Starting today (5/20), but for anyone just starting

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Starting today (5/20), but for anyone just starting

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  • A very good morning from sunny Wellington!

    Hope Penguinchick & Graham are keeping cool in England. 32’c is no fun for a country/ city that is not equipped for it.

    Alex, hope your Friday fast day went well.

    Last fast day on Friday went ok. But ate too much calories during weekend. So a weight gain of 300g. I need to face reality and don’t want to blame on water retention etc anymore.

    So I have asked my daughter to design me a lite body building and eating program for NFD. After plateauing for months I need to try something different. I hope I can manage better within a structure eating program.

    Found some interesting documentaries for inspiration: Barkley Marathon and Cross Fit world championships. After watching them I found the step class was like a walk in the park. At yesterday step class, I was one of the very few who could complete the highest intensity workout. I was completely out of breath at the end of the class. But so happy that I’m fitter than people years younger than me.

    Fasting today and it will go well.

    Have a lovely day everyone!

    Good Monday All!

    Weekends, ah weekends. Not sure what I am going to do with those two days of leisure and good food and drink. It seems the more enjoyable the weekend is, the worse I do calorically. All I can do is start again on Monday. Weigh-in this morning is unimpressive.

    Fast day today. I do not expect any issues there.

    Exercise. It still eludes me.


    Hey all,

    Hope you’re having a good one if fasting today (Al), and don’t worry about the weekend, you’ll get it off soon enough, remember DON’T QUIT!

    I must admit during this heat, I’ve been unable to do my HIIT workouts, I have managed a little yoga with my kids in the evenings, but I have done a lot of gardening (mostly cutting back weeds, I’m not remotely green fingered!), so that’s pretty energetic activity, I’m certainly sore like I’ve done a workout! I have managed to drop 1/2lb since my ranting last week, so something good came from my anger/disgust at myself as I had a couple of restrictive days during the weekend. I also have very little food in the house, as the kids are at my sisters for a couple of days with their cousins, so I didn’t go shopping and packed them off with all the naughty food, to share with their cousins!
    It’s a bit cooler in the south today, so if my current headache abates, I will try to do some pilates/yoga later.

    Good luck with your body building/eating Phoenix, that would probably be a good thing if it helps you control better and great that your daughter can help too!

    I’m on NFD today/tomorrow, then fasting Thursday, but very busy, so might not be able to chat again for a few days, so good luck all for a successful week of FD’s/NFD’s – we’re stronger by helping each other, keep it going, stay strong and don’t quit!

    Happy Tuesday to you all xx

    No Quitting. Won’t happen.

    My fast days are getting easier. I do not sweat them at all. NFD today and I will strive to be responsible. This is my real challenge. Tonight I have a really nice dinner out followed by QUEEN in concert (w/ Adam Lambert as if anyone could hold a candle to Freddie Mercury). So that meal plus the temptation to have a few adult beverages will be todays challenge. And tomorrow I am throwing a pizza party lunch at work.

    That said, it took a week but going back to 5:2 after the weeks vacation has brought me back very quickly to the pre-vacation numbers. Glad that didn’t persist longer. So I am back to that resistance point. Hope I can break through, a milestone is just 3 pounds away!

    Graham, where are you buddy? We are not quitting on you.

    On leave yesterday. Lots of running around thus didn’t check in.

    Penguinchick, good on you to persevere with exercises during the heat wave. I think you will experience a loss of a few kgs from water retention when the weather gets cooler.

    Alex, I love both the Queen and Adam Lambert! Enjoy the concert.

    Graham, hope you are doing well.

    NFD went ok yesterday. Researching on lite body building exercises & food intake. A bit worried about the amount of food recommended. I need to reduce it somehow otherwise I may put on weight.

    Another NFD today and it should be reasonably easy. Working in an office during weekdays give me good structure to manage calories intake. My problem is always the weekend ….

    Checking out the gym downstairs (we are very lucky the building owner provides a gym) today to see how to utilize the equipment at lunch break.

    Have a lovely Wednesday everyone!

    Wednesday. ugh. Concert was great. Dinner was also delicious. Calorically the day was probably just a bit high, but not too bad considering.

    There is nothing worse to starting your day than a terrible cup of coffee. I mean undrinkable. Sitting at my desk without my usual coffee I need a fix and my only option is the soda machine. I just realized that i have not had a diet soda in a long time. I basically drink water, iced tea, or an adult beverage when out to dinner. Looks like I am about to be reacquainted with diet coke.

    What are your thoughts on diet soda?

    Hi Alex, there are lots of research debating whether diet drinks are ok or bad. I avoid full soda, cordial, fruit juice etc (because of their high calories) but have been drinking diet soda/drink all my life without any known ill effect. I limit to no more than 1 glass a day, usually no more than 5 glasses a week.

