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  • Morning everyone nice to see we’re still all positive. I’m pleased to say I maintained my weight by this morning (I’m a daily weigher to keep in check). Normally go up a wee bit after a normal day so Im very pleased I stayed the same 🙂 Going out for lunch with family but will be sticking to jacket potato and salad and a small evening meal so should be well under TDEE for the day and fasting again tomorrow so hoping for a loss on official weigh in on Friday.
    Have a great day guys x

    Good morning!
    I managed to stay well under TDEE yesterday despite cooking a big family meal (as it was a holiday here yesterday )and plan on doing so today, if I’ve done it once I can do it again!! No alcohol either since NYD so pleased with that too. I seem to be drinking more herbal tea and coffee( sometimes add a drop of milk but no sugar) but I need to improve water intake. Today I’m trying sparkling or still water with a slice of lemon and it’s working so far 🙂 thanks for the tips everyone!
    Good luck today Karen250436 and have fun!Fast day tomorrow for me too.
    Stay focused and motivated everyone!

    Hello all

    I stumbled upon this thread, and I am in the same boat. I did well on the 5:2 last year – I lost a total of around 21 pounds from Jan – May. Then I plateaued, lost heart did it half heartedly for a few months and came off completely around October and gained everything back. I am determined to do better this year, as another faster I have been speaking to on here actually stuck to it and has lost 2 and a half stone and taking her dress size down dramatically (Hilly – I’m looking at you if you’re reading!)

    Let’s do this.

    Hi little dragon, I can identify with you totally. I lost the half stone I wanted to lose (didn’t want to lose much but as as result much harder for me and took about 12 weeks) for my holiday last June , gained 5 back on holiday then lost motivation, stayed the same and went up another 2 lb after Xmas. All the clothes I bought when I’d lost the weight are tight so I don’t wear them ( currently living in leggings lol) and I’m reluctant to buy more bcause I really want to lose the weight again this year. I know I can do this so really going to try hard this year to get where I want to be again.

    Good luck and welcome to our thread x

    Hi Karen, nice to hear from you. It’s reassuring knowing that I’m not the only one who has felt disappointed in myself. I ran away from the fast diet as soon as I didn’t see the results that I wanted, I thought I had better willpower than that. I managed to convince myself that it was my body’s fault for not losing the weight, then gaining it, but it shocker, it was my own choice to overeat and bury my head in the sand. I felt so great in the summer and now I feel like a bloated mess, if I am honest. It’s a horrible feeling but it’s spurring me on to stick to it in a more honest way. It’s made me reassess my relationship with myself, and with food, and that can only be a good thing. I similarly have been avoiding the clothes that are too tight for me – I don’t wear my jeans anymore and live in tights and loose dresses. Would love to get myself back on track for the warmer weather. I read a quote somewhere recently that said “summer bodies are created in winter” – we can do this!

    Good afternoon all!
    Lovely quote Little Dragon!
    We’re probably all feeling more or less the same right now which is why we are here! I lost eighteen kilos a few years ago doing the Dukan diet ( which I do not recommend btw) then put about two kilos back on which I was okay with but then the kilos just piled back on this year and when I weighed in on Friday To begin this diet I was two kilos less than I was when I started the diet in 2011!
    I have the same problem with clothes and am wearing my fat jeans/ skirts and baggy tops all the time!
    My husband is in the same position as me.We had a wonderful summer and Christmas eating whatever we wanted so it’s time to be sensible and think of our health.
    Surprisingly he’s not interested in the fast diet and has started the 17 day diet but it’s me coordinating every meal so I’m cooking for two different diets and for the family! Living in Greece we eat a lot of vegetables and pulses anyway,so it’s easier for me to fit in but the first cycle for him is no starch or carbohydrates at all for seventeen days. It made me appreciate how flexible the fast diet is as I had the same meal as the children( spanakorizo which is spinach cooked with a little rice and tomatoes & a little feta) but I had to cook separately for him ( okra and chicken in tomato wth no feta) I also enjoyed a kitkat after lunch whereas he had to abstain! Even though he was joking that tomorrow ,which is fast day, the tables will be turned, I don’t mind as its only for one day and I’m enjoying it so far!
    Summer here we come ladies!

    Welcome Little Dragon.
    Loose Jeans – I enjoyed reading your post, particularly the bit about the delicious and healthy sounding food you cook for your husband and family – made me feel hungry!
    I think we all need to keep each other strong and motivated. We all seem to have a similar story of having lost weight in the past and then as soon as we turn our backs for a moment it all seems to tumble back on.
    Good luck everyone – keep up the good work.

