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  • Hi Everyone! Feeling great today. Hit another target, 10st! That’s 18lbs now since 5th Jan. It’s taking ages to lose each pound now, around 11 days but I think I can live with that. I go away on holiday in 6 weeks so would love to be half way to the final target by then. Easter will be a bit family get together with plenty of feasting so I don’t expect to get 2 fast days this week.

    Good luck to the rest of you. Keep it going!

    Wow, we are almost at the 3 month mark! Well done to everyone for keeping going.
    I just weighed in because I intend to eat over easter. Another pound down making 18lbs lost …so far. I feel great, very up. Also measured and have lost 9″ overall.
    Goodbye inches and weight, I won’t be looking for you.
    How is everyone else? Mamiemuse, northernbecs, Mrsm, Kirsty, janparty, applepie and dragonfly, plus the names I can’t see because we have gone over another page.
    I want to congratulate everyone.
    I have two weeks after easter to concentrate on 5:2 before I go away on a last minute holiday.

    Well done Cakey and Panndie.

    I will weigh in on Monday, it will also be my measures day, as it is the first Monday in the month. I have lost 21lbs up to now. I don’t think I will lose anymore this week as we have lots of neighbours out and mucho socialising going on. We are out to a BBQ this afternoon. I know I will go over my TDEE but it is not a problem. This wonderful WOL allows that. We can lose weight and have a fantastic lifestyle. Love it!!

    Happy Easter everyone!

    Hi everyone, it’s so good to see people hitting new targets and feeling good about themselves. I weighed in yesterday at 87kg (13st10lbs) and I am very happy about it. I’m not going to weigh in next week because I know I will overeat while I’m with family (it’s not really the food, it’s more the wine). I’m still slogging away and I’ve realised that I’m nearly half way there, 30lbs down and 41lbs to go.
    I’ve recently upped my activity levels, yoga every morning, a couple of 5-7 mile walks and I’ve even included a couple of the “30-day Challenges” squats and abs. My buttocks are not happy campers.
    My main goal at the minute is to get to a BMI of 29.9 or less, that will make me merely overweight rather than tipping the obesity scales. I’ve got another 5kg before I hit that though.
    Good Luck to everyone and let yourself have a bit of a rest over easter,

    Hope everyone had a good Easter with family and friends. Mine was lovely with 13 of us aged 3 (my grand daughter) to 88 (my Mum). We had a big late breakfast and large meal in the afternoon. I found I just couldn’t eat as much as I used to but still enjoyed everything I had and didn’t feel deprived. Long drive back to London today so took the chance for a fast day. Oh yes, bought 2 new pairs of trousers last week – size 12! My 14s are hanging off me! Woo hoo!
    Looking forward to all the updates.

    Well I did lose another pound, despite mucho vino, BBQ, chocolate etc. So 22lbs down now since 5/1/15, plus most importantly 6 inches off my waist!! I need new trousers too Panndie. Isn’t it great?

    Keep up the good work everyone. This WOL works!

    Not posted for ages sorry but still sticking to the 5:2 and pleased to say since 5/1 I have now lost 26lbs I am really pleased with that still got a long way to go but feeling a lot better, looking better and except for the occasional twinges on a fast day usually when I have eaten my main meal the day before at lunchtime it has been reasonably pain free and I am managing to stick to it 🙂 Lovely to read about everyone’s journey.

    Still concentrating on establishing a permanent new woe. I need to take myself in hand ready for my holiday so that I have strategies for selecting better food choices when it’s all laid out for me. Why is it always carbs that are at the front in cafes and other eating venues.
    Anyway, half a pound down after eating well over easter. Completed good fast days last week. I’m going to buy a new swimsuit this week, maybe a smaller size.
    Great to read the good news from other posts. Keep them coming.

    Hi everyone! You did well to lose anything over Easter Cakey. Applepie, 6 inches off your waist is amazing. No longer an apple I guess! 😉 I am quite stuck. It has been taking 12 days to lose the last pounds but I don’t think I’ll even do that this week. The fast days are getting more difficult to keep to and I’ve been drifting up to 700 calories but balancing that by doing more “semi-fast” days. I feel good at my current weight but would like to shift another 7lbs if possible. I need some inspiration!

    Panndie – why not do a liquids only day? herbal teas, hot ginger that type of thing then a mug of bovril for tea. No chance of drifting then. I am doing it today and honestly have not felt hungry at all. I never do. Strange but true. Yes I am less of an apple shape every day, lots of people are noticing now, love it!

    Do you still have 500 cals when you do this? I would give it a try as long as I didn’t have to starve! I’m over 60 and still working full time in a demanding job plus 2 1/2 hour commute across London most days. I doubt I could still focus if I was on starvation rations! I often have soup for lunch but was planning on some salads this week for a change.

