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  • Green tea and an Ayurvedic herbal tea designed by my herbalist wife have been the key to this. Also, I go out for a walk in the late afternoon when I seem to be a my most hungry.

    Hi IanR. Sounds good.. I started to eat lunch at 3 pm. It helps the the hungrysituation for me.. Some fruit at 5 pm and then tea during the rest of the day.. It works for me, but even some banana or what ever in the evening breaks the burning and that day is losed.. But 1 kg/week this way and I still have 30 kg to loose.. – Will see !!

    I just started today so this is my first fast.

    I’m finding herbal tea very useful for controlling my hunger, hot drinks seem to fill me up more. This seems pretty straightforward 🙂

    I just drink about ten cups of builder’s tea on a fast day instead of my normal five. Milk comes in at just seven calories per cup of tea so it’s a good way to keep yourself going, the caffeine undoubtedly helps.

    Yes tea is the key and a couple of good coffees. The warmth and full tummy def helps the pangs pass quickly and i love a cuppa anyway. Just a splash of skimmed milk and no sugar is how i take it anyway so that’s handy.

    Yes indeed green tea is great my preference is green tea with mint, its yummy and makes me feel good and I,ve only recently started this so waiting for some good results

    Read somewhere online about the benefits of green tea. Apparently a study in the US found that overweight men who had three cups of green tea a day burned an extra 200 calories a day over the length of the study with no other difference apart from drinking tea. Do you think there’s any fact to this? Do you drink green tea and had a positive experience with it?

    I find green tea too bitter but read it is very good to kill seweet cravings. My choice is Chamomile, it is milder in flavour. Definitely helps. And during the hot days I make it iced 😉

    Tea is helping me also a lot. I have one cup of black tea with milk in the mornings and then a good quality oolong throughout the day, Or at least until 3 pm, since I am quite sensitive to caffein. Will try chamomille in the evenings, thanks for the tip, plasticmouse!

    I fast from the night before (no food after 20:00) until about the same time the next evening (no breakfast)giving about 35/36 hours of completely calorie-free fasting. I therefore try to drink a lot of liquids. My preferred drinks are mint tea (freshly cut from the garden) and sparkling water. Both seem to work in keeping me hydrated and full (and calorie-free). A cup of coffee is nice, but it is a diuretic, so not good for hydration.

    Hi There,
    It’s my 2nd week of fasting and i’m struggling with herbal teas and finding ones that are tasty. I can’t give up my morning cuppa (with sugar), but i’m fine for the rest of the day, but would welcome a tasty substitute, rather than drinking herbals that taste of hot water..
    I’ve tried twinnings and am now on green tea but it’s just not doing it for me.
    Thanks in advance!

    I drink lots of peppermint tea on fast day, but lemon and ginger is a nice change. Someone on the forum suggested to me to try a stock cube in water( adding the calories of course, they aren’t many) or a boullion. I must admit I’ve done it a few times when I had a headache and its strong flavour worked for me.

    Devongirl – You should try Celestial Seasonings “Tension Tamer” if you’re looking for a flavorful herbal tea. It’s quite good. I have many herbal teas and usually drink them for medicinal purposes, such as liver detoxification, to assist with sleeping, or to lose water weight.

    You mentioned you like sweetness, and are looking for something with a lot of flavor, and I think this one might just satisfy what you’re looking for. It has a hint of licorice and other flavors that give it a very nice full bodied flavor, and as far as effects, it has a mild calming effect which helps with lowering cortisol levels, which is one of the keys to losing weight successfully. Give it a try and see what you think… 🙂

    tea helps me too. If I am hungry I drink a cup of tea..

    Apple and Cinnamon is working well for me but I’m only on my first week, I know will powers gonna get harder.

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