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  • Thank you for the feedback! I like that what you said-makes sense that Fridays after fasting would be more encouraging than a disheartening Monday weigh in. I weighed in this morning, and after yesterday’s fast, I am down 2.6lbs. I thought I would lose more in water weight, but at least I am down a few.

    My birthday is tomorrow, so I will be going out tonight with the girls, and then my bf is taking me wine tasting this weekend… It is going to be tough to stay within a reasonable caloric range, but I will try!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Well done to all who have lost this week I think a big pat on the back is needed to one and all:) Welcome too to kirsty another newcomer and good luck in your weight loss and good health journey.

    Well I’ve had a blowout today – treated myself to meal deal lunch (sarnie, crisps drink) and also chocolate, whoops! I like to have 1 blowout day then tomorrow and Sunday I’ll be very careful and make sure I eat under my TDEE.

    Have a great evening and weekend everyone x

    Wow! Well done, everyone! You’ve all done so well! I am not fasting today, but am feeling great. I had 500 cals at lunch time and then 500 cals for tea, so I’m well under my TDEE of 1600.

    That’s annoying! Only half of what I typed has posted! Karen, your meal deal and chocolate sounds lovely! I’m going to have a pudding after my tea tomorrow, so I’m looking forward to that. And happy birthday, ThriveAlive. Your weekend sounds like it’s going to be great!

    Happy Birthday ThriveAlive! Sounds like a good weekend ahead.
    Non fast day today but still kept my calorie intake down, I treated myself to a pudding and now a lovely glass of wine. Out for dinner with my other half tomorrow to our favourite Gurkha restaurant, so will make sure I get out for a run in the morning.
    Have a lovely weekend everyone.

    Well done couscous that’s a massive achievement! And well done to everyone else too x
    We had pizza night here, I made myself a tortilla one from the hairy dieters book, it was delicious and a fraction of the calories in a regular pizza, Plus a nice big salad. I may chance a glass if wine later as I’ve only had 720 cals today.

    Non fast day for me too but what i love about this is because i fasted yesterday i feellike i want to be healthy today aswell and tomorrow well everyday really

    Hmm?? Only half my post came up there i went on to say that i have stayed well below my TDEE aswell and that i dont drink wine have never liked it but if i did i would def be having a glass with you ladies tonight:) enjoy and be proudof how well we are all doing xx

    Hi all, I’m new to this too and I started last Monday,5.1. I didn’t stick to the plan properly as I overdid things a bit on the non fast days but I still managed to lose 3lbs. About another 10 to go so next week should be a better week as I understand the way 5:2 works better. Good luck to all of you. I’ve been years trying to lose this 10 lbs so this is the year and the way to do it.

    Congratulatioms to everyone! I find reading your posts inspiring especially when I see how well you are doing on your weigh ins! I have yet to weigh myself as I was due on yesterday and due to water retention I always weigh a little more before my period so I didn’t want to be disappointed!
    Went out for a meal last night and stuck to grilled seafood and salad. However I did have three glasses of wine but mixed with soda and drank water in between so I’m sure I would have had more if I hadn’t done so! It was a feed day so even though I didn’t count calories precisely I was still well below TDEE.
    Couscous well done for such amazing will power this week! Judging by the comments here most of us are in a similar situation as you and it’s a pleasure to be your fellow faster! You’ve done it once before so know how it all works for you.
    Nice to see Spain is added to our map! Where is everyone else from?
    Hoping you all have a great weekend.
    Hoping you all

    Hi Loose Jeans. Im from Northern Ireland live in Lisburn just outside Belfast. Well done to you for going out to dinner and managing to order something healthy thats great. I am just loving this thread i hope we all keep in touch and share our journey

    Once again only half my post came up wonder why its doing that

    Morning everyone. Well I woke up at 5 this morning with awful stomach pains which have had me doubled over at times. Not sure what’s causing it because I would have thought if it had been something I’d eaten last night I’d have been sick in the night so it’s more likely one of the bugs which is doing the rounds up here. Won’t be eating anything much today methinks, not got an appetite this morning anyway and even my cup of tea and coffee is making the pains worse so probably best to avoid food until it settles. So looks like I’ll be doing an unintentional fast πŸ™

    Hope everyone else is ok, have a nice Saturday x

    Hi everyone, I’m also new to this. My first fast day was Monday and second Wednesday, I was a bit apprehensive as I thought it was going to be hard going without food but it wasn’t πŸ™‚ weighed in today and I’ve lost 5lbs! I can’t believe how easy this and wondering why I didn’t start earlier.