    Little dragon I did exactly what you did, last year I lost 20lb on 5.2 I had a false sense of security once I got to goal and started eating all the fattening foods I was eating before. I could kick myself because as we all know its a lot harder to lose the weight than to put it back on.
    I always said I was going to maintain once I reached my goal and of course I didn’t. Anyway this is my third day and it’s going well I’ve dusted off the books and have a fridge full of good stuff so no excuses! My second fast is tomorrow. Good luck everyone.

    Thank you all – feeling motivated! Last year when I was fasting consistently, I found this forum a great comfort and support at times I needed it. It’s a nice place to be able to share your experiences, I think. I don’t have any friends or family who are also fasting, so having people to chat with definitely helps. I woke up this morning really not in the mood to fast, had a very sleepless night and going through a bit of a tough time at the moment, but – lo and behold it’s almost 6pm, time to go home, and I’ve made it through the day on only water, herbal tea, and diet coke. There’s nothing quite like going to bed after a fast diet, on a full tummy, content with your success and feeling like you’ve achieved something you woke up that morning absolutely dreading the thought of being hungry all day. Really looking forward to a yummy omelette tonight for dinner – I have really become a fan of eggs recently – I never really liked them before.

    Speaking of going to bed, has anyone else experienced trouble sleeping after a fast day? I used to get that last year when fasting, and it used to really throw me off course.. help!

    Welcome back LittleDragon:

    My 13 Dec 14 post in this thread addresses insomnia and 5:2:

    Good Luck!

    Hi SimCoeLuv – thank you for that – it’s really useful to know, I think i googled it also one sleepless night earlier this week and read something similar. The annoying thing is that i always save my calories to have during the one main meal in the evening, and I still have problems. I don’t want to rely on sleeping pills, I don’t want to not fast being of lack of sleep but it is a big issue for me 🙁

    Hi Little Dragon. Re the sleep issue, I have problems also and in the past my Doctor prescribed one of the Z family of sleeping pills. Oh they were good but then I googled the possible side effects and dropped them like a hot brick. Are you on any regular medication?. If so check out possible side effects. My daily anti-histamine tablet had a side effect of weight gain. I discovered this after several years and putting on over 2 stone (28 lb) and changed that. Check out the “medical conditions” in the forum, you may find some helpful posts there re sleepless nights. Failing that consider non medication help, ie hypnotism or try youtube.
    Good luck.

    Hi everyone!

    Hope you don’t mind me joining you all. I lost 11lbs last autumn doing 5:2, but didn’t fast during December. I started again on Monday, like all of you, so thought I’d jump into your thread!

    On a fast day I never eat breakfast because I find that I’m starving by 9am if I do. I do, however, have a cup of tea with a dash of skimmed milk – I can’t function without that! I actually discovered the Fast Diet last year because I got so fed up with trying to find a healthy breakfast that kept me full that I ended up not eating any breakfast and then googling “fasting” because I was worried that skipping breakfast was unhealthy. Haha!

    Anyway, then I have an apple at lunchtime, and save most of my calories for a main meal at about 5.30pm. I make sure that it’s something I really love so that I can look forward to it all day. I have some good Weight Watchers cook books that include quick-to-make, calorie counted recipes. On Monday we had Bacon and Tomato Gnocchi Bake and tomorrow it’s Smoked Salmon Linguine!

    I actually skip breakfast and have an apple for lunch Monday-Friday, so that I can choose evening meals that I really love, like Spag Bol or Lasagne, and enjoy the weekends without worrying.

    I have a lovely selection of fruit and herbal teas that get be through fast days too. I find evenings difficult too, but if I firmly decide after tea that I’m not going to eat anything else that day, I tend to manage it.

    The very best thing about this diet is that everyone can adapt it to suit their own life and idiosyncrasies. I’m sure that I can keep this up. Exciting!

    And for the very first time I have persuaded my husband to join me! I asked him to watch Michael Mosley’s Horizon programme with me and that convinced him to try it.

    Good luck to everyone fasting tomorrow!

    PS Karen250563 – I am Darlington born and bred! I live in Thirsk, North Yorkshire now.

    I admire your will power maria! and welcome to the thread.

