The Fast Diet arrives in the USA

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The Fast Diet arrives in the USA

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  • The Fast Diet arrives in the USA

    Well, Good Morning America! The Fast Diet is now on sale in the States, and – incredibly – has immediately shot to number 2 in the Amazon book charts. We’ve been waiting a while to get the Intermittent Fasting message to a wider, international audience – and this marks the beginning of that project. Michael has been on ABC’s Good Morning America today (among other things, he served up some of the recipes from our new cookbook), and The New York Times is set to run a comprehensive feature on the Fast Diet this coming Sunday.

    So, a warm welcome to you all. We hope you like what you see, and that your experiences will mirror the success stories we’ve been hearing here since the New Year. We’re fascinated to learn how the Fast Diet format will translate to other territories, and hope that a new American audience will discover the simplicity and benefits of the 5:2 method, as so many of us in the UK have done. Please let us know how your fasting days go – keep us in the loop.

    I saw the bit on ABC Nightline website about 5:2, hopefully it will help get a few more Americans on board as I’m sure it will do a lot of people a lot of good. Here’s the ABC Nightline report:

    They used my before & after photos (that’s my waist with the jeans which are way too big!) as well as those of various other Facebook users.

    Welcome, America, to this revolutionary way of life!

    I have just bought the book and will start the diet soon. Please, wish me luck. I have only one stone which I need to reduce but it is very difficult. Is it true that sometimes it easier to loose weight if one has considerably more than a stone to reduce? I am not proud of my lack of will power.

    Is there any hope of the horizon program being shown in the US or available on US-compatible CD?

    You could download the programme as a torrent

    i have absolutely no idea what a torrent is

    Neither do I lol-that’s what husbands are for! Seriously, if you know someone who knows how to download stuff then you should be able to find it.

    It surprises me that my comment, which mentions a site listed in the helpful links page, as well as linking to a (non-pirate, officially published) news video which Dr Mosley stars in hasn’t been approved and yet the messages promoting the use of peer-to-peer file sharing (torrents) have been approved 🙁

    found it here. absolutely wonderful!!!
    [deleted due to copyright issues]

    Hi everyone, especially to our new American audience. Two pieces of great news – The Fast Diet has gone to Number One on in the States (thank you – we are now Number One in UK and US simultaneously!)… and Michael’s ‘Eat, Fast, Live Longer’ programme is due to be shown on PBS on April 3 (apologies to all who have had trouble finding it online).

    Will now celebrate with a chocolate croissant (#notafastday!)

    Brilliant! I’m still doing this after six months and maintaining .. 5:2 has changed my life .. Thanks Dr M and Mimi x

    Just found out about this, but it sounds like a plan i can work with, having fasted as a weight loss plan years ago. Will give it a try, Right now i am at my highest weight ever, and not happy about it.

    Happy that this is starting to pick up speed here in the USA! Reading the book today and tomorrow is fast day number one!

    I got the book Thursday night on my kindle starting reading that night and then more on Friday. By Sunday was ready to start my first fast. I loved the advice to go 2-2. Worked great for me; ready to see the benefits of this program.

    Definitely noticing an influx of Americans into the forums, great to have so many international users and to know that the word is spreading far and wide about 5:2 🙂

    I just read about The Fast Diet in Sunday’s NYT magazine. Good timing as I was about to brew up a batch of magical leek soup for a two day fast, but this sounds so much more sustainable. I am 55 and perimenopausal and my highest weight ever. I feel terrible.All my attempts to lose are not working. This plan seems so doable and sustainable in the long run. Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of the book. Even my husband is willing to give this a try with me. I started yesterday. My first fast day went well. I know this is going to work.

    Go for it phatgurlnomo. It seems to be making a huge difference to people’s lives over here – some quickly, some more slowly, so definitely give it time. And do let us know how you get on

    Hi, I just started this week and already seeing amazing results. I wanted to see if you know of any downside to using coconut oil in the diet during the fast days as long as the calories don’t exceed the 600 limit?

    By the way, will the “Horizon” show be on in the US? Thanks.

    Hi Katrina, welcome aboard! The Horizon show is due to be shown on PBS on April 3rd.
    Dennis – personally, I really like cooking with coconut oil. It’s slower to oxidise and less damaged by heat than other cooking oils. It’s also a good source of ‘heart-healthy medium-chain fatty acids’ – so a good one for a Fast Day (in limited quantity and within calorie budget, of course). I haven’t heard of any downsides, though it is quite expensive. I use Fushi virgin coconut oil, but sure there are other versions available in the States.

