Supplements on Fast Days

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  • Do you count your calories for supplements (i.e. cod liver oil) on your fast days? I am assuming yes, but am hoping for some feedback on how others deal with the high caloric supplements on fast days. When you only have 500 calories for the day, that makes a huge dent in what is available for food. I’d rather not skip the CLO since it helps my digestive and psoriasis issues.

    That just made me panic! I take a fish oil gel capsule every day for my creaky knees. I just checked. It’s only 3 calories. phew!

    To answer your question: yes, you should count it. BUT don’t worry excessively if you go a bit over.

    Sorry for the panic. I don’t take capsules, but liquid by the tsp. There’s 40 cals per tsp. I am not going to worry about it going over as a result though. Thanks for your response!

    I take daily supplements and do not include them. 40 calories won’t make much difference.

    I actually take two different kinds, and it ends up being right around 110 calories. In the scheme of things, that won’t make a huge difference I suppose.

    That is a huge amount of calories. You can easily make up for that on non fast days by eating a little less, especially if the supplements are so beneficial.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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