    Welcome Maria and nice to hear from a fellow Darlo bred person :-). Thirsk is a lovely area to live in though, I’ve been a few times. You sound very strong willed which is what we need to get through the fasting days. My first one on Monday was pretty tough and I managed but went over a smidge. I’ve kept under TDEE Tues/Wed and fasting again today, I’m hoping it’s easier than Mondays fast. I’m taking slim soup to work for lunch and will be drinking camomile/fruit teas plus lots of water then going to have an omelette or a weightwaters ready meal for tea. Night times are often my downfall and I have a hard job staying out of the kitchen so will have to call on every ounce of willpower tonight to stay under 500. My hubbie joined me doing this last year and did much better than me so tell yours that as a bloke he’ll find it much easier and the weight will fall off much faster and that will probably convince him to stay with you. It’s easier when you’ve got someone in the house who’s doing it with you. My hubbie lost 19 lbs to my half a stone (he did have more to lose though)and has already lost most of his Xmas excess just by being careful.

    Well I’d better go and finish getting ready for work so good luck to todays’ fasters and be good if you’re not x 🙂

    Good luck to everyone today. Its my second fast this week, and like you Karen I’m really hoping its easier than Monday! We can do this!

    I was talking to my boyfriend about joining me on 5.2, not for weight loss, but for the health benefits. He has recently been diagnosed with high cholesterol and I am sure this way of life would help him a lot.

    Ok … green tea and water are my best friends today 😀 Tuna salad when I get home from work … looking forward to that already haha!

    Morning fasters, second fast of the week for me also. I have no idea what to have for my evening meal which is not good as I need a focus! Anyway good luck everyone. Sorry I keep checking in but I find it a great help.

    I read the forum on and off all day, I think I’d be lost without the support here. Good luck 😀

    Good morning all! This time tomorrow we’ll be having breakfast! I’m doing my third fast this week, I was hoping to go for a swim but its schools nearly all day!
    Keep up the good work! I’m off for a dog walk in the rain!

    Janpartly I’m having a big salad with feta, olives and tomatoes yuuummm! Have fun choosing your tea!

    On my 4th fast day and it does definitely get easier. I am finding it easier to eat ww ready meals on my fast days, less time in the kitchen means less chance of me raiding the food cupboard.
    Weigh in tomorrow, lost 2kg last week not expecting that much weight loss this week but you never know.

    Good luck fellow 5 2

    Hi Im new hubby and I started together on Monday 5 Jan 2015. I also have a 10kg journey. Yet another diet! I downloaded The 5:2 Bikini Diet kindle version great book and has a 4 week fast day his and hers meal planner and great recipes, it has made fasting easy for me and the whole family. Good luck to everyone.

    Hi. Im also quite new to the diet. this is my second day, i started my first fast day on Tuesday, and will be doing Tuesday and thursdays as my fast days as those are the days i work. I did a trial fast day on saturday just gone to see how i coped with the hunger!! I did ok, i didnt cave in, but felt a bit shakey.
    When i did my fast on Tuesday I was much better and thought that it was quite easy.
    Well today is mty second prpoer fast ,and as i had to start wrk at 7am and was up at 5. i am really feeling hungry even tho i had some fat free greek yog and fruit, im still starving!!!!!
    hope you all manage better than me

    Hi 🙂 this time tomorrow you can eat, I find keeping that in mind really helps. Keep positive you’re doing brilliantly!

    Thanks Dragonfly glad I’m not the only one

    Hi everyone, just had my final meal of the day – a mushroom omelette with salad and pickles and I’ve enough cals left for a low cal hot choc for supper:) I’m with you dragonfly and when I’m off work I’m on and off this forum checking for updates! I think its the way to go if we want to stay on the straight and narrow.
    Hope everyone’s fast has gone well too.

    Hi All, today is my second fast day ever… I had terrible headaches on Monday. I am hopeful today will be better with a lot of water. I am encouraged because the last two non-fast days of eating regular foods they seem to be extremely rich and I can’t handle too much of them…! That was a surprise. Mentally, I still want to eat more, but did notice I scaled back a bit without too much effort.

    Here’s to Day 2 Fasting!

    Evening! How is everyone managing today? My fast day is going just about to plan. Had my usual apple for lunch and my Weight Watchers recipe (smoked salmon linguine) for tea. However, one of the children in my class brought in a birthday cake today and a couple of mouthfulls of delicious chocolatiness accidentally fell into my mouth… I’m hoping it won’t make too much of a difference. I’m a bit disappointed with myself, but pleased that it really was only two bites and not a big chunky slice, which I would usually have had!

    I feel confident that I shall be able to stay out of the kitchen tonight, apart from to make a lovely cup of Winter Berries tea. It smells like mulled wine – yum! How does everyone else manage the evenings?

    And well done to your hubby, Karen. 19lbs is brilliant. My husband has done two fast days so far – Monday and Wednesday. He did nothing but moan all day that he was hungry. I’m wondering if it was such a good thing asking him to join me!!

