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  • Do any other fast dieters feel like this when Friday comes round?

    I have had a doozy of a fortnight and on both Fridays; I have had the above thought!

    I fast on Tuesdays and Thursdays and by Friday I am seriously happy to be able to kick back and have some wine and a nicer meal than our usual midweek standard.

    We are having a major clear out and I hoped to uncover a badge I wore a lot when I was a girl in my first job:
    It said the above – Thank God it’s Friday!!!

    I don’t know if it was a film or something (it was the late 70’s) but I wore it religiously every Friday when it was the end of the week and we could party!
    And best of all two days off; with no getting up in the middle of the night! (exaggerating slightly there…7.00am).

    It’s funny to think, now I don’t have to go to work anymore; that I have a new reason to really, really look forward to Fridays!

    I also had a badge that said ‘Yuck Fou’ – now that used to make some people’s eyes bulge when I answered the reception desk at our local council!

    Have a fab weekend everyone!

    “that I have a new reason to really, really look forward to Fridays!”

    I think, universally, of all the days that people look forward to is the day that they can rest.

    Friday is not a rest day for me. Saturday is. The weekend starts my fasting. I now associate the weekend with activities. Even resting is an activity that is welcomed.

    Friday, not so much.

    I think of what I didn’t get done and feel unsuccessful.

    I need the fast to make me feel that I can succeed at something.

    Haha I completely concur on the Friday bit, but not so much because of the break from fasting… more that I’ve completed another week in this hellhole and don’t have to go back to work for two days! One week closer to going to New Zealand, one week closer to going home afterwards.
    So yeah, usually I thank god it’s friday 😉

    YUP – it’s here again and Thank God!

    I am so pleased that my two days of fasting are over and I can kick back and have a nice(r!) meal and some wine….yum

    Hi to you Nika especially

    Someone else said (limey I think) that you make her laugh and I’ve just been laughing at all your posts in my email box. I know you like Fridays for a different reason but aren’t you, like me, suprised that we are the only people on this site, which is global; that are grateful that is it the weekend?

    Hmmmm, is that strange or what?

    Hi PreciousBooBoo, you and Nika are not alone – TGIF! Done fasting for the week, away from my stressful job for 2 days, enjoying my glass of wine – have a great weekend!

    Hi fastinginberlin – so it’s not just us chickens then!

    Haven’t started on my wine yet but CHEERS!

    Have you managed to lose some weight this week? That means you can celebrate the loss with the drinking of wine; it tastes better if you’ve lost weight. And you can sit back and feel a bit smug because you are on ‘a diet’ where you can drink wine and lose weight!

    Anyway are you a Brit in Berlin or are you German or some other nationality?

    My husband and myself absolutely love coming to Germany on holiday. We particularly like to come in December for the Xmas markets. One of our favourite things to do is roam around your beautiful Xmas markets with Gluwein in hand (look I’ve got the conversation straight back to wine again!) admiring the beautiful architecture of most of your towns/cities.

    Here here Boo Boo, the Christmas markets are so lovely we like Cologne. Gluwein in hand, waffle with cherries and cream in the other. We was hoping for this year but now too busy ….shame.
    Already had my wine tonight, a glass and a top up, yes always look forward to Fridays. Lovely meal planned for tomorrow and some more wine…….this diet is sooooooo good….

    Have a good weekend all.

    Hey symba7!

    Welcome to the Thank God, it’s Friday club!

    Cologne is beautiful; I totally agree. Also the German folk often sing carols spontaneously when they’ve downed a Gluwein or two
    (there I go again! – I can’t go an entire sentence without mentioning wine!

    You too have a fab weekend and now I’m off to have some… can guess the next word!

    Thank you and Goodnight

    Hi Boo Boo, unfortunately, no loss this week – was on a business trip Mo-Wed and missed my Monday fast, but that’s ok, I’m in it for the long haul and not every week will be perfect. Besides, being also a LOACA I don’t want to be losing too fast and turn into a prune :). So far I’ve lost 25 lbs in the past 7 months and am very happy with that.

    I am an American but born in Prague (Czech Rep.) and now I live in Berlin.
    The Xmas markets are lovely here, haven’t been to the one in Cologne, maybe we should go this year.
    Cheers, ladies!

    Thank God it’s Friday! Do you remember the advert ‘Thank Crunchie it’s Friday’?
    Our Christmas market has opened here in our north of England City. The best Gluwein is to be had from the German stall that sell those wafer thin pizzas. It goes straight to your toes- wonderful on a cold evening. I can’t wait!