    Well done Topsy on your lose i have decided to weigh myself monthly if i can wait that long. Sorry to hear your not feeling well Karen hopeyou feel better soon x

    Hi everyone. I hope you dont mind me joining you? I started the 5:2 on 4th Jan and have just weighed in for the first time to find that I have lost 6lb. Really chuffed

    Morning! Everyone seems to have had a really good week. Thrivealive hope you’re having a great birthday weekend. Karen-hope you feel better soon. I successfully completed 2 fast days this week Mon/Thu which I’m very pleased with considering that the office was full of cakes and biscuits all week! I made a big batch of the ratatouille from the recipe book and had that with some chicken on Monday and then again with salmon on Thursday. I prefer my own cooking to ready meals but like the instant availability so having lots of portions in already cooked food in the freezer really helps. The weather in London is awful but I’ve completed another goal which was to return to Parkrun which i did this morning – luckily before the rain and wind got really awful. Think I shall be spending the rest of the day indoors!

    Wow, Rhiannonn! Running in this weather shows dedication! I love ratatouille too. In fact I’ve just had some for lunch with grated Parmesan cheese, since it’s not a fast day – yum! I was planning to have stewed plums with cream for dessert, but I was too full and didn’t fancy it any more. What’s happened to me? I’ve always been dessert queen! I continue to be utterly amazed by what a couple of fast days can do to my system. In the past when I have “banned” certain foods from my diet, I’ve wanted them all the more, but since nothing is forbidden now I’m not craving anything. I’m definitely satisfied with smaller portions too. Hooray for the Fast Diet!

    Where about’s in Yorkshire are you from, Rhiannonn? I live in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. My brother lives in Rotherhithe, London.

    Hope everyone is doing well, I find it more difficult at the weekend too much temptation and too much time on my hands!
    I went to m&s and got a couple of low cal meals for my next fast days, I find I cope better if I can just put something in the oven rather than think about it too much.
    A small steak and green salad for dinner and a glass of wine for later should bring me in under my tdee for today.

    Well done on refusing the pudd Maria πŸ™‚ It sounds like your body is getting used to not needing as much food.

    Well my tummy pains are not as bad but still not much appetite, only had 2 slices of toast and a wee bit of cheese and camomile tea and a couple of cups of coffee to drink. Feel very washed out and tired tbh so had a little nap and just lounged around all day. Going to try poached egg on toast for tea and hope my tummy doesn’t react.
    You’re doing really well Jan, I always find sorting out menus in advance works best for me too. I’m going to be well under TDEE today so hopefully I’ll undo the 1.5 lb I put on overnight πŸ™‚

    Hello, I started on Monday and its a challenge but actually quite nice to deny yourself the things you actually don’t need at all but 21st century living has caused us to believe we do. I’m not sure about my calorie counting though the packet says different to the list in the book and not sure if it’s cooked or uncooked calorie counting….

    Maria – thanks, was very hard to not roll over and turn the alarm off but I did it! I’m originally from Hull but now in Walthamstow, East London. I’m on a feed day today but I’ve been out and about most of the day shopping and running errands and I’ve just got home and realised I haven’t eaten since breakfast! Normally I would have been ravenous and had to eat whilst out but I didn’t even notice. I’ll really enjoy dinner now.

    Hello all I’m starting this Monday coming as been ill. Only ever managed two weeks (done it twice) but both times lost about five pound and felt great. Only want to lose about 10 pound but keep it off so sticking to it this time. Good luck everybody

    Welcome GC you’ve only got a little bit to lose like me. It can be done but might take a little longer but if you stick with it you’ll get there in the end. Good luck x

    (: thank you xx

    Well its Sat night and since im at home in my pjs and my little boy is in bed i have treated myself to a bag of maltesers they where yummy and have ate healthily all day so still well below my TDEE

    Hope everyone is keeping on track, I have a nice Sunday lunch on the go, chicken and veg and maybe a potato or two. Feeling happy with the way the weekend has gone so far re tdee. Third fast tomorrow.

    Well it’s weigh in day. Down 3lbs according to my scales. I totally blew my TDEE (is that correct?) over the weekend, so I’m amazed that I’ve lost anything. Got to get to grips with being sensible at the weekend otherwise I can see my weight creeping up again. Was anybody else ‘naughty ‘ over the weekend?