    Hi. I asked this question yesterday but it disappeared.
    I just saw this diet in the NYT. I’ve been on the HCG diet for 8 weeks and lost 15 pounds. It’s only 500 calories EVERY SINGLE DAY! So this diet looks like heaven. I’m only worried that the FAST diet won’t work because I’ve already been super fasting. Can you comment? Should I do something different? Thanks

    Also. I have an ipad not kindle or nook so I can’t download the book. Amazon is saying it might not deliver until April or may. Is there another way to download it?

    Lollyzam, I have an iPad as well. Download the free Kindle app for iPad and you should have no trouble getting the Kindle book. I bought it and read it over the weekend. My husband and I completed our first fast on Monday and our second fast today (Thursday). I’m looking forward to results on the scale but can already tell a difference in how my clothes fit. The fasting is very doable :). I’ve exercised on both fast days, just kept a steady but minimal pace. We are feeling great! Due to travel, I will fast on Monday and Wednesday next week. I love the flexibility!

    I’m on my second fast day and it went even better than the first day. I have to leave most of my calories till evening as I am a snack glutton at night…so I can’t be “starving” at night. Wonder when Dr. Oz (here in the US) will be talking about this diet?

    Seem to have lost 4 pounds this first week…even if it’s water..I’m grateful!

    Thanks, Susan. I’ll do that today. I’m still hoping to hear from Mimi Spenser re my switching to FEWER fast days on this diet.

    I started the diet this week, even downloaded to book on my Kindle to read. So far it is easy. I do have a question, can you drink diet sodas on the fast days? I know they slow down the process of loosing weight, but can you have them?

    I saw the FastDiet featured on Good Morning America. It caught my attention immediately! Out of stock at Barnes…I downloaded it on my Kindle and watched the Horizon program online. I was sold when the possibility of dementia could be decreased. My Dad at the young age of 59 has Pick’s Dementia and is in a nursing home. His dad suffered from this disease as well as his sister who is only 61 yrs old.
    My husband and I finished our second fast day yesterday. I am amazed at the energy I have during the fast days. It is not terribly difficult but is mildly challenging. I’ve done weight watchers over and over and this is so much easier…it’s only one day!
    Many of my friends are interested to see how we do. So far, I feel like my belly has gone down. My Hubby’s blood pressure is down 10+ points, systolic and diastolic.
    My Hubby has been drinking diet soda during the day. I limit myself to a small glass if I need it.

    Hi! Writing from the States! Got the book, read it, and am losing after my first week.

    Will the cookbook be available in the States as well? I notice it’s available on amazon UK, but not amazon US.

    I am loving this way of living. The “fast” days are not a problem and there are so many recipes to create which work. Looking for the cookbook too!

    Reply to Lollyzam: I have done the HCG diet also. It is short term weight loss. I lost a lot of weight and spent a lot of money on it but the weight comes back. I’m convinced that the FastDiet can become a way of life and that is what I’ve been searching for. You can make the transition. Katrina5

    Good to hear that. Do you think I should just jump right in? Any time I go off HCG for a day I gain weight and it takes 3 days to get back where I started. Should I reduce calories on the non-fast days? I appreciate your help.

    Hi inspirit and Katrina – YES – the cook book will be coming out in the States too. Probably a short time after the UK publication, dates have yet to be confirmed.
    Hi Lollyzam – you’re right that the basis of the Fast Diet is very different from HCG. As you say, it is much more flexible, and only requires a calorie reduction for two days a week. There shouldn’t be any trouble going from one to the other, but if you’re concerned – as with any concerns you may have about intermittent fasting – do consult your doctor. It seems to me that you’ll find the Fast Diet a breeze! Good luck and let us know how it goes.

    It would be nice if the US cookbook is in ounces, not grams. It’s a little confusing to figure portions.

    Can someone tell me if you can drink diet sodas on off days? In the book, it didn’t say not too but it didn’t list it either. It only list tea and coffee.

    Oops, I mean fast days not off days.

    Hi, folks if u just google the programme’s title, u may be pleasantly surprised by what u find… “Eat, fast and live longer”
    Over a stone since mid January, so two thirds of the way to my target weight! Resisting the temptation to buy new clothes as I’m not quite there yet! But already struggling with jeans that are falling off me and I’ve had to make 2 new holes in my belt to keep them up! Fascinated by the way my taste has changed on my feast days as a result of what I eat on a fast day.
    I’ve stopped smoking as part of the same process and still the weight has dropped off! Completely converted to intermittent fasting!
    Cheers and good luck to anyone who wants to giving a go.

    U can drink what u like on a fast day as long as its part of your calorie count for the day

    Hi Sandee – I am just about to post on diet soda – will be up on the site in a couple of hours. It’s fine to have a diet soda on a Fast Day, but there are caveats. And, as Michael says, all drinks (if they contain calories) need to be included in your calorie budget.
    Hi Michael – love your story. Looks like it might be new jeans for Easter? Keep us in the loop!