    Thought this was a lost thread- had a good laugh last week, but had to run out the door, after reading it. Thank God it’s Friday, for sure. I don’t think I could have done another day at work. What is Gluwein? Sounds nice.

    fastinginberlin- great job, any pictures coming? and to all a goodnight!

    Gluwein is mulled wine. Everyone who makes it has their own special recipe and it always tastes much better out of doors on a frosty night!
    TGIF – even though we are both retirees Friday evening marks the start of two special days dedicated to us and doing the things we enjoy!

    I love Fridays too. When I was working, I used to work from home on Fridays, so that almost felt like the start of the weekend – I could get washing etc done, and enjoy the peace of being the only one at home.

    I still look forward to Fridays, as it heralds the start of a long weekend for hubby – he finishes work lunchtime Fri, and doesn’t go back til Tues (he is on transition to retirement).

    And weekends mean that our sons aren’t getting up early for school/uni – their alarms wake me on weekdays and I often can’t get back to sleep… 🙁

    All the discussion of trips to Germany make me look forward to my next European holiday – it’s a long way from Oz of course, but I have been fortunate to have a few visits over the last decade. Mainly to UK tho, cos of relatives and friends, but we have been to Passau once – we had a delightful young man from Passau stay with us on Rotary Exchange, so it was wonderful to be able to visit his family. LOVED it there, and hope to go back soon. (Didn’t have any Gerwein, but did force myself to have a stein of beer at a Bavarian beer garden – not really my thing tho, the Gerwein sounds much nicer!!) A cruise along the Rhine is high on our list of todos.

    Cheers (!)

    PS hey PreciousBooBoo, how are things?

    Hello All Folks who were glad it was Friday!

    This is the trouble with people being on the forum at different times etc.

    Wow – fastinginberlin, 25lbs in 7 months is fantastic and that is such a good attitude to take towards this WOE.
    Every Xmas Market we have visited in Germany is absolutely beautiful without exception. No-one does Xmas decorations like the Germans; they make our country’s look tacky.

    Aphrodite – I do remember Thank Crunchie it’s Friday; I considered adding that for the younger element!

    piper – not sure why you had to run out the door after reading this post? Are you back yet and did you see any gorillas?

    Totally with you Lindyw on the TGIF still applying when you don’t have to go to work anymore; we don’t either now but the weekend is still special (it’s all that conditioning) and Saturday is still my favourite day to go shopping.

    Sassy you pudding – it’s Gluwein not Gerwein! I don’t have time to chat now but you are on my list to catch up with. I can highly recommend a cruise on the Rhine; the castles are fairy tale and the people are charming and welcoming. We are not going this year and I really miss it – it’s the start of Xmas for us.

    Bye all – see you Friday

    I was also glaaad it was Friday last week! Meant I was going on a trip to Hong Kong the next day. And I’m also already looking forward to the next one… means I only have 8 weeks left until my parents visit and I’m done with this dreadful internship!!

    And BooBoo, thanks for your nice comment! I always type quick and don’t really think too much about what it says, so hearing that I make people laugh puts a smile on my face.

    Hi Precious BooBoo and all.
    I too fast on Tuesdays and Thursdays and to be honest I’m on this forum a bit too much on those days for disraction. My mind is currently playing tricks on me because I could swear I could smell toast a while ago, I also have food-related dreams but I digress…
    I also TGIF but I hardly come on the forum on Fridays as I “forget” about 5:2 until Monday when I have to plan Tuesdays food. So in case I’m not here tomorrow, enjoy Friday everyone 😉

    Hi, everybody!

    Like cc79, I thought I’d post tonight ’cause still have to run out the door tomarrow (work 🙁 ) but get the exercise in where you can! Most of you will be in bed well before I get home, except for the ones just getting up. Gluwein/Gerwein sounds great. Boo, all gorillas are packed up and sent home. Thanksgiving is coming faster than I wanted and still have way too much to get ready. Anyway, TGIF! By the way, I’m starving.

    Hey CC! I don’t really have food related dreams, but I do dream a lot lately. Usually not very nice dreams but the funny thing is that where I used to freak out a while back, last night I walked up to the weird wooden puppet that only moved when you didn’t see it and tried to kill you (my brain is weird) and tried to light it on fire. First I used a regular lighter but then my mom brought me a blowtorch.

    Dreams are weird…

    Friday and fasting. Regretting only having a sandwich for dinner last night.
    And disastrous Ashes cricket could use some comfort feeding.
    I am not thanking God, or even the FSM that it is Friday – I will wake up with a smile on Saturday though.