    Happy Monday πŸ˜€ Hope this week is great for everyone. Weigh in for me this morning, just 1lb down, but its steady. I’m happy with that. Fasting today.

    Good luck x

    Well done dragonfly and katie.
    Have to say I was good Katie but thats not to say I will be good all the time, I feel determined at the moment. Stay strong you can do it x
    Third fast today and I have my meals for the day planned, all I have to do now is stick to it!
    Good luck everyone.

    Morning everyone,
    I tried to be good over the weekend, but had a couple of slips, I blame the weather πŸ™ doesn’t matter though, as its my third fast today and I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully I’ll be busy at work so the time flies, that helped last week πŸ™‚
    I have to say the support here is great and I know that there is always someone here to help.

    Morning. Happy Monday. I am fasting today. Woke up starving but had a juice for breakfast so hoping Ill be ok. Best of luck everyone!

    Well done to all of us for completing our first week. I too had a ‘good’ weekend with wine and gin!! Oops. But first weigh in this morning shows 3 lbs down after doing 4:3 last week and I am very happy with that. Am travelling to UK from Spain today to see family for a couple of days so hope I don’t blow it. Will try 4:3 again this week. Today, Wednesday and Friday fasts. Fingers crossed. Have a good week everyone.

    Well everyone week 2.third fast today was good over the weekend feeling really positive. Congrats to you all on your first week weight lose im dying to weigh myself but plan ro wait 4 weeks before i do. Stay strong today everyone we can do this and remember you are all fabulous xx

    Morning to all – hope you all had a good weekend.

    At the end of my fasts last week, on Friday morning, I had lost 3 pounds which was good. I didn’t count calories at all this weekend, in fact was pretty much eating what I wanted but I managed 2 work outs – one 60 minute cardio session on Saturday which burnt 600 calories and another circuits training session for 45 minutes followed by a bike session for 20 minutes. Ate popcorn, crisps, brownies this weekend but hopefully not done too much damage due to the gym sessions. Currently in a lot of pain though!

    Fasting today, feels good to get back to it – it’s never as bad as you think it is…

    Good-morning everyone. Good to hear everyone’s stories and efforts from over the weekend. I fasted yesterday (Sunday) not something I would normally contemplate but I have a work dinner this evening and really don’t want to undo the 5lbs weigh loss achieved so far.
    I agree with many of you that the best way to succeed is to plan your menus ahead and try and have food that is tasty and quick to prepare. Eggs are on my shopping list this week – they are low calorie, cheap and can be prepared quickly – scrambled, boiled or made into am omelette with lots of veg! Also very nutritious and filling.
    Sparkling water also making an appearance – as somehow it seems more filling than normal.
    What great food ideas does everyone else have?

    I find eggs great too Salad days. I am having one each evening for ‘dinner’ So handy and filling.

    Hello everyone, I hope I can join here too. This thread is really good, lots of lovely people. I am starting this week and Tue and Thur will be my fasting day. πŸ™‚ And Friday my weigh-in day.
    I am now 68Kg and would like to be down to 52Kg (I am very short, haha) That would be 35lbs to go. 38 years old and two little boys.
    I have no specific target as to when I wanted to reach my target but is hoping for a steady 1-2lbs lost a week.

    BTW, live in Denmark. New pin on the map. πŸ™‚

    Gerry πŸ™‚

    Hi all,

    I started on Friday as my first fast day and plan the next fast for tomorrow. I didn’t have a problem throughout the day with the fast, eating soup and a protein bar, but I was feeling really hungry by the time I went to bed.

    My problem is all the day’s in between! I tend to graze throughout the day, eat small healthy meals then top up with junk. I have been using myfitness pal and wearing a fitbit. I find them motivational to ensure that I walk the dogs longer. However at the moment I have a fractured ankle and will be incapacitated for at least the next 4 weeks.

    I look forward to learning from everyone and celebrating our successes.

    Hi Everyone,
    I started this last Wednesday on a whim, I found and read the site Tuesday night and started the next day. I’ve had a read through this thread and it seems everyone is doing really well and supporting each other.
    I’ll add another pin to the map as I’m in Cyprus. Originally from Yorkshire.
    Loose Jeans I will agree with you on Dukan, I lost 4 stone for my wedding in 2011 but most (thankfully not all) has gone back on. I have between 65 and 80 pounds to lose to get back to a healthy weight I’m happy with.
    This time it has to work, my husband and I would like to start a family but closing fast on my mid-30s and being very overweight is not an ideal situation.
    I’ve been overweight for the last 10 years or so, so I’ll see how things go as to whether I go for the full 80lbs or not.