    Will the new cookbook be available in the U.S. as well? I can’t find availability on US.

    oops sorry, you already answered. Thank you!

    I lost 1.5 lbs. my first week! Fast days went by easily and quickly (I kept very busy), and I ate well on my feast days. I am definitely making this my eating lifestyle. FINALLY, a way of eating that takes off weight that I can live with. I want that cookbook NOW!

    Thank you for developing this wonderful eating plan.

    I feel like I need to say a couple of things here, especially when this page is titled “The Fast Diet arrives in the USA”

    A while ago I learned about this diet from another author, I don’t know him and I’m not affiliated with him in any way, I only read his book called “Eat Stop Eat” which you can google to find it.

    In it he explains this diet but better. He explains that for the most part of our human history, we would hunt and eat then stop for a couple of days and hunt and eat again and so on, so that’s how our bodies evolved, that’s why this diet is natural and consistant with out bodies.

    So our bodies are supposed to be storing fat and then burning it, not always storing fat.

    A key difference however, is the few hundred calories on fast days which he says, according to his research, should be zero calories, because as soon as you eat you’re telling your body there’s food coming so it’s ok, no need to burn fat. Infact he gives the cut off time of about 18 Hours, after 18 hours of fasting (zero calories not 500-600 calories), the body will start to burn fat.

    Anyway, I just wanted to point out here that this nothing new, fasting has been around for thousands of years, and there are other, here in the USA, who wrote about this 5-2 fasting diet.

    We live in the US. My husband is British and he saw the New Horizon program in August. We immediately started and never looked back. We have both very steadily lost weight even over the holidays! What has surprised us is how it continues to get easier. It just seems so normal, now. Lots of our friends noticed and started as well. I bought the book as soon as it was available.

    One of the things we had to learn was to shop for food accordingly. We were buying way too much food for the week. In fact, to get adjusted, we started shopping for just a day or two at a time.

    Results of course, can vary, but since August I have gone from an all time high of 218 pounds to 163. I’m down four sizes.

    Our expression on fasting days is “we’ll have that tomorrow.”

    Thanks for posting Katoo1. Love your Fast Day motto. And four sizes down? Wow!

    Initially I started with straightforward alternate day while my husband was doing 5 2. I switched to 5 2 around November. The weight loss slowed, but was still very steady. Another thing we both seemed too gravitate to a very nutritious but not calorie restricted meal choices on the day following a fast which would loosen up a bit over the weekend.

    Omar, you are quite right that fasting is nothing new and has been around for millennia, part of the fabric of life for so many and in almost every major religion. No one could claim to have ‘invented’ fasting. We are big fans of Brad Pilon, who wrote the Eat Stop Eat book, and I have had happy dealings with him in the past, particularly when writing about Intermittent fasting for The Times. He does advocate no food whatsoever when ‘fasting’, but – in contrast and counter to Brad’s position – Michael’s 5:2 plan allows for limited calories on a Fast Day, expressly to make the method more adaptable and approachable for the average individual, and to echo the clinical trials done by Dr Krista Varady in Chicago. This is what we recommend and call ‘the Fast Diet’. The positions differ, but I guess we are all united in being interested in health, weight loss and well-being through occasional fasting. As you’ll see in the back of the book, we expressly recommend Brad’s work – he knows the subject inside out and writes about it in a very engaging way.

    Your approach is brilliant! I had a strong feeling the fast diet would work well for me after reading about your method in the NYT (I am in US). I read the book. I am on week 2, and have already lost weight, but even better: my thinking is sharper and I am feeling very energetic! A bit of trouble with sleeping sometimes. But the fasting itself really isn’t so bad; less interaction with food seems to helps break one’s obsession with it somehow, at least for me.

    Lollyzam; Regarding HCG and going off of it; when I stopped that diet, my doctor told me to keep eating the same things but to eat a bit more of them. Sadly, I then went to Italy for a month and ate more of everything! All the weight came back. The food you ate on HCG transitions nicely for FastDiet on the “fast” days. Turkey, chicken, salad, etc. You’ll make it. I’m determined that FastDiet is my lifetime way of living, not another diet. Love it! How’s it going so far?

    Thanks Katrina , I’m on my second day of normal eating and it’s pretty scary (but oh so wonderful). I plan to do the hcg diet on the fast days. I’ll see how it goes. Phase 3 of hcg was basically no carbs. I’m not doing that on this diet so I wonder if I will gain. I’ll let you know.

    Ok, I need help!!! I am doing great on the fast days and loosing weight. However on the non fast days I am gaining back the weight I lost. I am eating normal, but something isn’t working for me. HELP!! My son’s wedding is coming up this summer and I really really want to loose weight!!

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