    No Panndie, more like maybe 50 calories and as I said you do not starve. Obviously the fewer calories you eat / drink the more likely you are to lose weight. I have found a liquids only day guarantees a good drop, usually 3lbs in a week, that is if you don’t over compensate on your other days by eating more.

    Good luck!

    Gosh that is hard core. I admire you for doing it and can see it clearly would result in real quick weight loss. Too extreme for me though. I just need to regain some discipline and get my fast days back down to 500 cals. and limit the wine on non-fast days more.

    Hi Panndie, I’m the same I’ve seen my calorie intake on fast days creep up a bit to between 550 and 600 and need to crack down on myself a bit. I hit a bit of a slump and need to get back on track. The wine isn’t usually a problem unless we go visiting, otherwise I budget for it.
    I’ve started getting more active but I tend to fall off the exercise wagon, I get active, I overdo it, I injure myself and stop. Repeat ad nauseam. This is about a two week cycle with several weeks in between.

    Well done Applepie, I’m really impressed. The closest I get to a fluid fast is to drink tea all day but I still load it with milk so it doesn’t count.

    Gosh well done everyone. You guys are really helping me. I have been extremely slack these past few weeks and gained 1 lb since my last weigh in (I am surprised it is not more) but now that the Easter holidays are behind me (I just cannot do it when the kids are around, they want to know why I’m not eating or having something different and it’s just too much). Plus I have drunk way too much wine. Today is my first fast for about a month. I’m feeling fine about it but I don’t think I would have started again if I wasn’t receiving these posts and feeling inspired by your collective successes (and struggles). Roll on bed time but I think I’m going to manage it today and I know I will feel better once I have done it.

    Hello everyone sorry not posted in a while. Things are still going well tho im now 9stone6lb thats 26lbs off since 5 jan 🙂 weight loss gas slowed and im averaging around 1lb every 2 weeks but im not bothered about it its still coming off. Im also delighted that im now a very comfortable size 10 i was a size 14 when i started. Another 2lb to go until i hit the 2 stone mark. Congratulations to all of you cant believe we are all still here its amazing and another thing i have noticed is i have stopped gaining weight even if iv had a very very bad week the worst thats happened is i havnt lost which is brill 🙂

    I completed my liquids only day yesterday and still haven’t eaten. I am having today as a normal fast day. Kippers, spinach and a poached egg for tea. Then tomorrow will be another liquids only fast. I do it this way, 1. because I find it easier, and 2. because I want to give my body chance to enter DNA repair mode. Even if that doesn’t happen I know I am doing my body a favour by losing the fat.

    Weigh day today, another 2lbs are history, never to return. That is 24lbs since 5/1/15. I am now an unheard of 9st 2lbs.

    Keep on losing!

    Hi everyone. Having had a chocolatey Easter with hubby home on leave was expecting the worst but back on it this week and no damage done. Love this WOL. Usually two weeks leave is at least 4lb gain. Also converted my BIL to fasting. Not seen him for a while and blimey… Lost 18lbs in 6weeks.
    I am not brave enough for liquids only applepie. Was it tough?

    Applepie, I really admire you for doing liquids only on your fast days. I really feel I could work up to doing this. Do you get your 500 through your liquids i.e., fruit juices/smoothies etc. Or do you just have zero calories (sorry if this has been covered above, but Ive not been on this thread for a while).

    Good luck with your day everyone x

    Northernbecs – not tough at all, if it was I certainly wouldn’t be able to do it. I never feel hungry on a liquids only day. It’s as if my brain knows that I will not eat so it doesn’t bother sending out hunger signals

    Dragon Fly – No. I would not even consume 500 calories on a normal fast day. I am only 5’2″ so I aim for more like 350. On a liquids only day I consume 50 calories absolute maximum, mainly in bovril.

    I would never, ever drink fruit juices / smoothies. Not now I know how they are jam packed with sugar. I look on sugar now as akin to poison. I avoid it like the plague, most of the time, haha, I am not perfect 🙂

    Happy fasting everyone!

    Hello everyone, great to read your posts and hear how you are all doing. I can’t face a liquids only day, I need solid food to travel through my system, it’s slow enough as it is. I had a really good fast day Tuesday with fish, followed by a not too well day. Ended up having to have a sit down in M&S cafe for a while. But all well again now. End of week result is that I am down another lb, making it 20lbs in total. So far.
    I’m off on holiday Tuesday so I’ve spent the morning trying on clothes. Great to see myself in trousers that didn’t have a holiday last year. Now that is a motivator.
    Positive thoughts going to you all. I am now officially on a planned break.
    Will let you know the damage on may 5th.

    Hi everyone! Great result Cakey and as of today I too have lost 20lbs. I wasn’t expecting to lose a pound over the weekend but I guess weight goes off when it wants to. BMI now 23 and my target weight is in sight.