    I also use natural or artificial sweeteners in my coffee.

    One reason (I think) why artificial sweetener is discouraged is because when we taste food (sweet drink), then our bodies don’t receive the expected calories, we will mark
    up insulin (or another chemical). So I consume artificially sweeten drink with food. Or use natural sweeteners as they have some calories.

    Yesterday NFD went ok. Didn’t have time to research gym equipment downstairs, due to a longish external meeting.

    Fasting today, and will book an one hour massage for later today.

    Have a happy Thursday everyone!

    Good evening all!

    Hope you are doing well, haven’t see Graham for a few days, more guests staying maybe?! Hope you’re well and you’re staying mostly on track?
    The concert sounds awesome Alex, I’m also a fan of both, you lucky thing!

    I’ve managed to get an infected cut on my gum, so I am on antibiotics/ can’t eat anything crunchy at all! Had to eat soft food, like rice (risotto) and soft bread etc. It’s messing with my normal intake of veggies, as I can’t eat anything hot/cold (acidic), only room temp and the pain from the infection has meant super-strong painkillers, which have knocked me out!
    Managing to drink some water and tepid coffee, which has helped on my FD today, but it’s been a real struggle to find anything I can bear to eat, without huge pain, so I just had a soft bagel with smoked salmon, which has been plain and boring, but filled me, so I am within my 500 kcal for today and a little to spare, though I’m stuck for what other food I can eat – all I have are veggies/meat/fish and pasta and I’m not eating pasta (it makes my tummy uncomfortable).
    Hopefully, I’ll heal up fast and be able to get back to my veggies over the weekend, it’s been a very odd week for food! I have managed to drink plenty of water, but almost no veg/fruit, just fish/soft chicken and rice mostly!

    @alex – Re: carbonated drinks (diet soda) – I don’t drink them myself, for two main reasons – dental protection (!) and I don’t like the taste of artificial sweeteners. I helped wean my husband off diet coke, which took around a year, he was totally addicted and his teeth suffered a lot with many cavities! He also gained weight, as he would always eat something when he had a diet coke, kind of pointless drinking diet soda if you then also eat a pack of Doritos, or something similar!
    So no, I’m very much NOT a fan, I won’t have it in the house and my DH has now switched to water, with the occasional fruit squash. He does sometimes have a diet coke, but only if we’re out at a bar/restaurant and he’s much happier not to be drinking it! He sleeps better too! I only ever drink it flat, when I’ve got an upset tummy lol!
    I also make him up a lovely coffee and put in a flask for him to take to work, so he doesn’t have to drink the stuff they have at the office, maybe you could do that instead? Make your favourite coffee and take it with you?

    Happy fasting and Phoenix, hope you had a nice massage?! It’s been a few years since I was in NZ, but I remember going to a lovely spa near Auckland and having a pamper day, such bliss! 🙂

    So sorry to hear about your illness Penguinchick. One recipe you may want to try is chicken, vege & brown rice soup. Simmer them for about 45 minutes so everything is soft, then eat them at the temperature that suit you. Hope you will get better soon.

    Interested to know diet soda can cause dental problem. May be another option is to use soda machine with plain water fuse with lemon etc. For me I’ve actively reduced diet soda, by drinking water first then see whether I still want the soda. May consider the soda machine option, or just buy plain soda water.

    Yesterday fast day went well. The Tuina (Chinese massage) was quite painful. Probably due to higher intensity exercises lately that caused some problems – I’m 53 after all. But I felt very good after that.

    NFD today. Hope to investigate gym equipment today.

    Have a wonderful Friday everyone!

    Happy Friday everyone!

    I am bumbling through my week like a yo-yo. Fast days went well, non-fast day on Wednesday was a train-wreck. If they offset themselves I will consider myself lucky. The only upside was that I finally got off my ass and went for a 3.5 mile walk last night in 90 degree heat. It’s a start.

    Today is a non-fast day. Looking for the strength to keep things in control because honestly all I am thinking about this morning is lunch and dinner.


    Good on you Alex, for doing a long walk in such heat. I managed to attend both Zumba and step classes over the weekend. But need to do more during the week.

    NFDs went ok last few days and got back to normal plateau weight (around 70kg) this morning. Still not organised re lite body building exercise and diets (for NFD) yet.

    I found more documentaries on ultra marathon including the one about Courtney Dauwalter. What an amazing young women.

    It’s freezing this morning in Wellington/New Zealand with snow falling up and down the country. Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

    Happy Monday All,

    Hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was relatively uneventful. Here’s hoping to an easy fast day today!


    Too relaxed on fast day yesterday. Went ok till around 3pm & started eating vege crisps. I must stop buying these treats.

    A slight weight loss this morning and I hope to be more discipline today (NFD).

    Working late tonight so have time to investigate the gym downstairs today.

