Starting HIIT. Any comments

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  • I googled HIIT for runners and got this:

    Warm up by running gently, gradually building speed, for 10 minutes. On an effort scale of one to 10, you should be at five to six by the end. Run 30 seconds at close to maximal speed (which is at least 18km/h on the treadmill for most people); jog gently for three minutes. Repeat four to six times.

    As I am currently quite heavy, I am as a start going to walk the three minutes.

    Don’t get hung up about HIIT. If your aim is to lose weight then diet is 90% and physical activity is 10%. Id see a doctor before doing HIIT if you are overweight. HIIT done properly is 100% anaerobic. You are going 100% flat out for 30 seconds, if you can sustain that effort for greater than 30 seconds then it wasn’t HIIT, it was just a good workout. I feel physically ill after my burst. It is not a pleasant experience.

    Hi nico. I am now a 69 yr old male, (well I always was a male) and played sport, ran a few half marathons worked out in the gym etc etc in distant younger past. In the last 2 yrs I turned into a couch potato, did a few fast days here and there but generally have put on weight and cut out all exercise…..until yesterday when I went back in the gym.
    I have done HIIT before in my dim and distant past but I decided to follow Michaels comments about starting. Being heavier than usual and wanting to protect my knee joints I chose the exercise bike. Warm up at a low resistance then up to level ten for ten seconds sprinting as hard as I could, down to level 2 for a minute then up again until I done ten 10 second sprints. The levels I chose seemed to be the challenge I needed starting out. Do a bit of variation until you find the right equipment, the right exercise regime and rest periods and then go for it at least 3 times a week. Actually when I had finished I wanted lager and oxygen in that order but common sense kicked in.
    First fast day today and HIIT tomorrow.
    Bigbooty is correct about not getting hung up on it and seeking medical advice is good advice.One other piece of advice, if you use your local gym check if they have a fitness coach and get his or her advice before starting.
    Good luck out there.

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