    Have a fabulous holiday Cakey looking great? Only 3 weeks to my holiday so I’ve still time to drop another couple of pounds with luck and determination. Fasting today and Wednesday this week. Work do tomorrow evening and supper out with one son on Thursday and in with the other on Friday so will need to be careful then.

    Happy fasting folks!

    Hi everyone,

    I have not been posting for 2 months now as I has been sick for asthma/allergy. Now, I am good and healthy and back on track (at lease plan to). My weight has been back to time zero as I have not been doing any exercise or moving at all.

    With a friend’s wedding coming up and a summer vacation to Sicily planned, I have to put some gas in it. Considering a alternating day fasting for a couple of weeks so I can be even more motivated before move back to 5:2


    20-04-2015 10st8.5lbs 5’4″

    Cheers, Gerry

    I’m back and still in good shape. Had a great holiday and wanted you all to know that no damage done. Ate mindfully picking sensible choices and didn’t say no to anything I wanted. Gained 2lbs which has already gone.
    Loads of exercise, great weather, loads of new friends and too much champagne on the last night. I’m ready to go again.
    I went out shopping here to restock on salads and yoghurts and then made a casserole because I was cold.
    Now look here group, I have noticed that I am now in an empty forum thread. What have you all been doing? Don’t run away, stay and keep me company, please.

    Ah Cakey,

    I’m thoroughly impressed by your ability to keep most of your weight off. I don’t know about everyone else but I’ve been quiet because it just feel so anticlimactic when I’m only losing 300-400g a week. And then I think about it 400g is nearly a lb (454g). It just seems so slow…
    It’s probably a good reason to keep talking and make sure we encourage each other.
    I’m not doing well, it’s taken nearly a month to lose 2 kg.
    I’m ony 6lbs away from my ‘wedding weight’ midway target. Which in current terms means all of my clothes fit or are too big – this is going to be a problem when I drop below and my sewing machine is going to get a lot of use.

    As of today I’ve lost 20.5 lbs since 1/5/15. My goal is to lose at least 30 lbs and I’m really happy that it’s in sight. My problem is going overboard on non fast days. I’m planning a trip next Saturday for 1 week that will involve a lot of eating, so I fasted 3 times last week and will do the same and watch calories closer than I usually do on my non fast days.

    Hi mamiemuse and thanks for your reply. I think you have been doing really well, 2kg a month is a good rate and it’s all going downwards. I always felt that I was one of the slowest losers. That’s why I started with 4:3 and continued with it, my body is sooo stubborn I just felt I had to be the driver from the beginning. Most weeks I only lost one pound and sometimes only half a pound. Now I’m going on 5:2 and staying with it for another couple of months. So how are your measurements going? And how well do you feel? My arthritis is loads better and I am walking faster.
    Hi to pat from sc. I didn’t count calories at all whilst I was away and haven’t counted since I’ve been back. I hope I have learnt enough from the forum now to keep me in check.
    I too have to get the sewing machine set up for an alteration session on clothes I want to keep and go through the others for a donation collection. I’m sure that will make me feel good.

    Hi Folks, this chat line has been rather quiet recently. I hope you’re all still on the programme.

    Sadly for the moment I’m not. I went away on holiday so didn’t fast but like Cakey kept the weight off, well, most if it. Then the last day some idiot slammed a wheelchair into the back of my leg severing my Achilles. Since coming home I’ve had surgery but am just hopping about so not getting any sustained exercise, although the effort of getting anywhere is exhausting. Also, whilst I’m recovering I don’t think I should be stressing my body further by fasting.

    In 2 months, when I’m out of plaster, I’ll be able to weigh in and see how I am. But I can tell you, I was and am so pleased not to be carrying the 10kg I’ve lost so far!

    Good luck to the rest of you.

    Hi Panndie. I’m so sorry to hear your news and you’re right, don’t stress your body with more fasting whilst you recover but try to remain healthy in what you are eating and as you say, amazing to be 10kg lighter whilst in plaster.

    I’ve been off the programme for the past few weeks through sheer disorganisation and lack of planning. I have put on a little bit, especially with half term trips and way too much red wine but I fasted yesterday and felt soooo much better, inspired to get back on it – not long now until it’s warm weather and fewer clothes…

    Good luck to you all and get well soon Panndie.

    As it is our 6 month milestone soon, I thought I would see how folks are doing? I have reached where I want to be which is under 10 stone, and have been a bit less strict recently. Especially over half term, so I thought I would jump on the scales today after a run and a fast day on Monday. I was chuffed to find I was still under 10. Love this WOL.

