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  • I just ordered it from amazon. The recipes look very nice, and there are some nice ideas in that book. Amazon U.S. is very generous in letting us search through a huge section of it on-line before buying.

    I don’t really need it…but I want it!

    Do you have it and have any favorite recipes?

    I think the recipe book looks great – I only got it 2 days ago, so haven’t had much of a chance to try out recipes. I like to mix & match things a bit, but having a recipe to follow with a guaranteed number of calories listed at the top makes it so easy on fast day ! And many of them look good enough to eat on non-fast days too !

    lots of great tips at the beginning as well.

    definitely worth buying.

    Got my copy yesterday & am really keen to try out the recipes, there are lots that sound great. We’re planning on having Masala prawns on Tues and Lolo meatballs on Thurs. Just off to make up a big batch of the muesli recipe now.

    I was on the point of buying the fast diet cookbook but realised lots of the recipes would be meat! I am vegetarian and have done an Amazon search for a vegetarian fast diet cookbook but can’t find one. Does anyone know of one please?

    I just wanted to comment with a link to my blog, because each Tuesday I do a post about the Fast Diet and this week include another recipe from The Fast Diet Recipe Book, the chicken puttanesca was delicious!!! So far have had a few great meals from it and i’m a Gluten Free Foodie!! xx

    Hi today’s my second fast day this week. Doing fine!
    I am trying the chicken puttanesca recipe for my OH and me tonight. Looks and smells great!
    Cauliflower and broccoli for me (all weighed!!) but no doubt will be jealously watching Pete also eat a jacket potato!!

    To Veggiedieter, Yes search on amazon for 5:2 recipe books vegetarian – there are some I just checked!

    Hi, I’m also veggie and I saw the veggie 5:2 diet books on Amazon, but I was wondering (hoping!) if Mimi was planning a veggie version?
    I’m a bit suspicious of all many people jumping on the 5:2 bandwagon.
    I somewhat doubt if the veggie 5:2 recipe books will be sticking to the food facts from 5:2. Maybe I just have to buy the main recipe book and substitute the meat for cheese, eggs and tofu?
    Does anyone have any thoughts?

    I’ve had Michael and Mimi’s cookbook long enough for it to have a few cookery-generated splodges on it. I use it on a regular basis and favourites include:
    Salmon fillet four ways p 66, I like it served with warm Puy lentil salad (198 cal)
    Skipper’s soup p 175 amazingly filling at 142 cal
    Fast day minestrone p 178, 229 cal without pasta, 313 with
    No-potato nicoise p. 196, 258 cal
    Chicken puttanesca, p 145, 247 cal – probably THE favourite
    Lots more dishes suitable for vegetarians, including variations on dahl pp 80-82. Spinach with pea and lime (270 cal) is lovely.
    Whether or not she can be said to be “jumping on the band wagon” in “The 5:2 cookbook, 100 recipes for fasting” Angela Dowden delivers the goods. I use her book just as much as I do Michael and Mimi’s and it has the added advantage of a reasonably effective calorie counter.
    Also, think about looking on line for low-cal stuff. BBC Good Food has a lot on offer, quite a few main course dishes for between 180 and 250 cal.

    Thanks for the tip Hermajtomomi, 🙂
    One of the things I especially like about 5:2 is there is no club to join, no special foods to buy. That’s why I’m a big sensitive about people ‘bandwagoning’!

    I have dozens of calories counted cookery books, quite a few published by Weightwatchers. I guess all you need are the totals so you can choose recipes below your limit on fast days?
    BTW mimi’s cookery book isn’t co written with Michael, it’s with Sarah Schenker.

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