    I’m Friday and fasting too! I don’t know which part if the world you are from snedger to know if disastrous for you is excellent or also disastrous for me!! Haha.
    I am actually thanking goodness it’s a Friday fastday. I had a pretty terrible evening last night – rolled oat digestives with cream cheese and strawberry jam. Eeek!!! So will feel much better tomorrow, when I am aiming for a good normal day as I don’t want to get into a roller-coaster (which are called Russian mountains here in Spain, random fact) of alternating feasting and fasting!!!
    Happy Friday ya’ll

    Hello to all the folk who are thanking God it’s Friday!

    Yes, it’s here again as sure as night follows day and once again; I’m really, really grateful.
    It’s also the last Friday in our current home; so we are really excited about that.

    I had lost weight last week which for me is a big deal and then this morning when I got weighed after my two days fasting…….I’ve put 1/2lb back on!
    I wouldn’t care, this last week I have paid much more attention to my TDEE and actually consumed less calories!
    As we say in Britain – you couldn’t make it up!

    So once again; I am so looking forward to my nice meal and flagon of wine.

    P.S iwant2Bincontrol – I have never heard of rolled oat digestives with cream cheese and strawberry jam but I know for sure I would love them…YUM

    Hi yes I am the same as a number of folks above- don’t work now but still love Fridays! I generally plan in wine for these three days into my calorie schedule and am looking forward to a nice Marlborough Sauvignon blanc later!


    Hi Sandra

    I said in one of my earlier posts; I think us lucky folk who have retired have been so conditioned that we cannot get of the ‘It’s the weekend and time to enjoy ourselves’ mindset. Having said that; it’s still nice to look forward to some special days in the week otherwise they would all be the same.

    Also, as I said in my first post; I now, with the advent of the fast diet, have a new reason to think ‘Thank God, it’s Friday!’


    Hi PreciousbooBoo, another member of your TGIF crew reporting! Sometimes my weight loss doesn’t show up till Saturday, maybe you can sneak a peek on the scale tomorrow morning ? Anyhow, let’s enjoy our Friday, I’m drinking to your health. Cheers!

    I look forward to Sundays more. Every weekday I do at least one exercise class but 2 on a Monday and 3 on a Thursday which incidentally are my fasting days. I also do zumba on a Saturday morning so I really look forward to Sunday. It’s my lie in day. Hubby goes to early church then when he comes home I get breakfast in bed with the Sunday papers. I do the crosswords and read whatever book I’ve got on the go. I get up when it suits me,sometimes not until I’m called down for my lunch! Love my Sundays!
    BTW-I’ve now lost 10Kg since the end of July. Went a bought a size smaller jeans yesterday cos my others were too big. The scales read 70.0 darn it. Can’t wait for the number to start with a 6
    Enjoy your Friday evening everyone!

    Hey Sonunda! I kind of concur with your Sunday idea, but I love Fridays as well. Sunday is the only day I don’t exercise and it’s the day I get to eat a treat as well, so two reasons!
    However work still sucks so every Friday I get to cross off another week here until I get to fly off into the sunset…

    Hey to all who posted!

    Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you.

    Hi fastinginberlin – Hope you enjoyed Friday and your wine and treats! I did.

    Hey sonunda – No wonder you prefer Sundays! Who wouldn’t? Breakfast in bed, getting up at noon-I thought it was just teenagers who did that! I’m moving into your house!

    Hey monkey! – You just love anytime away from work – full stop.

    Anyways – I’m moving house on Thursday this week; so won’t be connected for a while. And will probably be far too busy moving into our new home.

    Keep the club going girls (it seems to be just girls responding – are there no blokes out there who really love it when Friday comes round?

    Haha I’m half bloke, does that count?

    Good luck with the move Boo B!


    Don’t know about this last post; what does anyone else think?

    Anyways; I was going to come onto this link even though it’s not Friday!

    I want to say a very Merry Xmas to all the TGIF club and especially you

    I hope you have a lovely yuletide and have lots of lovely wine to celebrate the festive period!

    (Actually just followed the link for above and guess what? it is a link to a website. Does that mean it’s a troll?)

    Hi PreciousBooBoo, thank you for your kind wishes, hope you’ll have wonderful holidays! Guess my clicking on your TGIF thread on a Monday was a Freudian
    slip – this is not a Friday, but I sure ate and drank as if it were… I’m in a holiday modus, off work and just couldn’t face fasting today. After 8 months I am ready for a small break, I’ll get back on the wagon in January. I know I’ll be annoyed with myself if I gain some weight, but right now I just want to enjoy the holidays.
    Merry Christmas to the TGIF club, whether you behaved or misbehaved today 🙂

    Hey fasting!

