The 5:2 Diet and Blood Pressure – How low can it go?

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The 5:2 Diet and Blood Pressure – How low can it go?

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  • I started on the 5:2 diet in October 2016 and lost 10kg in 8 months. I am pleased with this because, when I stray a bit from the diet, I do not put much weight back on – at least not so far (touch wood)!

    What is tricky right now is that my blood pressure (BP) has come down so much that I feel dizzy quite often. After decades of taking BP tablets for high BP, my doctor has finally acted by taking me off one BP medication (Zanidip). Nevertheless, my BP is still on the low side and I still get some dizzy spells. Hopefully, my GP will take me off the other BP tablets (Micardis) soon. Then I’ll be free of BP tablets for the first time in 40 years! Thank you 5:2.

    Being an old researcher myself, I am wondering if there’s been any research done on the precise relationship between the 5:2 diet and blood pressure? Perhaps Michael or anyone else could describe this relationship? Is the 5:2 Diet risky when blood pressure is relatively low, for example? Say about 110/65.

    Not a doctor. My blood pressure has been in the region of 110/60 for years. Don’t have dizzy spells unless sleeping & jump out of bed & only last a few seconds. Lost 13kg over 5 months on 5/2 with no effect on BP. Did drop my blood sugar levels though.

    Not sure, but you might have/had had metabolic syndrome
    One of the symptoms is high BP. Intermittent fasting can help correct it. Not sure why you’re still on meds – maybe need to consult with another physician?

    Thanks for your reply, bcjmmac. I’ll discuss metabolic syndrome with my doctor soon.

    My next step is to strut around wearing a 24-hour BP monitor to see how my BP looks over a daily cycle. My doctor and I are a bit confused by the fact that I’m not just dizzy sometimes, but I have fainted & fallen down also! Can’t help wondering if some of this is psychosomatic!

    batwunder, my husband began to have low blood pressure and dizziness about 6 years ago. Fasting did not change it and the cardiologist did a lot of head-scratching and came up with no real reason for the hypotension. It turned out to be related to another condition which Fasting will not correct. Bcjm might be right about getting a 2nd opinion.
    Good luck

    Thanks for your suggestion of a second opinion, fasting_me. Could I be so bold as to ask what other condition your husband experienced that Fasting will not correct?

    batwunder, I have had very similar symptoms as you are experiencing. I lost about 12kg in 2017 and have continued with 5:2 to maintain my weight loss. I was taking BP medication prior to losing. When I was down about 9kg my BP was getting too low and I experienced dizziness as well. My doc took me off medications. After about 4 or 5 months my BP started going up again (I had reached my weight goal) so back on one med, then later an additional beta blocker as I was having some spikes. (Changed doctors around that time.)

    I had the 24 hour monitor a few weeks ago. It managed to keep me awake going on and off throughout the night and my BP averaged around 140/80 I think, which is higher that it normally is on meds.. I also have “white coat syndrome” which will send it soaring when I am anywhere near a doctor’s office. Do you ever have spikes in your BP? Do you measure it at home?

    Measuring at home, my readings are usually below 120/80 and often below 100/70, which is low for me and makes me feel lightheaded and just not very good in general. But because of the occasional spikes I still need the medications. We appear to have very similar situations.

    Thanks for your post, CalifDreamer. We certainly do seem to have similar situations, so it would be good to keep in touch.

    I haven’t received results from the 24-hour monitoring yet, but have been measuring my BP at home for many years now. Second readings each measurement day were averaging about 125/70 over the last two months, before my doc took me off one BP medication. But I have recorded lows of about 106/65 sometimes and experienced dizziness on those days and on other days as well.

    Re spikes upwards, I have seen 2 or 3 as high as 167/90, including one on a day when I fainted and fell over unexpectedly and then recorded my BP after standing up again! But I don’t see spikes very much, probably because I am still taking 1 BP medication.

    I’ll post the results of the monitoring once I get them, Cheers!

    For fitness health you can also visit here Most doctors consider blood pressure too low only if it causes symptoms. Some experts define low blood pressure as readings lower than 90 mm Hg systolic or 60 mm Hg diastolic. If either number is below that, your pressure is lower than normal. A sudden fall in blood pressure can be dangerous.

    Hello again, everyone – especially CalifDreamer.

    Results of my 24-hour BP monitoring were an average of 130/84 with a peak of 158/102 and a low of 102/56. My GP and others interpreted these results as close enough to normal. The BP readings which I had recorded at home sitting down then standing up were more worrying, with many systole readings differing by much more than 15.

    More importantly, my heart rate (in bpm) averaged 61 over the same 24 hours, with many readings in the fifties and one as low as 37! Thus my GP agreed that the cause of my dizziness and falls might be a heart issue rather than low BP. He suggested a cardiologist who then looked at my heart rhythm with the aid of an ECG, concluding that I was suffering from bradycardia (or heart block), a heart conduction problem. Specifically I have 1st degree AV block and right bundle branch block (sorry about the jargon they use!).

    Anyway, because of my recent dizziness and falls, the cardiologist recommended that a pacemaker be installed very soon. After collapsing again last Wednesday, I was taken to hospital by ambulance, where 24 hours of ECG monitoring made it clear that I needed a pacemaker urgently. A dual chamber pacemaker was implanted last Thursday and I’m feeling pretty good right now – except for a cut above my right eye, which I received when I collapsed!

    So, my symptoms were not caused by low blood pressure but by conduction problems in my heart (bradycardia). Perhaps I should rename this forum – The 5:2 Diet and Heart Problems – from now on?

    I originally went on the 5-2 diet about 3 years ago when I had put on a few kilos around the middle. I did the 5-2 diet for a few months and lost the excess belly fat. A positive side effect of the diet is that it reduced my blood pressure. It was regularly around 135-155/80-95 and after a month or so of IF, my BP reduced down to 115-135/65-85. I stopped the diet for a couple of years and my blood pressure crept up again, but not my weight, So I am on the IF diet again, not to lose weight, but to control my blood pressure, I have been on it for four weeks now and my blood pressure has reduced again. I feel I might need to stay on it indefinately.

    pressure can both rise and fall, because diets are stressful for the body

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