    Another chilly morning in Wellington/New Zealand. Hope all the ski fields fill up with nice snow.

    Have a lovely Tuesday everyone!

    Happy Monday/Tuesday all,

    Uneventful FD today for me, not been on the scales yet, I’ll wait til morning, but had a bit of a stodgy weekend, bread (fresh/homemade), homemade cookies (I only ate 2 small ones), small bowl of B&J Ice cream… I LOVE ice cream SO MUCH! lol! I wish it were as delicious, but with zero fat… I’d eat it all day, plain vanilla is perfect!
    Sorry – that’s no help to anyone is it?! I’ve no idea if I’ve lost anything, probably stayed the same weight, or gained 😮 I’ll maybe post tomorrow if it’s not awful!

    Really easy FD today, had a bowl of soup and 1 small slice homemade wholemeal bread, no butter/margarine. Few coffees and lots of water and haven’t really felt hungry, until this minute as I post that I didn’t feel hungry!
    Well done on the loss Phoenix, it’s always worth mentioning losses, no matter how small, well done 😀
    @al – hope your FD went well/easy? Good work on the walk too, I must get back into activity this week, it’s been hard with the kids off school, we’ve had a lot of stuff to do, none of it involved going outside to go walking! We are on holiday next week though, which will involve climbing hills/mountains and 4-8 hrs of walking/hiking rough terrain… kids included lol!
    Have a great day everyone, hope all is ok Graham? Not seen you for a while!

    OMG. Today will serve as the warning sign marking how not to eat after a fast day. My fast yesterday went well. Smooth even, though I was hungry in the evening I did not give in to any temptation. I awoke hungry.

    Then I ate poorly. I had a cookie with my coffee on my way to work. A big sugary cookie and I sweetened my coffee a bit too. Then I went to an early lunch hungry and ate grilled sausages, heavy sides, and lots of sweets for dessert.

    And boy am I sick. You simply cannot settle your body into a good 5:2 regime and assault it in this manner. Not sure if it was the sugar, the fat, or what, but I hope I do not forget how I am feeling right now. Weight be damned, this sucks at any size.

    So gluttony 1, Alex 0. Maybe ill skip dinner.


    My NFD didn’t go well yesterday too. Should have sub 2 muffins and a chocolate cake for fruits but didn’t. The plan to visit gym didn’t happen because of too much office work – didn’t even leave the office at lunch time.

    So today (NFD) I will eat fruits instead of muffins/cake. Also have decided to access work gym in the morning, rather than during the day (otherwise I get too busy and will not do it) – starting tomorrow. This will force me to confirm a work out program tonight.

    A lovely sunny day in Wellington, and hope you all have a great day too!

    Success! Just completed a planned workout at the gym downstairs of my office. I’ve been trying to do this at lunch time with no luck. So I thought I will try it first thing in the morning (I’m at work before 7am anyway). I plan to do this every morning during week days.

    Fasting today and I feel very positive.

    Warmish and sunny day today in Wellington. Hope you all have an enjoyably day.

    Way to go Pheonix! Good on you. Maybe you will get into my head to try morning workouts. I do have a gym at work.

    My horrible eating myself into sickness day ended on a slightly better note. I did have dinner, albeit a reasonable one. Interesting NFD today. My healthy light salad lunch also did not sit well. Maybe I just have a stomach bug. I am staying off the scale this week so who knows what impact this is all having on the overall plan.

    Tomorrow is a fast day and I am also hoping that will reset and settle me down. New challenge is hydration as I will spend this weekend in the rocky mountains at altitude and am being urged to come well-hydrated. Not going to fast Monday next week so I will have to figure that out as well.

    Glad to have you gals still with me. I’m a bit worried about Graham. Hope he chimes back in.

    Hey all!

    Well done Phoenix! Good work there, you go girl! 😉 Alex, hope you feel better soon, it’s horrid to feel bloaty/sick and icky at any point, wishing you well and hope your FD helps a little. I had a bit of a bad tummy last week with the antibiotics/painkillers and my FD helped to settle that down quite well, though I did drink a lot of water, which also helped.
    I’m worried about Graham as well, but I think he mentioned it’s really busy for him with guests, so perhaps that’s why he’s not posted? If you are having lots of fun Graham, go for it! If you’re lurking and needing a boost, we’re here for you!
    That said – I’m off on hols for a week, I’m having to juggle my FD’s about a bit, as we’re climbing a mountain 😮 That’ll be interesting! I’m sure your Rockies are wonderful Al, but I’m not a fan of heights, so I’m a bit nervous lol!
    I didn’t lose anything this week after my weigh in, but not gained either… I’m going to have a chilled week and enjoy my holiday/family, then get back to the hard work when I’m back. I won’t have access to any pc/electronics, as we’re not taking anything with us, so I won’t be able to post.
    Have a good week and hope you all stay well, happy, hydrated and focused! Sending good thoughts for you all, see you when I return! xx

    I admire your discipline Penguinchick! When I was not feeling well I would not fast for that day, and you persevere through your illness! All the best with your mountain climbing.

