    Also, we will not tolerate personal attacks against any of our users. If you see any, please click the “report this post” link and send us the email to let us know.

    I apologise in advance for not getting back to any replies on this topic tonight – I’m just about to head out the door to be with my family for the weekend. πŸ™‚

    Hello All

    I personally found MBOTS very amusing and just good clean fun really; and I encouraged her by responding in a good hearted manner to her comments.

    I thought Michael might be a bit flattered that he had such an voluble admirer BUT when I read your comments Humphrey; I must admit you made a very good point about what if the men said the same things about Mimi?

    You would be rail-roaded out of town by a possee full of women. I have strong opinions about most things but I am open to reason and I’m afraid the posters who found it inappropriate are right.

    So reluctantly, MBOTS I have to agree that Humphrey has made a very valid point and was actually brave to do it and I applaud that. No-one actually invites derision and he has already incurred your wrath.

    I think he and the others are right; perhaps that kind of theme is inappropriate and you could continue it on another site where you can say whatever you like.

    I wish you all the best whatever you do

    fastdiet or jj

    enjoy ur weekend!

    r u on this lifestyle?

    thank u

    4 taking the time

    2 respond

    “I personally found MBOTS very amusing and just good clean fun really; ”

    Where are all rowdy friends?


    This is in reply to what TracyJ said, ‘Most new posters’ first question has been asked a million times before and well and truly answered in full, many many times before.’ This might be true, but a new person on the forum often just wants affirmation that they are doing things the right way and they may well have not read everything first.It may seem a bother to repeat yourself a million times when you think all the t’s are crossed and all the i’s are dotted on here, but we have to for their sake try and tell this story again and again.


    “but we have to for their sake try and tell this story again and again.”

    cheers! well said

    i think as human beings we all want 2 feel wanted
    i mean we could just search on google & be lonely w/ only the facts. facts don’t answer u do they?

    this forum let’s u participate

    as advocate of newbies i put a link 2together on this forum

    everything a newbie might want 2 c, use & read

    could u contribute some advice or tip?


    re: PreciousBooBoo, Rocky

    MBOTS was outrageous, but I loved your response. It could have gone so much worse, but you made me laugh. Kudos.

    As a newbie, I’m hoping none of you quit posting.

    2all & PreciousBooBoo

    even dr mosley has a wicked/great sense of humor also
    very naughty πŸ˜€

    u do not have 2 join

    PreciousBooBoo i was not trying 2 b mean

    i was saying focus/post on what u like & don’t waste ur energy on what u do not like or react 2. whatever.
    just let people b πŸ˜€
    if that is mean in ur eyes PreciousBooBoo
    i’m sorry. however, did not try for it 2 hurt anyone & i think based on my posts. i’m not that kind of person. i hope u agree?

    now bullying & making someone feel bad/small that is not tolerated on this forum
    & i think we all agree . we have a nice forum πŸ˜€

    would like all nonbulliers/no longer bulliers 2
    2 stay

    please stay all we have a great forum!


    Very well put! You can be incredibly funny without being mean spirited or degrading. I for one, like a good laugh.

    You mentioned something about 5:1:1 in an earlier post….eating regularly for 5 days, 500/600 calories on one day, and eating whatever you want on one day per week. Are you trying that? If so, is it working? On the “freebie” day, all you want, or just not as careful?

    Was extremely discouraged for several weeks, because to be frank, I was sick of the whole fasting routine. Didn’t want to face another week of it all. So I took some time off and have started again with a renewed sense of vigor. I would recommend taking a break, as opposed to giving up completely, if you find yourself tired of worrying about fasting, calories, what to eat, and planning days and meals, etc. It felt good to take a breather, and now I appreciate 5:2 more than ever. I’m close to my goal, and am wanting do 6:1 to see how that will work, but the 5:1:1 sounds intriguing.

    TidyChick , scared of having a break in case I never get back on the bike. Was it hard to do?


    I was scared too, because I’ve been on many diets that have all failed, except this one. But after almost 4 months, I was finding myself binging more and more, first on regular days, then on fast days too. 5:2 works, that’s all there is to it (at least for me), but I couldn’t bear the thought of fasting one more day, or dealing with calories, counting or not, or trying to work the days around our busy life (have 2 teenagers and 2 toddlers), etc, etc.

    So I looked into 16:8, which I did for a bit, and lost a little at first, then just maintained. Knew I needed to get back to what works. Had tried to get on the wagon before that, but was getting out of control with the eating and dealing with stress. It was like my mind said, “I’m supposed to be ‘good’ with how I eat, so I’m gonna rebel!”

    Soooooo, took it easy for a while, and didn’t give much thought to the “diet”, and it was good to take a much needed break. Because I honestly feel now, like I did when I first started in June. Have switched my fasting days around, am not as obsessive about everything, and am taking one day at a time.

    I think I’m addicted to sugar besides, so that has opened my eyes more to what I am putting in my mouth, as well as what junk food I keep around. Suppose I’m keeping my body guessing, because I’m loosing again, although won’t weigh myself until the end of next month. Weighing a lot, became very discouraging. My clothes are looser, skin clearing up again. Feel good.

    Are you thinking about taking a break then?


    thanks, did u c michael’s facebook?
    what did u think

    i’m sure these emails r making the moderator nuts

    so let’s go 2 the new post link b low i created
    where i answered ur question

    5/1/1 or 4/2/1 or 3/3/1

    c u there πŸ˜€

    Hi again – as you might have notices MBOTS username is now “MummyBots” for much the same reasons as the other edits.

    wiltldnrUSA – I’m in the lifestyle, kind of. I’m not great at it but it definitely works for me when I do it. πŸ™‚

    hi fastdiet/jj,

    nice 2 know
    is there a reason ur not great @ it
    r u working 2 hard?

    as u can c my name is difficult it was an emotional reason 4 the name

    most people call me usa could u change it 2 that
    it helps 4 the newbies πŸ˜€


    thanks 4 everything

    TidyChick, May take a break after Christmas, today should have been a fasting day, but changed it to tomorrow because OH is away for work, I just cannot think about fasting. I won’t cook for myself, so it was beans on toast!! OH has reached his ideal weight now, lost 22lbs, so he is doing 6:1 to maintain. I will keep going a bit longer, because have tried many, many times to lose weight and have done, but soon put it back on again when boredom kicks in. Don’t want it to happen again. As with you, clothes are slacker now and I do feel better. Fast well.

    I think you should keep your name, wiltldnrUSA – people have replied to it and it might confuse people who already know you.

    Re the diet: I’m just a bit lazy and sometimes don’t schedule things quite right!

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