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  • Just wondering how people might cope with things when food is on your mind as this is something I fear will be an issue with me

    Hi Laura

    I have been practising this way of life/eating (WOL/WOE) since January this year.

    The techniques I use are also common to many other methods of maintaining self-discipline, often referred to as the 4 Ds:
    * distract yourself by doing something else
    * drink water
    * delay (eating in this case)
    * deep breathing.

    I recently came across another one but it’s slipped from my memory just now, however, if you apply one or more of the above when the hunger pangs hit, you should find that your hunger goes away.

    Have you read the Fast Diet book? In it Dr M reports that feelings of hunger do not continue to build but come in waves, so by applying the ‘Ds’ you can overcome that particular hungry stage. The pangs return and you need to continue to repeat each time but it gradually gets easier as you get more used to fasting.

    I work part-time (being an old girl) and fast on work days so I am well away from food. Others go outside to garden to stay away from the kitchen. I am not good at stopping once I start eating on fast days so I just don’t start snacking. I’ve tried stopping at (say a few nuts when I get home from work) but it’s not possible.

    It helps to read the different threads on this forum on fast days to keep yourself focussed. Depending on your age and location, there are many very welcoming, friendly and supportive groups. Just jump in and introduce yourself.


    thanks for posting Nicky this information is very important for my and help full

    yeah I’d certainly agree, being part of a community helps…Coming in here and reading one or two posts, gets your mind off eating!

    I’m very new to this but, as I eat a light breakfast and lunch on fast days, and nothing until breakfast the next day (unusual I know, but it works for me) I try and fill up my evenings in advance. Even if I just plan to do an hour of yoga and have a bath when I get home, it helps. I also drink water and herbal tea constantly! Actually on the first day I went shopping, which definitely took my mind off food, but I can’t afford to do that every time I fast!

    Must admit I think about food more on a fast day. Natural I suppose. If someone told me I couldn’t wash my hair I’d probably spend all day wanting to urgently!! Have found that engaging in an absorbing project ( I am retired so not in an office or schoolroom or hospital ward etc but small flat with no door on the kitchen that can be locked) is the best for me. I am researching family history so working on that is one way. Learning something new – mine is drawing Celtic designs – that is not easy but will take time, I play the piano, play computer games, knit, anything that takes concentration. Reading is not enough for me – I can easily slip to noticing hunger pangs – If weather too bad to get out and about I might lose myself in boxed set dvd ( Dickens/Austen etc something long with lots of characters) or Nordic Noir series recorded that means lots of subtitles and sorting out who is who. Looking forward to the time when I can reduce to one fast day per week though.

    I think staying active and distracted is the best strategy for me. It may be shallow as hell but I find recreational shopping effective. 1) It involves power walking. 2) If I do it in a mall there are rest rooms and water readily available — also air conditioning in the heat of the summer. 3) I can see pretty things that won’t fit me until I’ve done a lot of fasting so that provides motivation.

    I do my fasting on the weekend — back-to-back days — so that I am free to use my time as I want and need to.

    Drink lots of water. A lemon slice so that it has a slight tang helps. Gentle activities like walking or a gentle bike ride help.

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