    Everyone seems to be doing really well and I hope you all keep it up and reach your targets. Happy trails

    Oh yes, my fast days are Monday and Wednesday. Tues & Thurs are my greek lessons and I can’t concentrate late in the evening if I haven’t eaten. My first proper weigh in is on Thursday so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a good result.

    Newbie starting today 41 have a holiday booked in 12 weeks. Need to do something hit 40 and would like to get back to my 10 1/2 stone weight currently 12 stone not huge but it seems to creep on every year. Feeling hungry not sure how to eat during the day. whether to save it for dinner time or like today I have had bowl of cerial and a 63 calorie cup of soup.
    Plan to get on cross trainer later, evenings are my worst. good luck every one else starting today.

    Hi everyone,

    I started last Monday 05/01/15 at 10st 7lb. I’m fasting Mon, Wed and Fri and am aiming to get to 9st…however long it takes me! I managed to lose 4lb in my first week so I’m heading in the right direction at least (although I fully expect this rate to significantly slow).

    A huge part of my motivation for doing 5:2 though is high cholesterol. I will be very interested to have my cholesterol rechecked in 3 months and see whether I have had any success with lowering it.

    I have found the fasting days fine so far by telling myself that I can have whatever treat is being waved in my face by saboteur colleagues the next day. I drink plenty of water and green tea during the day and have a meal in the evening of 500cals. I’m in love with the new M&S β€˜Balanced for You’ range which has so many low calorie options. Can usually squeeze a yoghurt into my allowance as well.

    Good luck to you all and I hope you all have a great fasting week ahead!


    Hello all! I’m Whitney and new here. I’m from the states and mom to a beautiful son. I’ve been reading this forum for motivation and finally decided to join after getting my own results. I’ve struggled with my weight for years and at 24 years old I’ve had issues with an under active thyroid and pcos which have made weight loss a bit more difficult. For those reasons I decided to alternate days instead of 5:2, I hope you all won’t mind me being here considering that. I started last Tuesday and I’ve managed to lose 3lbs as of Saturday which I know is water weight but none the less I’m motivated! I do want to make this a way of life since I have always done harsh diets in the past and quickly gained it back. I enjoy reading all of your success stories and hope to contribute some of mine as well!

    Hello Whitney, Lolomo & Eleanor. The first step is always the hardest, that’s why I jumped in with both feet. I’ve fasted today and found it harder than my first fast, probably because I was still running on the extra reserves built up over the holidays. I managed to go until 5pm without food (milk in my tea doesn’t count as food but I do count the calories) but I caved and I’ve just had my cuppa soup.
    I’m finding it really hard to stay off the scales but I’m determined not weigh myself until after my 2nd fast of the week.

    Welcome to our newcomers. I agree it can be very hard to get through a fast day, best of all is to steer clear of food and temptation and keep as occupied as you can. Hunger pangs do pass – if I am really struggling I make a cup of tea – with the smallest dash of milk. Everyone finds their own pattern – I am happy to forget breakfast and eat my first food at lunchtime, then have an early supper – bath and early bed, to make the day as short as possible!! Don’t forget tomorrow comes along pretty quickly.
    This week I am fasting on Tuesday and Thursday and do my weekly weigh in on Saturday morning.
    Keep up the good work – the results will be worth it.

    Hey everyone and welcome all the newcomers. Well its almost dinner time and i have survived so far on water and coffee looking forward to my soup soon. Another fast day nearly over

    Welcome to all the new folks its lovely to see so many on board, good luck to you all.
    Lolomo I agree about the M&S meals
    I find on a fast day they suit me and I can just work around them,I just had pork potatoes and veg for 288 cals and there was plenty. I don’t generally like ready meals much but I find it takes the strain out of worrying whether I have gone over my calories, anything that makes this easier is fine by me.

    Why do all my messages end up having the second half chopped off??

    Same thing happened to me Julie are you using emojies?? I am so used to putting smiley faces onmy txts and things i do it by habit but noticed on this my message would only post up until i used an emojie so i stopped ans its working fine now

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