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  • Hello everyone I’m not new to this I have been a member before but can’t for the life of me log in so I’ve had to make a new account. I lost around 20lbs last time and felt fantastic, I then did the usual mistake of letting go and telling myself I would be good tomorrow, tomorrow never came and as result I am back to square one. I feel bloated and unhealthy and can’t stand the sight of myself if I’m honest. So I will use this week to brush up and remind myself of all the benefits that this way of life brings. Wish me luck.

    Good luck. I too started a while back and it’s all gone back on. Plan to begin Monday also.

    All the best,


    Hello everyone! I am new to this diet. For me, it’s more about healthy living. I would like to shed half a stone and then maintain my weight. I’m 26 and happily married, my husband and I love to party so weekends include lots of drinking and then lots of eating to get us through the horrendous hangover the next day, so I’m hoping this will help me to regain some control! I believe everything is good for you in moderation, which is why I think the 5:2 will work well for me 🙂 I wish everyone the best of luck in finding the ‘new you’.
    Emma x

    My husband and I are starting this diet on Monday. I am hoping for positive results. Good luck to everyone!

    Thanks for the replies and good luck to those just starting.
    I just measured and weighed myself and I can honestly say it was a shock, I have gained two stones and 5 inches on my waist! It’s certainly the insentive I needed to get started, no more excuses! Monday it is.

    Hi! I’m new to this diet and plan to start on Monday when the kids return to school!
    Over the last 3 years I lost 2.5 stone due to having a locked jaw (could only open it 2mm) and so was on a liquid diet. However, in September I had a new jaw joint and now I can eat a more normal, albeit soft, diet! This Christmas, partially to celebrate we (hubby, 3 kids) went to France and I was able to indulge in my favourite meal of cheese, cheese, and more cheese, french bread & wine! As a result, some of the lost weight has gone back on and I need to change that. However, soup is not an option – have had enough of that for a lifetime!
    So, here’s to Monday. Best of Luck. xx

    Hi , i started the diet 2 weeks prior to xmas. All previous worked lost in the festive season. So going to start Monday aswell.I have 25lbs to lose. So good luck to all. We can do it 🙂

    Hi all, I am new to this well and am starting on Monday. I can’t find much info on the website so do I need to buy a book as well. Which one should I start with as there seem to be a few to choose from.

    Hi everyone, I’m not new to this either but kind of lost my way the last 6 months of 2014 so going to start afresh on Monday. I only have about half a stone or so to lose but at 5’4″, very small framed plus being almost 52 (gulp)it takes forever for me to lose even a lb, my TDEE is very low so not much room for manoeuvre. I’ve got 2 goals in 2015 – hubby and I are going to Glasgow for his 50th in about 7 weeks and I’d like to drop at least the 3 lbs I’ve put on over the festive season then in June we’re going to Tunisia for our 10th Anniversary so ideally another 3 or 4 lbs by then would be nice.

    Wilf – I got the original 5:2 Michael Mosley book on Kindle and it explains the science/benefits behind fasting and how to do it. Take comfort in the fact that it is much easier to lose weight on 5:2 for a man. My hubby lost about 19 lbs in 3 months, put half a stone back on whilst on holiday then lost it in a couple of weeks! If you stick to it this does work and you don’t feel too deprived.

    Good luck everyone x

    Wilf have you read the faq section at the top of the page? I must say i never bought any books i just read the faqs and learned through the forums. I think if you have a look around you will find the answer to almost all the questions you may have. Good luck.

    Hi there. I too am starting afresh on Monday. I began on a whim in October, weighing 82kg, and was stunned by how easy it is and was down to 69.8kg by 10th December. Since then I have had house guests, as well as kids home from uni for the festive season so have been on a break. Surprisingly I have not gained anything – I have no idea how – and I am a bit stunned to be able to start 2015 at 69.8kg. Now I need to crack on and lose those last 10-12 kg so am looking forward to starting again this week…

    I am hoping to be 59kg by the end of March and then drop a kilo or two and go into maintenance, the plan being to stay in the 50’s from then on, using the fast days to keep me there!

    This forum has been invaluable as a source of reference and reading threads has kept me occupied and out of the kitchen when I got hungry! Good luck everyone for 2015!

    Hello and good luck to everybody who is about to start 5:2!

    I started today with my first Fast Day – you know, new year’s resolutions and stuff… I had a small slice of bread earlier and until now (4pm) I’m doing okay. I feel like I could eat something, but I guess it’s more because of boredom. I have a salad planned for tonight and I’m looking forward to that. 🙂

    Hi all you newbies and welcome:

    Here are some tips – they should answer most of your questions. And if you look at the posts, there is quite a bit more info in them.

    Good Luck!

    Thank you, simcoeluv!

    I think it’ll take me some time to really grasp all information. So much to learn!

    Hi Vanessa
    This is a forum post that discusses bread and its affects on the body. I love bread (I found a French baker who supplies Coles with authentic Pane de Casa. MMMMmmmm) but I’m rethinking how much bread is worth eating.