    I don’t blame you at all for giving yourself a fasting holiday.
    You’ve lost quite a bit of weight haven’t you? So really, you can definitely ‘afford’ to let your hair down a bit over this Yuletide season.

    I’ve read on this site that some people, when they have a break, kind of kick start their systems again when they get back on the fasting wagon.

    And really; there is no better day to get back on the wagon than 01.01.14!!
    Boy – hope the wagon is a big one because there will be a lot of us on it!

    Was just thinking about Germany the other day and how much I am missing going to the lovely Xmas markets. I was remembering in particular one holiday based in Goslar which is a fairly small town but exquisitely beautiful as little towns in Germany often are.

    It was just a normal weekday; but the Xmas market was full of housewives out doing the shopping and meeting their friends for a Gluwein and a Bratwurst sausage and a chat.
    The buildings were absolutely beautiful and the Xmas lights and stalls made it seem like a fairy grotto; and this was just a normal day for the people who live there! And yet we were paying money to go and sample what they could do every day in winter.

    And the so called fast food! It is restaurant standard. I think I had one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten from a ‘fast’ food stall in Germany.
    Of course, it was hugely influenced by the fairytale surroundings and a couple of Gluweins!

    I wanted to wish you a Happy Xmas in German but neither me nor my husband can remember how to say it!
    Anyway, have a lovely non-fasting time! And don’t let worry about weight gain spoil it.

    Hello to anyone who is glad it’s Friday!

    A special hello to you fastinginberlin – I always think of you in particular when I’m pleased it’s Friday and we can have some wine with our meals!

    Must go and start cooking dinner and consuming a cup of good cheer!

    How are you doing?

    Happy Friday to all!-

    Especially to BooBoo- now let’s find out what is happening to other regulars gone missing!

    I’ve had my first successful fast of the New Year and deeply appreciate a night off.


    I count the hours until Fridays … It’s known as happy happy Friday in our house!!! The thought of sitting with a drink watching crap tv and doing nothing is just bliss for me lol. Plus the kids know that it’s treat day so they’re in wonder form too!!!

    Hello all TGIF ‘like minded’ people

    I know it’s not Friday but I won’t be online on Friday so….

    Hello piper! How are you? You have been absent on our Lloaca thread for a while – I know because I miss your humour. Have you been awol for a bit; because you mention you have just had your first successful fast of the year?

    Hello too to josie40 – I loved your post; I’m now going to start calling Friday – Happy Happy Friday! It’s lovely too that it’s treat day for your kids aswell also they don’t have to get up for schoool tomorrow!! Hurrahhh!

    And mam is in a great mood – what’s not to love?

    Still no word from fastinginberlin – is there anyone there????

    Hi All,
    I love Fridays too, luckily I only work Tues to Thurs – teaching, it’s all I can manage these days, actually truefully it’s all I want to manage. I have been to the gym this morning for my first Chi Pilates class – tough on the arms but otherwise fine. Then I had a cuppa break before doing a gentle yoga class, no so gentle on the lower back I can tell you! Creak

    I wish I had the energy level to do fast fit but I just don’t enjoy ‘the burn’ who needs pain ? doesn’t anyone listen to their bodies? Pain means stop it. Maybe it will be easier when I have lost the first three stones.

    I fast Monday, Wednesday and Friday and use fitness pal to record – still trying to get the food balance right though, always too low on carbs and too high on proteins. I realise this is very important to ensure lots of energy. It may be this which causes my headaches.

    Sun is shining here so I am off to treat the pooches to a beach walk, perfect way to start the weekend. Good luck all. No fasts at the weekend yeah!

    Hi all! It’s been a stressful week and I can’t tell you how glad I am it’s done.

    Boo- still looking for your next post!

    Off to a Panto in aid off the police force tonight, should lighten the mood.
    I did suffer really bad irritability in the first month of this programme but coping better now.

    Hello to all who are glad it’s Friday!

    As usual I am absolutely delighted it’s that day again and the weekend starts here. The Magic Weight Loss Fairy actually called to my house and adjusted my scales to say I’d lost a 1lb!!!!

    It has taken me 6 weeks to get ‘back’ to this weight after gaining 2lb from nowhere! So for a nice change; I am celebrating a loss.

    Didn’t realise that you had posted jojo and piper or I would have responded!

    Happy, happy Friday everyone who’s Glad!

    Feeling good didn’t get very hungry today with a 300calorie meal coming in two hours. I got good news for an interview which elevated my mood. TGIF Is exactly what I’m feeling.

    Thank you for your messages. I’m going to use translation gooogle thereafter.

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