    Plus, thank you very much for the welcome janpartly 🙂

    Hi Maria, I’m doing OK but gone over by 40 in the end which I’m sure will be fine. My hubby moaned at first but soon got used to it and when he started to lose weight it gave him the encouragement to keep going. He didn’t lose an ounce the first week but waist was smaller and the second week dropped 5 lbs and a steady 2 lb or so every week after that. He looks much better but in the end I told him to stop losing because he could have easily started to look bit gaunt if he’d carried on. He’s now maintaining with ease.

    Maria I had the same problem yesterday, my son came home from school with a cheesecake he had made, I had a small piece because he was disappointed when I said I couldn’t have any, to be honest it was delicious and I could have quite easily had more.
    Today’s fast has gone well I did have some tricky moments and nearly succumbed but I haven’t I’m pleased to say.
    The evenings are OK for me its around 5 o clock that I get the muchies.

    Hi all. First time 5:2 er! My brother did very well on it last year so kind of acting as a supporter for me thank god. But reading this forum has been good too. Now in bed after 2nd fast day – doing Monday’s n Thursday’s. Feel well proud! Have walked fast (jogging for me er no tks) over 2 miles each of the last 3 days. Must keep it up – used to be easy when I had my dog! Have not had a ciggy since beginning of October now nor a drink in over a week (well amazed – but helped by fact of antibiotics to get over chest infection caused by yep….. The smoking!). Dumped by man on New Years eve. So hope in 3 months time to look well good, hopefully not appear to be boring do-gooder and have lost 18lbs and can fit into the clothes that are still there just unused in nearly 2 years!!!
    Happy 2015 to us all.

    Hi everyone 🙂 first week doing the 5:2, today was my second fast day. I’d love to loose 1.5 stone before my wedding in July. I was a healthy, fit 10stone singleton before I met my lovely man and got ‘comfortable’! My parents did this diet last year and both did really well. Humans have been fasting since the dawn of time, it’s only modern way of living that has stopped this because everything is so readily available. I’ve decided to weigh myself every Friday morning, so tomorrow will be the first one!

    Welcome clarkey and Lindsey
    Weigh in for me tomorrow too, although I only started Monday I can’t wait until next week! I’m not expecting much but if I’ve stopped the scales rising any further I’ll be happy .

    Hi LindseyMay! I am in the same boat… my bf loves me the way I am but I have gotten a little too comfortable. I am a big believer in fasting for health reasons!

    Struggling a bit today with hunger… Second day of fasting.

    Curious–I am seeing a lot of people doing their weigh in on Fridays…? I am always on Mondays. How does a Friday weigh in help you?

    Hi I started 5:2 this week and just completed my 2nd fast day. I have decided just to have black coffee and water all day and have my calories in the evening and it has worked well so far. I want to lose 73lbs altogether so I am in for the long haul. My first weigh in will be in the morning not sure what to expect hoping for the best I have been careful on my non fast days too so should be OK.

    Well just weighed in and lost another kg, thats 3kg since i started 2 weeks ago. I am being careful what i eat on non fast days as well.
    Actually sleeped ok last night, first time since i started on this new way of eating, so body must be getting used to it.
    Still got 7kg to go but so far so good

    Hi all, another newbie here, hope you don’t mind me joining in. I have really enjoyed reading all your posts.This is my first week too. My fast days are Tuesday and Friday, so 2nd one today. I actually enjoyed my first fast. I just hope I can keep it up. My problem is there are so many naughty things left in the fridge / cupboards from Christmas. Cocktail sausage rolls, mince pies, biscuits, cake, chocolate etc and I can’t bring myself to throw them away. We are getting through them slowly on feed days, very slowly! They will be replaced by healthy, nutritious food. I always make my own soup in winter, I just make it thinner (a lot thinner!) now.
    My husband is doing the fasts with me, even though he has next to nothing to lose. He is doing it for the health benefits. I want to lose 20lbs initially, then maybe another 7lbs after that.
    If you think about it fasting is not new. We have Indian friends who fast one day a week, and it was fashionable in Victorian times. We can do this!
    I live in Sunny Spain, on the gorgeous Costa Blanca. Another country to add to your map.

    Hi;) i’v started my third fast of a week yesterday at 7pm. Wednesday fast lasted from Tuesday 7pm till Thursday 11am! I am amazed how much determination I’ve got!!! And that im not hungry haha;) After autumn, when i couldnt stop myself from snacking, and putting loads of kilos on, now amazingly Im sticking to diet;) hmmm. I must say that break from alcohol helps. I haven’t got a drop since 1st of Jan and feel great, fresh, energised. Planning to take my bike out in few weeks, when it gets warmer and start cycling to work. Good luck everyone, have your favourite foods over the weekend and lets get back on it again on Monday!!!