    Alex, I’ve been procrastinating for a long term before committing to the work gym. When I tried and failed to go there during the day for weeks, I decided to try it first thing in the morning. I’m an early stater so this fits into my schedule well. Second morning to gym today.

    Graham, hope you are well. We are thinking of you.

    My fast day yesterday was less disciplined. Maybe because I went to the gym I’ve unconsciously allowed myself more calories. Need to work on this.

    NFD and Friday today, YA! Have a fantastic day everyone!

    Did zumba and step at weekends, and did a lower body work out this morning at work gym. I’m now struggling walking up and down the stairs. I was a bit sore over the weekend too. Good to find the muscles are working.

    No change in Weigh in last 7 days. I’m ok with that. I was not disciplined eating wise last week. The plans to do more exercises distracted me so will need to re-focus.

    Have a wonderful Monday everyone!

    Had breakfast in town with husband this morning, so no gym session.

    Whole day meeting today. Our EA has ordered healthy lunch for us (also a charity thing that it donates one lunch to school for each order). Unfortunately tonight will stuck in front of PC to complete accounts for a new charity I have decided to help out.

    Will hit the gym tomorrow for a longer session.

    A sunny day today in Wellington. Hope you all enjoy today too.

    Hey gals, I’m back!

    What an amazing weekend in the mountains. Had a great time catching up with an old friend and his family, then the two of us went up into the Rockies to fly-fish and hike and hang out. We were pretty active the whole time which seemed to offset the very nice meals we worked in. More amazing is that I lost 2 pounds.

    So my Tuesday weigh-in was 184 and this after a long weekend and missed fast day last week. 12 pounds gone since May 20, which is behind the pace I wanted, but still not a bad place to be. This has been my floor. I cannot seem to consistently get below this weight. I have seen 182 but that was after a fast day and I know I was dehydrated, so it was nice to see but I know it wasn’t real.

    I am taking this as an opportunity to break through. I am actually looking forward to fasting today. I am hungry and it took everything I had to skip the BBQ being hosted on campus for lunch, but I did it. If you are starting at your floor, it has to be the start of a breakthrough, right?

    Given the weekend was super-active, I also feel like I may be on the cusp of restarting regular exercise. I have another long Fri-Tues weekend coming this weekend that should also allow me to up my activity… so maybe, just maybe I can do it AND navigate through another busted week. I am probably only looking at one fast day next week.

    Just because I go quiet, you gals should know that I read all of your posts even when I am offline. They come to my phone by email and are great reminders to keep it going. Thank you!


    Well done Alex for your weight loss when you were on holiday. My family trip to the Cooks Island is at end of Aug. I hope my weight will not increase during that time.

    Completed another workout at the work gym this morning. And I plan to continue this every week/working day.

    My weight has plateau for months now, thus decided to increase the exercise level. So far my weight has not gone down, and sometimes up a little (it may be due to the increased exercise). I’ll continue my current regime: body workouts 4-5 times a week, zumba & step classes at weekend, try to control the calories intake plus 2 days fasting. Then assess it after the holiday to see what else need to change.

    NFD today and preparing mentally for fasting tomorrow.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Way to go Pheonix! There is no way that upping your exercise is a bad thing. I too will often gain a few pounds when starting back, but then when it starts to creep down, it does so pretty consistently. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat, so my guess is that you are toning, even if you do not feel or see it.

    I gutted out a good fast day and indeed weighed in at that mystical 182lb mark this morning. Its a mirage, but its nice to see anyway. Will try to keep it healthy today.

    Penguin, I wish you a great vacation.


    I hope so too, Alex, that I gained muscles due to the increased exercise. Early days yet, I’m still familiarizing with the workout routines. What I try to do it’s to make each session more challenging than the last one. Otherwise it can get quite boring after a while.

    Fasting today and it should go reasonably well.

    Have a wonderful day everyone!

    Hit the gym this morning again, despite the body was quite sore all over. I felt good afterwards though, as always.

    Fasting went reasonably ok yesterday despite I’ve eaten more like 800c.

    NFD today and today is Friday – Hooray!

    Have a lovely day everyone!

    Busy busy busy. Work is kicking my butt this week. Had a fast day fail yesterday where I definitely exceeded my caloric allotment, but apparently not by much, still lost another pound. This morning I was locked in a 3-hour conference with donuts. You can guess how that went.

    I start another long vacation weekend tonight. Back Wednesday. Goal will be to maintain weight by offsetting what I know will be a lot eating out with a lot of exercise. Wish me luck.

    Keep at it guys. While progress has been slow, it has been there!


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