    Hello all, Panndie I was upset for you and your achilles injury. I hope you are managing better now, it must be so frustrating.
    MrsM, glad you are here again, how has it been this week?
    Northernbecs so happy for you, are you going to join the maintenance thread?
    I hope to be there soon, I lost 2 pounds this week after getting stuck post birthday. I managed to do 2 19:5 days which showed good results each time. I’ve lost 23lbs so far and 5lbs to go.
    Any more people to catch up?
    I don’t fast on a Sunday, today I am looking forward to garlic bread, I can almost taste it now.

    I have lost 2 stones, that’s 28lbs, since 5.1.15 and have changed many of my bad eating habits forever.

    Loving this WOL!

    Thanks for all the kind and encouraging messages. I do appreciate the support greatly. Well done all of you on the remarkable achievements. I really think this chat forum is a fantastic way if keeping up the motivation to continue the 5:2 even when it gets hard. I’m eating sensibly and I think my weight is probably static despite the inactivity. I now have an air boot so am a bit more mobile but can look forward to another 8 weeks of this and as it takes all my energy to manage the activities of daily living I’ll not be trying to fast yet.

    Hello thread friends. Another weigh in day and another lb down. Yes,,,,
    I had a homemade fruit smoothie for my lunch yesterday and a very light meal at dinner time, that’s all. I’m sure that helped. I’m finding missing breakfast on a fast day very useful and I’m trying to do fast days when I’ve got lots to do.
    I just can’t believe that I’m so close to my target. Never managed that before.
    Thank you for being with me on this journey and for sharing the ups and mostly downs.
    So anyone else got any results to post?

    Well hello everyone. Time for me to say goodbye! I have reached my target and will be giving myself a pat on the back and a few months on maintenance.
    A water only day for me yesterday, it went by very slowly, but it went and so did so the weight. Managed to last 38 hours. Breakfast tasted really good.
    Panndie, I hope you are recovering well and take to 5:2 again. Hiting target tastes better than anything on a plate.
    Mrsm, how did you do?
    We’ve been doing this for six months today so that’s also a celebration.
    Good luck everyone.
    Less is more…

    Hi everyone from and expat in Asia ! I’ve just seen this post. I’ve started 5th too. First day went well so planning to fast tomorrow again. Best luck for everyone. I keep my fingers crossed since I have failed in several diets.

    Hi everyone! I am very new at this, I’ve heard of the concept of intermittent fasting, but have been terrified of restricting myself. I live in America and see that this specific diet is more popular in the UK, so bear with me. I’m having to deal with psychological barriers that have led me to fail in the past. When i was a child, there were times when i would have no food, hence the reason why I’m afraid of hunger. After that situation, I lived with an authority figure who made me eat huge portions of fattening food, then always berated me on how fat I got. So, I am trying to get past the psychological damage and my constant need to feel full. I know this is personal, but it’s important to know why we do what we do if we want to fix part of our behavior. I don’t hate myself despite all that, I’m happy to say. I’m doing this because I want to be healthier and dodge disease that can be avoided. I started last week and have lost 3 lbs after two fasts, bringing me to 180 lbs at 5’1 with a muscular yet overweight build. My first goal is to get to 168, which would be a 15lb weight loss. From there I’ll decided what my next goal is. Is there anyone here with a similar build who can share their experience? Or have overcome the fear of hunger?

    Hi Cajupino,
    Welcome here!
    You are doing a brave thing, considering your well founded fears, but it is something really important for your health, so worth facing those demons!
    I think that you have made the biggest step by identifying your problem, and now it is just a matter of keeping on trying things, until you get the right handle.
    I bet you find the control you can have over eating, with 5:2, really helpful. Eg the main thing I have on fast days is a big bowl of chicken miso soup in the evening. I can dedicate a lot of attention to making sure I have all the ingredients ( buying the chicken and greens, soaking dried mushrooms, having good miso, and making the dashi stock).
    And then, of course, is all the planning for what I eat the next day! Mm yum, what will I have for breakfast!

    It can be there in the fridge, waiting for you. It is your food, your choice, and you can decide (Using your knowledge of nutrition, and of your own tastes) to make it the best choice for you.
    Every non fast day you get to practice normal healthy eating, and every fast day you get to practice coping with hunger for a short time.

    I bet you can do it! Don’t be afraid of failure, every morning is a new day where you can learn from yesterday and start again. All power to you!

    Thanks, Cinque! I really believe I can do this. The most I’ve stuck to something is two weeks, and I’m already at 6 days in and not very intimidated so I think this will work for me 🙂 fasting days are very easy to prepare for since I stick to protein and veggies, and I still have a problem with snacking and carbs but I think that will correct itself a little more as time passes. I’ve been reading these forums regularly, and everyone’s input helps! And that miso soup sounds very nice, I think I’ll give that a try for sure

    I started this diet on 5/1/15 and still on it. I’m down 23 lbs. I haven’t lost as much as I wanted to since I eat a tremendous amount of calories on my non fast days. I’m still pleased with my weight loss and was never on a diet for so long.

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