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  • Four weeks and 10 pounds lost.! I am a avid cyclist and some smaller triathlons too. I rode 3000 miles last year and 5 sprint tris. I am 5-10 and 190 now. According to BMI that is overweight but I don’t think that index is good. My ideal weight is 175-180 which is my college weight and I was a division athlete. That is the upper limit of “normal” for BMI. You will never convince me that a guy 5’10 and 120lbs is normal range and 175 is over weight. That’s just wrong.

    Anyway the diet works for me. Despite my exercise, I still gained weight on a regular 2000 cal diet. I had to go to a 1400 cal diet to lose. I was down last year to 180 but the holidays had me back to 200. Now I feel this is a better way to maintain my weight. Last weekend I was in Tahoe at a conference and order fish and chips then decided to get an extra order of chips. I thought the Monday scale would so a setback. But no, still on track! It seems to regulate the weight. I like a challenge so the fast days are no problem.


    Ron those extra portions of chips will eventually get ya! You should have filled up on veggies or salad. Go stand in the corner 🙂

    Very good for you in my case diet not working at all I must no eat at all to have success but that is not possible and I must use some drops for losing weight in my case the best is and I lose weight good and fast….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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