    Thanks for the link, knitomat. Sounds interesting – but I am German, I love bread! 🙁 That’s bad news…

    Hello, im new to this and also plan tostart on Monday. Just wanted to say hi and good luck to everyone.

    Hi Jess same to you. I am going shopping this afternoon in readiness for Monday, I need to stock up on good foods and have a good think about what to eat on my first fast day.preparation is the key for me.

    Hi guys. Im starting tomorrow. Been on it well over a year, even finished beach diet around June time. Strictly back on it tomorrow. after December feelling awful:/ ah well my quorn sausages are already in freezer, following diet tonic;) also going to weight myself once a week again. good luck everyone!!!!

    Hi maja, I started 5:2 last March and lost around half a stone for my hols in June but couldn’t seem to get back on the wagon properly after that. I’d put 5lbs on but never managed to get back to pre hol weight so that’s my goal before my next holiday in June. Im wanting around 6 or 7lbs off by then with an interim goal of 3 or 4 lbs by the 3rd week in Feb when I go to Glasgow for a long weekend. Good luck and let us know how you get on x

    Hi Karen. I’m struggling with getting back on it especially between September-December months. I found keeping in touch with everyone on this forum very helpfull. Im hoping to lose a stone by June and be ready for summer. Im going to try 4:3 approach to speed things up a bit. Going for two 36h fasts, and 1 of 24h. Hope I can manage;) but not every week, as it’s hard haha;) Im also doing DryJanuary so that will help. Keep in touch and we’ll make it!!!

    Hi everyone! I had previously thought about beginning this diet, and have actually tried to go ahead with it, but I always seem to fail on the first day! My cravings succeed in out winning the battle between my conscious resistance and my brain numbing cravings. But after going through almost every post on the site, I stumbled upon this one, and all of you have greatly encouraged me in giving this diet another go. I too would love to join you all on Monday!
    All the best everyone! Hope this diet benefits us as it has countless others 🙂

    I was on a thread last year where quite a few of us encouraged each other then it kind of died a death. I definitely think it helps to have like minded people who can cheer each other on and go through the ups and downs which come with doing 5:2. I really should do dry January too because that’s half my trouble – wine makes me weak and I reach for naughty treats then regret it in the morning! Plus it’s not good for us and there are only empty calories so maybe I’ll join you in that. You’re being very brave trying 4:3., I’ve only managed it once and did a back to back which was soo hard. Good luck. Another problem I have is overeating on non-fast days so my aim this time is to keep under my TDEE and I know I’ll do better. Xrizvi, you can do this and all you need to do is get through that first couple of fasts and it gets a bit easier after that. Don’t worry if you go over slightly at first because it’s a case of re-training your hunger.

    What days are everyone fasting? I usually do Mon/Thurs so I’m sticking to that. It’s nice to have weekends off and be able to eat a wee bit more. I find sticking to soups (either home made veg or slim soups) work well for me at lunchtime plus tea with a little skimmed milk, low cal hot choc or camomile tea plus water to drink. Usually I have a 2 egg omelette, salad or a weight watchers meal in the evening. I’m one of those people who doesn’t eat breakfast because if I do it makes me want to eat for the rest of the day so sometimes I skip lunch too if I’m busy and save all my cals for evening. 🙂

    Zrizvi, I will struggle tomorrow a bit, especially after Decembers over indulgence;) As I said I have my diet tonic water& quorn sausages at the ready;) First day is hardest, its getting easier after few days. After few weeks I am able to cook dinner for family and not even touch it on fast days;) Maybe try going for a walk, drinking water or favourite diet drink will help? Good luck tomorrow;)

    I’m still gathering information – so may useful tips and articles – and have done a trial fast day just to see how I feel and it went fine yesterday but I was ready to eat today! I always think Monday is a good day to start, so depending how I feel I will either fast Monday or Tuesday.

    I will fast on Monday & Thursday. After few weeks will fast 3 days. I find not drinking very helpful, its been only 4 days into dry January and im already snacking less, not even fasting yet. had a break from wine for 6 weeks last year, and weight was going down really fast. And felt great on top of that;)
    Finding this forums very helpful to get through harder days& staying focused. On my fast day I usually have cup a soup if im struggling at work at lunch time, green tea, water & tonic. In the evening I usually have some cooked broccoli with 2 quorn sausages. I never eat breakfast, fast day or not, that keep fast windows even longer on non fast days. Besides I just simply don’t like eating breakfasts.

    Unfortunately I can’t eat quorn, I’m one of the people who has some sort of intolerance to it and both times I’ve eaten it I’ve been really ill.