    Morning fasting family (we seem to have grown further so welcome to all our new members). I’m delighted to report that since Monday I’ve lost (drum roll) 2.6 lbs :-)I do weigh every morning but Friday’s the weight I record so now I just need to stay within tdee over the weekend and hopefully I’m off to a flying start and on the way down. Keeping my fingers crossed everyone else has such good results if you’re weighing this morning.

    Thrivealive – I weigh in on a friday because it’s the day after my second fast of the week and hopefully it gives the best results but I suppose really it’s up to you and as long as the scales are heading in the right direction it really doesn’t matter.

    Happy Friday everyone x

    Morning, just weighed in for the first time and lost 2lbs this week! Very happy with that.
    Thrivealive@135 I weigh in on Fridays because I’d have done my 2 fast days, and am generally really good the rest of the time during the week, so should get the best result. I tend to not be as strict at the weekends so don’t want to get disheartened by weighing in on Mondays and seeing the lbs due to a Sunday roast 😉

    Weighed in this morning 8lbs down which is a bit of a shock but I realise that most of that is water but it is still a boost just over a 1lb to go and I will be 15 something which will be nice I did lose 6 stone 4 years ago and kept it off for a couple of years but sadly put 5 back on over the last two years so I am really interested in 5:2 for the maintenance aspect of it and also the health benefits in the long term as I dont want to find myself in the same position in a few years time. I intend to be careful over the weekend as I dont want to upset the current loss but I won’t be weighing until next friday as I dont like seeing any movement upwards. So very happy so far onwards and downwards

    Hi everyone! Friday at last 😀 Its great to read that people are losing, this really works .. I will weigh Monday and hopefully will be smiling. I’ve done so well this week with both fast days and keeping it healthy in between. Yesterday I fasted and couldnt even finish the dinner I had planned, so it was much easier than Monday. I love that today I can eat a little more and not worry 🙂 Have a great day everyone and stay strong!

    Morning fasters pleased to report my first weigh revealed a loss of 4.8 lbs am extremely happy to have had such a good start but realise this is mostly water and dont expect a large drop in Weight loss from now on.
    Well done to all who have lost this week.
    I weigh on a Friday so its after my second fast and I can get rid of any excesses of the weekend before I weigh again, although I plan to be good.

    Well done Janpartly thats fab 🙂 i have been looking for a thread to post to regularly and since we all seem to have started around the same time and you all seem so lovely was wondering if i could join u all. My second fast day yesterday went really well even had a kids birthday party to go to with lots of tempting party food but didnt give in 🙂 i an to weigh myself every 4 weeks if i can wait that long lol

    Hello and well done to everyone who has made it through this week – the dreaded first full week of work in January is always a tough one.

    I’m pleased to report I’m down 3lbs from Monday. I realise this is mostly water weight and my body detoxing, and the weight loss is likely to slow down considerably soon, but it’s a good starting encouragement. I have another 11 pounds to get me to my lowest weight I was last year which is one of my goals.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend and lovely hearing about your journeys so far.

    Congratulations – all this successful weigh loss is really inspiring.
    I am fasting again today having done Monday and Wednesday, thought I would go for it while my enthusiasm levels are high – also want to kick start the weight loss.
    Will step onto the scales in the morning, fingers crossed I will have something good to report.
    Looking forward to getting outside and doing some exercise over the weekend.
    Happy Friday one and all.

    Hello Monday Fasters. I have a confession to make. Having first started 5:2 2 years ago at the end of Jan 13, I lost a total of 23 Lb over about 18 months. Due to various circumstances I came off it and at the start of the new year was back where I started. I was and am pretty well cheesed off at myself. However following a drink and food blow out on Thursday New Years Eve I weighed myself on the Friday morning and was horrified to find what I did weigh. I started there and then, Friday was a fast day. Come Monday morning I was up for it again. This week I fasted Monday, Wednesday and Thursday with no problems at all. Thursday evening I returned to the gym for an old fashioned workout I am of the old school, and burned off 330 cals in a half hour.
    This morning, Friday I weighed myself and found I am 8 pounds down in the week I have resumed. Now I know that the majority of this is not fat but it is the start of my resuming the 5:2. What has also been a great impetus for me was returning to the forum and reading the posts of some old and many new 5:2ers so I thank you all.
    Good Luck to all out there.

    Have a fantastic weekend everyone! I’ll be back on Monday fasting, and following my weigh in eeep!

    Stay strong and positive .. you’re all amazing 😀


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