Stubborn Belly Fat

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  • Please can anyone let me know if this has improved for them?

    I’ve been doing 5:2 since 21st Sept 2015. Am 5’4, female, started at 10 stone 2, now 9 stone 7. I think I have a vaguely equal mix of subcutaneous and visceral fat to lose, although I’m definitely more apple shaped than pear.

    My weight on paper is reasonably healthy, but the measurement around my belly button is 36″ (unhealthy) and hasn’t changed since I started the diet.

    Will this go down? I’m getting married in February next year and would quite like to loose some of my gut before it.

    Exercise is out – I have Fibromyalgia and work full time plus overtime, I tend to get injured easily when I exercise (even swimming) which would mean time off work. I do try and walk, especially on my fast days. I do a 24 hours zero calorie fast from dinner the previous evening, to a 300 cal dinner on the fast day. Then breakfast the next morning as usual.

    Hi atcgirl, I am like you, having a chronic illness that means I am unable to be active. Mine is me/cfs.
    It sounds like you are fasting well. Have you noticed clothes fitting you more easily? Have you noticed changes in other parts of your body?
    I notice changes come in steps: every two or three weeks I can see I have lost some weight, and not necessarily the same amount or in the same places. Interesting journey.
    If nothing is changing, maybe you need to assess what you are eating on your non fast days?

    I can see how much you would like to be looking your best for your wedding, I hope you are!

    Hi Cinque, thanks for your advice. it’s tough not being able to be active isn’t it? I used to be in the military and was a sports nut. Then it all just came to a screeching halt.

    I’ve had to reasses my non fast days already, TDEE is about 1500 so I stick to that. In addition to the weight loss on the scales, clothes are looser everywhere except my stomach!

    I’ve got jeans which fit on my hips but not my waist, so before I started dieting I took the waistband off and made it longer. Now the same pair of jeans are really lose on the hips/butocks and look stupid but the waist still fits as snugly as before. Dresses which I couldn’t zip up before are now fitting much better on my upper body, but my stomach is now even more obvious in them.

    I’ve managed to get rid of my occasional bloating by cutting out foods high in certain amino acids so it’s definitely not bloating from food intolerance.

    That sounds great Atcgirl, you are doing all the good things!
    I bet you will start losing that belly fat very soon. My body puts weight on my upper arms and boobs first, and takes it off there last. I bet your body does it with your belly.
    Patience! You will get there!

    Yep, re inactivity, it is so frustrating!

    Best wishes and all good things!

    Hi ATCGirl,

    I’m a guy but have the same issue with belly fat; I’m skinny everywhere except my stomach and “Love handles”. Don’t really have any advice but want you to know you’re not alone. I will say that when we (or at least I) look in the mirror we tend to be over critical of our bodies and see things others don’t. I bet you will be a beautiful bride. Congratulations!

    I wish you great success with your weight loss quest.


    Thanks everyone 🙂

    Sending my best wishes to all fellow ‘apples’.

    I am apple shape and am struggling to get rid of my belly fat. A previous go at the 5:2 diet left me skinny in the wrong places but with my belly fat intact. If it is visceral fat, this is very depressing because of all the health issues.

    But I agree with Bronx – I bet atcgirl will be a beautiful bride. Enjoy your wedding. If you come up with a good wedding cake recipe using Truvia or Natvia instead of sugar, and some low carb substitute for white flour (like almond flour?) even for one layer, please let us know.

    I suspect sugar and refined carbs contribute to the problem. But it must also be genetic to some extent, so we need to learn to love apples (but not the visceral fat).

    I have a new and improved eating plan:

    Monday & Wednesday: zero calories until 300 cal dinner.
    Tuesday & Thursday: zero calories until lunchtime. Then normal eating.
    Friday: zero calories until normal dinner.
    Saturday & Sunday: No restrictions.

    I normally start non fast days with a milky/sugary coffee and then some kind of mid morning snack and I could probably manage without either. Also I really want to take advantage of the fat burning the fasted state offer so am going to try and incorporate more zero calorie fasting periods into the week. Friday will be a semi fast day. I tend to run errands Friday afternoons so at least I can burn some fat while doing them.

    The reason why belly fat is so resistant to weight loss efforts is that abdominal fat calls frequently have receptors that do not allow for the simple release of fat. Your body will eventually start burning the fat in your belly if your overall body fat percentage falls low enough.

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