Stevia: How to read labels before buying?

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Stevia: How to read labels before buying?

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  • Hi group, I’m pretty much sure that some of you must be use stevia as a natural substitute of sugar. But how do you know that which is the right one? Like some stevia labels say that they have:

    1. fructooligosaccharides
    2. Erythritol
    3. sugar alcohol like Isomalt
    4. Lactose
    and more along with strvia.

    All of these with stevia, in my view isn’t the right stuff to consume. So group, please share your view on how you buy stevia or any brand in particular.

    I’m consuming this sweetleaf stevia, but had to import it so it cost my 5 times 🙁

    Generally with stevia they add another sugar too, because stevia has a bitter after taste that is more obvious the more you use.

    (I have a stevia plant and just pick a leaf and add it to my cup of tea. That way I know what I am getting! 😉 )

    So how’s the taste of stevia plant in tea or coffer?

    I love the touch of sweetness and don’t mind the stevia taste, but several friends have tried it and find it is too different from sugar for their taste.
    I’ve cut out sugar so it is stevia leaf or nothing for me!
    Kids love to pick a leaf and eat it!

    Thanks Cinque, Even now I am tempted to try Stevia leaves.

    Look for smaller, more tender ones! Good luck!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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