stress – how do you manage and stop overeating when overwhelmed?

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stress – how do you manage and stop overeating when overwhelmed?

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  • Stress. How do you all manage to overcome stress? I find it very hard when work pressure is on to not tuck into the work cookie pot. This is one aspect of my life that I can’t really control but a huge trigger for me overeating particularly carbs/sugar. It’s very hard to stick to 5:2 or actually just eating sensibly on these days.

    So, no doubt you will all go through stressful times and as I originally stated how do you manage it? and overcome overeating when feeling overwhelmed.

    Go for a walk for 30-45 minutes. Stress releases cortisol which is a “call to arms”. Thousands of years ago to escape predators this was a good thing as it readied us to fight or run. Now days its counter productive. So when you feel stressed you need to MOVE. Go for a walk. After my bike rides I feel tranquil.

    Take a break from television, or at least avoid cooking channels. Advertisers spend years researching the best way to get you to buy, buy, buy. If you struggle with a food obsession, food advertisements are likely to make a subconscious impression. Either you’ll run for the kitchen when a picture of a juicy hamburger flashes across the screen, or you’ll buy more than you need the next time you’re at the store.

    Just keep calm and stop thinking of the others.It is great to cue from stress

    All of the above – but if you have to eat something, choose something with slower energy release than sugar filled cookies and fill up on it e.g. oat biscuits and peanut butter and a big glass or two of water – or if it is meal time, then eat a normal balanced meal slowly.

    1.Know that you ARE a stress eater
    2. Put some other tools in your toolbox

    Thanks for the advice. I think walking is great but it’s that moment the laptop is opened and there is über pressure on and if I don’t feel confident … I want a snack. What other tools do you all have? I tried deep breathing and nearly hyperventilated..

    The book ‘NeuroSlimming’by Dr. Helena Popovic has been helping me. It is full of tools and I can pick and choose which ones suit me best. One that I like is that I made a list of all the descriptions of what it means to feel optimal: words I think of when I imagine “Wow, I feel great!” I have that list handy and will read it to myself in times of stress and it pulls me from a state of inner conflict into a state of oneness and harmony. If that fails, there are many other tools to access and utilize. Though the book is for the purpose of steering the reader away from dieting and even fasting for the most part, I found it very useful in supporting this WOL. I’m not into my third year practicing 5:2 and I’m a binge eater and emotional eater. Food is what I’ve usually turned to when overwhelmingly emotional, though that is slowly changing and I now have spaces and times when I naturally allow other ways and means to lead me to place of peace.

    what you do is the result of a habit … the desire for sweets during stress is a learned activity in the awareness and it happens automatically. You should “teach” the body how to deal with a new way of stress … start doing something else, go for a walk, practice, cook something … it distracts you

    What also works for me is using tools to heal the underlying trauma that compels me to turn to food for comfort and relief. I’ve yet to come up with anything that soothes like food, however, when I actually address the underlying emotional cause which is often past trauma, the craving and gnawing hunger, evaporate and lift of their own accord, no will power necessary.

    What were the most significant symptoms of anxieties that you remember most?

    I had one worst last week…palpitations, lost imbalance fainting feeling,no sensation at my right head till neck and blood pressure shot up very high the entire day..

    I had the same problem like an instant knockout

    Mukica and Joshua – you need to see your doctor – that’s not normal on 5:2.

    I don’t know if this will help at all, but I definitely understand where you’re coming from- I used to need a glass or 2 of wine if I was stressed, but the medication I’m on now means I can’t drink, so that’s been brilliant having to kick that habit…so I turned to chocolate instead! Put on 2 stone gradually… I finally got some wilpower & did ADF, so the time for eating chocolate was potentially halved. Now I do keto WOE so very low carb, & my carb cravings have gone, it’s brilliant. Occasionally I get that urge to eat with stress, but mostly it’s gone! So if carbs are your downfall, you could consider a ketogenic diet as well as 5:2 as they go well together. & the final nail in the overeating coffin is getting a puppy- there’s just no time for that!!!

    I have a stress window in every day which usually runs from about 3:30 pm to 6 pm and then I am fine! I think all of the stress of the days builds up and show up during that time window. The only thing I found that works to calm me is to become more physical. Walking or running is helpful! Meditation and yoga don’t work for me. The more I try to stay still, the higher the level of my stress goes. Being physical seems to calm me. Once that works, I can be calm for the rest of the evening. I tried wine to calm myself but while that worked, it caused me to gain weight. I don’t want that trade off. I think everyone has their own way to address stress and we just need to find what works for ourselves! Good luck!

    How weird, I’ve just looked on here and seen such helpful replies. Especially after a day at work, came in at 6.30 and devoured every carb I could lay my hands on.

    Hedgogs that’s great- you don’t binge at all? If I cut carbs for a day I binge on them the next but maybe I wouldn’t of completely withdrew long term. Thank you for sharing.
    Yes ccco me too usually after 3pm until 7.30! As soon as I leave work is usually painful.
    Minka you sound very insightful. When I’m in the binge moment though I have no rational thought.

    Ccco I also have noticed a correlation between being stressed when sitting all day as opposed to days when busy. I may schedule in some exercise a massive challenge when hard to incorporate into the day.

    I noticed that my tendency was to pile whatever was bothering me into one big unmanageable lump and call it stress. A friend suggested that instead of simply saying “I’m stressed!” and allowing that to be a trigger to eat cookies, instead to make myself unravel the threads and identify precisely what was bothering me. A quickly jotted list might look something like…

    It’s 4:00 and I’ve been too busy to go get water so I’m thirsty
    I shouldn’t have stayed up so late last night
    I wish this diet would go faster
    I’m anxious about getting this project finished
    I’m annoyed that Joe keeps interrupting me
    My desk chair is really uncomfortable
    I’m worried that my dog threw up this morning
    I’m still bothered by that thing my mother-in-law said last Sunday

    At the end of the list I would add…

    “And I am convinced that eating a cookie (or fill in the blank) will solve these problems.” 🙂

    It’s always made me laugh to read the list and the proposed “solution.” I think doing this helps to identify the causes of stress and find actual solutions. It’s also pretty easy to see that in no way would eating a cookie address any of my concerns. I also realized that I was somewhat complicit in my stress because feeling “stressed” had always given me the perfect excuse to eat junk.

    Onlyhermes what a great idea. I think it’s key to stay calm and sometimes I’m rubbish at that. I can feel quite frantic. To make a list seems a good idea. I think incorporating exercise will help when feeling that manic stressed feeling too.

    My key times (bizarrely) after work, mid morning and sometimes first thing!

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