    Me too! I’m new to 5:2 but not to dieting, always telling myself I’ll be better tomorrow but tomorrow never comes! So the weight has piled on again 🙁 A new year and out with the old eating habits and in with the new! I start 5/5/15 and have spent the last few hours reading up on the diet and getting motivated.
    Good luck everyone

    Good luck loose jeans x

    Thank you Karen! I think you’re right about trying to keep a thread going to encourage each other as I can see how it would help in the difficult months ahead! I’m going to do Monday/ Wednesday as those days are not too busy but busy enough to keep me occupied though 🙂 thank you for warning about over eating on non fast days. Perhaps I need to be careful myself as I’m so easily tempted and a dry January sounds like a good idea 🙂

    My advice loose jeans is to work out your BMR and TDEE (see how to at the top of this page)/and make sure you eat between these 2 numbers on non fast days using my fitness pal to track cals. Obviously go for 500 cals on fast days and the deficit at the end of your week should mean4 you lose weight or inches. Measure/weigh before you start tomorrow because some people lose inches first before they lose weight. Also don’t get too focused on the scales.

    I’m starting with my fast day tomorrow but would like to work out as well. Any recommendations on what to eat on my fast days to give me enough energy to work out on the fast days?

    Sooo after my blowout last night, I decided to fast today. I had two coffees and no brekkie or lunch, but just had shredded white cabbage, lettuce, grated carrots, sliced egg and a few very small cubes of cold roast beef. All in all a positive day.
    Ps has anyone had bircher muesli? I made it once but it ended up like wallpaper paste….

    Hello, i’m starting on monday too. I gave it a try for a couple of weeks before xmas and then decided to start properly in the new year. i’ve been struggling with my weight all my life and think i’ve finally found the diet for me! I have over 5 stone to lose so i’ve got a way to go but am feeling determined and think it’s great how supportive other members are! I wish you all luck in getting to your goal weights and staying there! 🙂

    Speaking of loose jeans, I have several tight jeans in my wardrobe that I am hoping to fit into again sometime soon after starting the 5:2 yesterday (Sunday here in Australia). Look forward to sharing some good news with you all.

    Hello everyone I’m new to this too, and plan to start Monday. Evenings are the worse times for me, and have been my down fall on previous diets. Any tips would be appreciated.

    Dawnie, I find protein foods (eggs, fish, chicken) soups and veggies are best on fast days. Drink plenty of water too. You might surprise yourself in that fasting and exercise are fine together. I mainly dog walk for exercise and have done it with no problems on fast days with plenty of energy. I do feel colder though on fast days so need a couple more layers. Plus I sleep really well too.
    Sandra – evenings are my worst time too and I find avoiding the kitchen hard so let’s avoid our kitchens together 🙂
    Selfhealth, feel your pain with the tight jeans as I bought 3 pairs last year when I lost my half stone and now they are way too tight! No way am I buying bigger sizes.

    Where’s everyone from? I live in Darlington, North East of England.

    Karen I am in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. We are right in the middle of our hot summer here 🙂

    Lucky you:) Its flaming freezing (literally) over here in Darlington! Thankfully no snow (yet) though. Not looking forward to feeling colder tomorrow when fasting, hot water bottle methinks lol:/

    Welcome to a new way of life Sandrahunt. Every one is different. I suggest you browse through posters comments going back to the start of this forum, there are some superb comments. Re your evening problem. Try waiting to eat your main meal between 6. 00pm and 7. 00pm if you can. Also consider making a batch of WW Cabbage soup, around 21 cals per portion. I recently had a bowl at the start of my evening fast meal and it filled me up and worked a treat at keeping me feeling full. Of course you have to add the 21 cals to your daily fasting allowance but give it a try.
    Good luck.

    Hi Karen. I was born and bred in Darlo but now live close to the town.
    Good luck with your Fasting.

    A question for the ones who have done this for a while…I have a friend who would really benefit from this plan but she is worried that she cannot go too long without eating as she feels she becomes hypoglycaemic and shaky (although is not diagnosed diabetic). Has anyone experienced shakiness when fasting? And if so what did you do to counteract it?

    Hey a northerner after my own heart!

    My hubby used to get shaky at first but after fasting for a while it wore off. He used to eat breakfast though and often ate bread/toast as part of his fast day calories so maybe the carbs didn’t help? He finds he does best if he doesn’t eat early and tries to save most of his cals till evening like me and that works for both of us.

    I am starting tomorrow too. Ended 2014 a stone heavier than when it started and feel fat and frumpy! Aiming to lose between a stone and a stone and a half. Have tried this before but have never got past a couple of days but am determined to make it work this time. Find it hard psychologically on my fast days, the thought of not having much food can be quite depressing but need to get past this. Any tips on getting through the first couple of weeks? And how quickly should I start to see results?

    Hi Helen, j
    I’m keen to know how to get through my first day too without failing at lunchtime. I’m quite nervous about it tbh. I’m hoping lots of water and raw fruit and veg snacks will help.
    Do you save your cals for tea time?

    Good luck for tomorrow

    I’ve got a few pairs of tight jeans that I’d like to make loose!
    Thanks for advice Karen! Do you guys recommend breakfast or going through till afternoon?

    Ready to start myself tomoz with hubby. Gonna eat lots of fruit and veg on my fast days with plenty of water…..
    Good luck to everyone else

    Hi Karen,
    I’m up north too in windy Consett
    Would love to know more tips for preparing for the first day

    Cnjs don’t forget protein has been suggested!

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